What are Unlisted Artworks, Exhibitions, or Accounts?

- unlisted artworks: Activate the box in the artwork upload in the ADDITIONAL INFO tab to keep single artworks out of the catalogue, the list of artworks in the exhibition and searches on our site and on other search engines. This is useful for Wall Text Panels and other accessoires that aren’t art, and that you do not want listed in your exhibition or the artworks in your exhibitor’s profile. - unlisted exhibitions: ckecking this box in the exhibition manager makes the entire exhibition not appear on our site nor on searches, and visitors need the direct link or a share on Social Media to find and enter the exhibition. This can be determined in the exhibition manager for each exhibition individually. - unlisted account: with a click from our side, we can unlist the entire account with all exhibitions and artworks. Your exhibitor’s profile will list that as the reason for no artworks or exhibitions being displayed there. It takes another click from us to reverse this so the profile is listed and filled again. Please note: Only exhibitions that are published and not unlisted can be presented among the Featured Exhibitions on our website. - unpublished artworks: when you publish any exhibition, all the artworks in it are published automatically with that step. In your Artwork Manager, you can also publish (and un-publish) artworks individually by hand. When presenting an artwork with our Art.Augmented App, or in your exhibitor’s profile, it needs to be published. If it is not shown in a published exhibition at this moment, you can use the manual publishing option to enable this. In case you attempt to un-publish an artwork which is currently shown in an exhibition, you will see an according warning message and need to prompt this or reconsider. - unclickable artworks: we now offer a tool in the 3D display tab that enables you to de-activate the usual properties of an artwork in the room; visitors can’t click on the detail view, and no further information is displayed. It won’t show up in the guided tour or in the list of artworks in the room, or the catalogue. This is useful for signage, other additional elements such as flowers, furniture, etc. Handling the different menu options in curating- and in visitor modes is explained here in more detail.