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Kunstmatrix is a unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally present and manage your art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of your work in any space you like!

3D exhibitions

  • Artistiquement

    Nadiejda Mouly

    31 Jan 2020 – 07 Feb 2020

    Découvrez galerie virtuelle de Nadiejda Mouly artiste peintre

  • Beatenbergkunst

    Lebenswerk Paul Schmidt

    01 Jan 2020 – 01 Jan 2023

    Wenn er auch viel auf Reisen war, er blieb Beatenberger. Hier hatte er seinen Wohnsitz und sein Atelier. Heimisch war er überall da, wo er malen konnte. Er liebte die Höhe und die Weite, die Unabhängigkeit, die Bewegungsfreiheit und das Wagnis. Er liess sich nicht festlegen, weder auf einen Stil, ein Motiv, noch auf das Material. Seine Aussagen wurden getragen von einmaligen Farbsinfonien. Seine Sprache war modern und vielseitig. Er war nicht autoritär, sein Denken war von Toleranz geprägt. Obschon: Bei ihm war es manchmal kein bequemes Verweilen. Bei ihm nicht und auch nicht bei seinen Werken. Man wurde herausgefordert.

  • Garno

    Missing Roots

    Exhibition Of Anita Ashrafi Artworks

  • Séverin Krön


  • Nina Dolan

    A Journey Through Abstraction

  • latent.dream

    Liquid Binary

    latent.dream is the moniker of Australian creative, Ryan Bullivant, who manifests visual experiences via an experimental process that blends traditional techniques with new media methodologies, resulting in a unique hybrid aesthetic.   “I use various liquid pour techniques as a starting point, then I’ll photograph the results of these pours and process them using a range of digital apps, custom scripts and utilities, many of which allow me to ‘glitch’ (the result of intentionally pushing a computer beyond its limits or manipulating raw data in a way as to induce corruption) the resulting image data to produce novel outcomes.    This process allows me to distil an otherwise impermanent moment from within the pour and then extend and preserve that moment digitally.  As a result, the artwork itself has no tangible form and therefore the digitally extended representation of that moment truly is unique in the sense that the moment itself was not recorded on a physical medium and can never be intentionally replicated due to the nature of the pour and the inherent randomness in the process of ‘glitching’ data.   Essentially, I am exploring the notion of controlled chaos in both forms of media and aiming to marry them in an aesthetically appropriate way.”

  • Andreas Streicher


    01 Jan 2017 – 31 Dec 2023

    permanent exhibition

  • Vladimir Nosalskiy (LENIN)


  • Nicola Barth

    Redlight district

    Are you ready for red? nicola.barth Nicola Barth lives and works near Frankfurt am Main. She completed her master degree in German language and literature, theatre, film and television studies and psychologie at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. She always thougt about writing books, but soon she put her pen out of he hand and picked up a brush to find new forms of expression. Words were no longer sufficient to describe what she was dealing with: permanent metamorphic processes in non-obvious areas. On other levels we need other languages. Her paintings can be understood as a short visual light that gives insight into a temporally ans spatially limited section of a development process. Movements remain as frozen in a gesture without beein still. Painting and drawing mainly in graphite and oil are complemented by tree-dimensional works and digitally manipulated photograhy. The contend follows the same principle and is as abstract and surreal as her paintings. She herselfs says about her work: When everything is loose and in constant movement, everything reacts with everything else, everything finds itself constantly in a process, there is nothing really finished, and when time and space are only fixed ideas, then deception and change are confusion and chance It remains to stopp an d make visible. My analog answer to this is painting/ making art.

  • st-art

    Naima Karim & Astrid de Lange


    Art Karlsruhe 2020

    13 Feb 2020 – 16 Feb 2020

  • Historic Car Art


    28 Oct 2019 – 24 Nov 2019

    Room 2: Annual exhibition held at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London from 28 October to 2 November then continuing online until 24 November 2019.

  • Art In Flow

    10 Year Perennial Art

    Perennial Art was founded in 2009, and has organised at least one exhibitions every year since then. Perennials first group show was at Sierra Metro Gallery, in Edinburgh. Other shows have been realised in Amsterdam, Berlin, Den Haag, Leipzig, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Perennial does not have a space of their own and host their shows in other peoples venues. Exhibitions have been held in church halls, restaurants, apartments, artists studios as well as proper galleries and project spaces. Many of the exhibitions have been travelling to different counties under the same name, but with slight adjustments to the configuration of the artists and new work. Doing this enabled us to introduce our work to more wider and international audiences. All shows are made up out of an international group of artists from different stages in their careers. On the occasion of our ten year anniversary we organised this exhibition with some of the artists we have worked with before. Perennial Art

  • Paul Greene

    Schematic /City

    08 Sep 2019 – 30 Dec 2022

    "For those who pass it without entering, the city is one thing; it is another for those who are trapped by it and never leave. There is the city where you arrive for the first time; and there is another city which you leave never to return. Each deserves a different name….” Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities. The Cities series is originated exclusively using 3d, vector and other graphics software. It came into being over several years and no photographs suffered in its creation. All pictorial elements are derived solely by the artist, digitally. “I needed to get at the key ideas underlying all cities, rather than any one city. Cities are an extraordinary mix of the planned and unplanned, the intentional and the unintended consequences of those intentions. By combining the plan and perspective projection views on the same picture plane I also hope to start to describe that process by which cities become inadvertently magical.” You won’t find literal plans here in these rectilinear assemblies. You will find references, allusions and vestiges. Sometimes forcefully etched, sometimes barely perceptible. They are mated with more literal or ‘standard’ representations of the city, with colour a crucial third element. Its use is deliberately non -representational. Colours work with and across the pictorial elements, serving to speak for the city’s more elusive, mysterious, qualities. “ A migrational or metaphorical city thus slips into the clear text of the planned and readable city.” Michel De Certeau “ Walking in the City.” The city can also be seen, therefore, as a multiplicity of migrating "timelines.’’ They bisect, parallel, or intertwine while always remaining discrete, personal, profoundly subjective. They connect homes, places of work, heterotopias of all kinds. These timelines also bear unconscious witness to a wider movement or shifting; that slow sub-audible creaking that is the sound of the city itself. The city on the move. For cities are always on their way somewhere. They are waxing or waning. They are never still. Across, alongside and within the imperceptible settlement of the city there is the possibility of something entirely different: something mercurial, and urgent yet at the same time, with the enchanting power to still, to quiet. This is love. That moment when the milling maelstrom simply stops; when purpose is revealed and meaning emerges and takes shape. take shape. These are moments of deep equipoise, and they can happen to any city dweller at anytime. 4.30pm p.m. one winter afternoon, perhaps. Or 2am a.m. early on a spring morning.…? When, for some mysterious reason, the line flips, becomes a point, and you just happen to be there, to bear witness. Paul Greene

  • Ernst Merkhofer

    Tuscany and Rome

    Digital Landscape Photography. Val d'Orcia mainly and Rome.

  • Free Art Room

    Internal Forms 25 - Digital Art

    Digital Art

  • Ville Wiik

    World thru my lens, Black

    15 Nov 2019 – 31 Dec 2019

    My story as a photographer and as a man. These photos represent my growth path as a photo artist and as a child at his 50's. Pictures of this exhibition are all dated years 2018 -2019. Years of big changes in personal life. Exhibition "Black" is about mind trying to adopt to new.


    O mikron O Mega

    18 Nov 2019 – 31 Dec 2019

    Nicholas V. K., Sandy Rousianou and Menelaos Sykovelis. INAOSSIEN Art is pleased to present the works of three established artists with three different preferred mediums, all pioneering in lyricism, boldness and expressive power.

  • Down To Art


    Welkom op onze summer-groupshow. 16 juni t/m 18/8 2019 Vrijd. Zat. Zond. 13.30u-18.30u Galerij Down to Art Kraanlei 35a 9000 Gent Belgium

  • Wizard Gallery

    Hypnotic Transofrmation Tokyo 2016 by Misha Andersen

    02 Feb 2016 – 02 Feb 2022

    Hypnotic Transofrmation Tokyo 2016 by Misha Andersen

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