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Kunstmatrix is a unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally present and manage your art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of your work in any space you like!

3D exhibitions

  • SIM Groove


    Full Color Portraits

  • Premium Modern Art


  • Galerie Friedmann-Hahn

    From New York City with Love - Part IV

    18 Oct 2018 – 01 Dec 2018

    Neue Arbeiten von Anne Leone & Daniel Ludwig

  • Paul Hagan


    03 Nov 2018 – 11 Jan 2019

    A series of images that display as video stills out lining a challenging view of societal standpoint. The images reflect the dailey lives of all of us and represent society at its base level. They are designed to asthetically appeal to audience as well as represent sills in the fabric of society.

  • Eazl Gallery

    Fall 2018 Student Art Exhibit

    20 Sep 2018 – 22 Dec 2018

    Welcome to Eazl's Fall 2018 Student Art Exhibit. This exhibit includes graphic design and illustration, photography, and more from these featured artists: Mariana Flores, Magdalena George, Davis Jones, Ludell Jones, Victoria Krier, and John Williams.

  • Caroun Art Gallery (CAG)

    Figurative Painting Exhibition: Female

    02 Oct 2018 – 30 Oct 2018

    "Female": Figurative Painting Exhibition Works by: Fereshteh Shahani October 2-27, 2018 Tuesday to Saturday, 12-8 pm


    Portfolio AHAE 2018b

  • Jessica Coldrey

    You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?

    17 Oct 2018 – 17 Nov 2018

    A collaborative effort from curators and artists Jessica Coldrey and Ruby Ellam, explore the often felt but seldom talked about phenomenon of sibling rivalry. Through a number of commissioned and existing pieces and varying media types, the exhibition is an homage to family and the love, jealously and resentment that biological bonds can harbour.

  • Lisa Padilla

    Lisa Padilla - Virtual Reality / Tilt Brush 2017 - 2018

    01 Jan 2017 – 31 Dec 2018

    Lisa Padilla - Virtual Reality / Tilt Brush 2017 - 2018

  • Roland Staehli

    Pop Art

    01 Sep 2018 – 01 Dec 2018

    3d Art Exhibition


    LARS TEICHMANN Down by the river

    25 Aug 2018 – 16 Oct 2018


    Frank Kunert – Lifestyle

    15 Sep 2018 – 27 Oct 2018

  • Patrice Delmotte

    IN MUD - She is beautiful

    22 Aug 2018 – 10 Oct 2018

    “Remember the lotus flower. Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty. Be that lotus flower always.”

  • An Australian Mixed Media Textile Challenge


    16 Aug 2018 – 16 Feb 2019

    “Re-imagined” Mixed Media Textiles convened by members of the Australian Rugmakers Guild. Textile mixed media Exhibition by Professional Artists & Craftspeople Conveners; Josephine Franco & Judith Tompkins. Curator; Kira Mead Contact: About The Conveners and Curator of this Exhibition are members of the Australian Rugmakers Guild a National non-profit organization networking fibre artists throughout the Southern Hemisphere. This Exhibition was open to ALL textile artists in the Southern Hemisphere, not just rugmakers. The aim, to publicize the art and craft of rugmaking. The Call for Entries contained no restrictions other than to include certain embellishments and in some way, at least one of 12 listed rug making techniques.

  • Christine Lavanchy

    LE MUR - ROOM 1

    LE MUR by Christine Lavanchy is a project that bridges the gap between painting and photography. The goal is achieving 100 works in single format, 50 × 70 cm, which are either paintings or pictures, or hybrids where both disciplines are combined on the same surface. The idea is to resonate the colors, materials and genres, juxtaposing all the pieces that are created in a collision of large format. For several winters, Christine hunting twilights on the banks of Lake Geneva or at altitude. By capturing this magical and spectacular moment where the horizon seems to light after the sun is gone. These photographs feeds his imagination and his red thread. His paintings come meet these images and complement, little by little, the bricks of this giant mosaic ... Initiated in 2013 by a crowdfunding platform on the Swiss WEMAKEIT over 42 contributors helped start the WALL. In 2014, this project gets support Engelberts Foundation and, in 2015, from the town of Bourg-en-Lavaux.



  • Art Curator Japan

    Neo Japonisme - Resonances 2018

    12 Jul 2018 – 29 Sep 2018

    On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and France, the Japan Foundation organizes several major exhibitions and artistic events throughout France. This series of exceptional events highlights Japan's traditional culture as well as recent developments in the fields of art, architecture and crafts. The town hall of Vaison-la-Romaine is associated with the movement and organizes from July 12 to September 29 the exhibition Neo Japonism - Résonances 2018 at art center La Ferme des Arts, in collaboration with Naoko Mikami, curator and founder of the network Art Curator Japan in Tokyo. The exhibition presents seven Japanese artists from various pictorial movements, including Beniko Choji, a young painter who is now famous for her feminine portraits; Arisa Okazaki, visual artist who explores new interactions between washi (Japanese paper) and ink; Miu, a committed artist who designs works made of concrete and plastic; or Yujin Koyama, master of Japanese bestiary and phantasmagoric. Three French artists will complete the group, including Baptiste Tavernier, who has been pursuing his career in Japan for more than 10 years. Japanese art and culture is based upon a "confrontation" between the immutability of codes and conventions and the constant desire for modernity. The exhibition Neo Japonisme - Résonances 2018 invites visitors to take a closer look at this paradox and is part of a national initiative that highlights the exceptional partnership between Japan and France.



    25 Jul 2018 – 02 Sep 2018

    WEIBSBILDER „PLAYING WITH PEGASUS“ mit Arbeiten von Piot Brehmer, Terence Carr, Heike Feddern, Tatyana Ponamareva, Peter Rusam, Marina Sailer, Roland Schauls und Zhu Xianwei.

  • Cherelle Art Gallery

    Mermaids Galore Collection by Cherelle Art

    15 Jun 2018 – 31 Jul 2018

    A unique collection of mermaid paintings and drawings that inspire happiness and promote love and friendship.

  • National Academy of Design


    13 Jun 2018 – 18 Sep 2018

    The National Academy of Design, the oldest artist honorary society in America, imposed only one obligation on its members for nearly 200 years. Intending the National Academy to be an organization of the leading creatives shaping American visual culture, the founders stipulated that upon election, each National Academician present a representative work, or diploma work, that becomes part of the permanent collection. This legacy has guided the formation of a collection unlike any other in the United States, shaped by the artist and architect members themselves. Today the collection contains nearly 8,000 works in all mediums and styles and is one of the largest public American art collections in the country. This selection of works highlights the new diploma works that have entered the collection over the past year.

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