How can Visitors Contact Me?

There is a default ‚request‘ contact form in every artwork, for interested visitors to drop you an email, to the address used for registration of your account. 

This can be accessed by your visitors in the detail mode of each artwork in a published exhibition (unless made un-pickable), and is indicated as an envelope icon. 


(1) - is the detail view of the artwork
(2) - shows the default request form to contact you

You can edit this function in the 'additional info' tab, pointing to any external website, or have it generate an email with another text and to an address different from the one used for registration, like a Guestbook tool

The exhibitor profile of each public account, unless unlisted, also has a direct contact form for an email to the registration address. 
Each published artwork has its own dedicated url for a single presentation page with the contact form as well. In case you want to edit this registered email address, click on 'edit account' in your profile please. 

We know of many of our users making successful sales via our platform. As in all other aspects of internet commerce however, we advise you to be careful and listen to your gut feeling when approached directly in a sales proposition with dubious details. 
We hope you will receive many requests from collectors and generate plenty of sales. Have a look at our ART.OFFICE tool (included in all paid accounts) which helps you manage your contacts and activities.

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