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25 Sep 2020 – 31 Dec 2020

VISUAL MESSAGES is the first juried virtual exhibition presented by the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA). It is presented in conjunction with IVLA Annual Conference, Visual Literacy in the Virtual Realm, held online on September 25 and 26th, 2020. The exhibition was juried by Peter Capreau, senior curator, M Leuven (Belgium); Petronio Bendito, associate professor, designer, artist, and curator, Purdue University (USA); and Dana Statton Thompson, vice-president of IVLA, research and instruction librarian, assistant professor, Murray State University (USA). _______________________________________________________________ EXHIBITION FRAMEWORK Peter Capreau Petronio Bendito Dana Statton Thompson This exhibition is conceived within the concept of the International Visual Literacy 52 annual conference theme, Visual Literacy in the Virtual Realm, held online on September 25 and 26th, 2020. It raises questions about visual literacy associated with the volatile visual world of the internet and the implications of 3D online exhibitions. The works in this exhibition are either original digital data or digital photographic representations of physical objects. However, in their essence, the exhibition's works are red, green, and blue microscopic lights flashing on the screen, a constant motion, fighting for the viewers' attention and inevitability vulnerable to the viewers' perceptions and meaning-making. Collectively, the exhibition offers an opportunity for the viewer to reflect on the notion of the exhibition as a whole and to examine the non-visual aspects of the works, the framework of delivery, and the interdependence between works, viewer, virtual of representation and real realms, and the experiences that they afford. While this virtual exhibition does not aim to provide answers, its delivery method, by definition, probes some serious questions. Perhaps, we could start by revisiting what, already in 1862, the French art critic William Thoré-Burger noticed, in the introduction of his publication on the Antwerp Museum, about the importance of photography for the knowledge of art. Burger advocated using photography to establish 'une gallerie universelle des Chef-d'oeuvres de la peinture'. This proved to be visionary. It was a prefiguration of the ideas of two of the most important thinkers on art of the twentieth century: Walter Benjamin and André Malraux. Fast-forward to 1935, in his groundbreaking essay, 'Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit' (The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction), Walter Benjamin clearly shows that a reproduction of an artwork is not “innocent.” The mass-media reproductions have a profound influence on the conception of the artwork; to reproduce it (by mass-media) almost always means adding extra meaning, or manipulating the meaning. Although Benjamin referred to movies, his views are still relevant to our digital age, especially related to the immersive and socially distributed nature of online virtual realities–a world in motion. In this exhibition, the viewer is also the experiencer, in which the works, real and virtual spaces are inherently one. André Malraux takes a step further in his 1947 essay 'Le musée imaginaire' (frequently translated as The Museum Without Walls). Where Benjamin still hails the idea of the original artwork, Malraux sees an evolution from the object to pure image. A gallery or museum deprives the artworks of their initial and original function, 'a transformation' as he calls it. An 'original' is not defined by its material aspects–or in the context of this exhibition, digital data–but by its perceived functionality. An object in a specific context serving a particular goal or function gets transformed by the act of the removal of its function by placing it in the museum to 'pure image'. In the 21st Century, the implications of this view are magnified by the fact that the real-space in which the virtual space of the online 3D exhibition is experienced are dramatically personal (e.g., an office, a living room) or public (e.g., a park). For Malraux, transformation through context gives man almost divine power: by curating these pure images, man can recreate the world: 'Une recreation de l'univers en face de la Creation'. The link with today is obvious. The fact that the works in the exhibition are all presented digitally in a 3D virtual exhibition space alters fundamentally the way we perceive them. They offer new readings and inevitably new messages. Even a superficial reading of Malraux makes the parallel with the internet visible. Yet the important part is the recreation of reality by using pure images. This is what the internet made possible for everyone, yet one must learn how to wield that creative power of transposition and distributed multi-realities. This is one of the significant challenges of visual literacy in virtual environments, and this exhibition asks the viewer to ponder and examine this and related questions further. _______________________________________________________________ AWARDS 1st Place Stairs 3, 2020 / MILA GVARDIOL 2nd Place Barragan and Teotihuacan, 2020 / MATTHEW DUDZIK 3rd Place Smoker's Prayer, 2020 / QIANGWEI XU HONORABLE MENTIONS Raikas on Migration, 2019 / SUNDEEP BALI Dwell, 2020 / ALEJANDRO THORNTON Untitled, 2020 / FUNDA ZEYNEP AYGULER White (15.50%), 2020 / AVITAL MESHI Tokyo 2020+0 , 2020 / GARY MCLEOD Neuron and Universe, 2020 / XUN (MICHAEL) CHI _______________________________________________________________ This exhibition committee was formed to strengthen visual literacy in the virtual realm and to respond to the need to promote the arts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The jurors reviewed over a hundred submissions. The exhibition can be viewed online at and features thirty artworks by twenty-two international artists. Artist statements accompany the artworks in the virtual gallery. The jurors' virtual tour and awards announcements took place during the International Visual Literacy Association's annual conference. IVLA 2020 Exhibition Committee Petronio Bendito, co-chair Karen Tardrew, co-chair Peter Carpreau Geri Chesner Dana Thompson Michelle Wendt

Lesley Bodzy

What Whales Dream About Exhibit



22 Sep 2020 – 15 Oct 2020

Zo Damage

I Zo

20 Sep 2020 – 20 Dec 2020

FAUCE Universidad Central del Ecuador. Galería Virtual

Homenaje al Maestro Celso Rojas

La trayectoria del Maestro Celso Rojas es apreciable en su numerosa producción artística, sin embargo, también se refleja en la pasión que tiene por enseñar y compartir su conocimiento, mismo que no es únicamente académico, sino que se demuestra en la conexión afectiva que genera con sus estudiantes. Tanto las anécdotas de su extensa carrera, como los consejos más técnicos respecto al dibujo, su construcción geométrica y los últimos detalles sobre luces y sombras hacen al Maestro merecedor de un homenaje gestado desde sus estudiantes como un gesto de ferviente gratitud por una educación que desbordando los esquemas tradicionales devino en una relación de distribución equitativa de información entre iguales.

FAUCE Universidad Central del Ecuador. Galería Virtual


24 Sep 2020 – 25 Dec 2020

Esta es una muestra de las obras realizadas en las asignaturas: Taller Introductorio a la Cerámica I y Taller Introductorio a la Escultura I, paralelos A y B, del tercer nivel de la carrera de Artes Plásticas de la Universidad Central del Ecuador. La temática abordada hace referencia a las experiencias vividas por las y los estudiantes en el período de confinamiento. Resalta la capacidad de los creadores para, en base a los recursos cognitivos y técnicos que estaban a su alcance, generar obras artísticas en diferentes materiales. Para ello, se aplicó un sistema complejo de producción: concepción, construcción, cocción 1, acabados al calor y cocción 2; en el caso de la Cerámica. En Escultura se aplicó las técnicas de: talla, modelado, construcción y figura humana fragmentada.

Nils Grage


22 Sep 2020 – 22 Oct 2020

Öffentlichkeit - Isolation

That Art Gallery

Richard Aaron Ward : Oil and Water

26 Sep 2020 – 17 Oct 2020

The show contains paintings and mixed-media drawings mostly made over the last 6 months, the title “Oil and Water” is the name of one of the drawings and refers to changes in work practice, moving away from solvents in paint to water mixable oil paints and also a preoccupation with the workings of engineering, science, tech etc contrasted with the great big mess (mostly) men are making as a result.

Laura Meddens


24 Sep 2020 – 01 Oct 2021

The Art Within The Art Within Laura Meddens. Amsterdam artist Laura Meddens experiences vibrant visualizations and paints to capture them before they disappear. This collection of HD Digital Art Prints resulted from the discovery of hidden treasures or "SEESCAPES" within Laura's original paintings. Thanks to digital printing advances, we can make them available in a range of sizes for companies and individuals who need to fill larger wall spaces. Custom sizing is also available. Pricing and Sizing to be announced. In the meantime, you're welcome to enquire at

Mendocino Art Center

Leslie Campbell


Art & Technology

Opening on 25th of September 2020 with a Vernissage on 24th from 7 pm - 9 pm HAZEGALLERY Team is proud to present the, “Art & Technology ” group exhibition curated by @irinarusinovich The show will present a variety of art works from artists all around the world providing a vivid & visual reflection of ART + TECHNOLOGY theme. As part of this exhibition we are happy to present visual artist @gianfermi.eleonora with her unique art project “the Birth” participating artists of the exhibition are Eleonora Gianfermi @gianfermi.eleonora Daniela Satzinger @dansa_art Yasmin Nebenfuhr @yasmin.nebenfuhr Hannah Payette Peterson @hpayettepeterson Steve Braun @steve.brownson Grigori Dor @grigori_dor Aurika Bulgar @aurikabulgar CURATOR | Irina Rusinovich COORDINATOR | Lyubov Melnickowa

Gilby VM

Gilby VM Street Photography

25 Sep 2020 – 25 Oct 2020

Gilby's Street Photography in Lisbon,Portugal between 2015-2020

Petra Gut Contemporary

Peter Mathis - Schnee II

26 Sep 2020 – 30 Jan 2021

Anlässlich seines neuen Buches 'Schnee' präsentieren wir exklusiv ONLINE in zwei aufeinander folgenden Ausstellungen die grandiosen Landschaftaufnahmen des österreichischen Fotografen Peter Mathis. Der erfahrene Bergsteiger setzt sich bereits seit Jahren Wind und Wetter aus, um mit seiner Kamera die überwältigende Stimmung grandioser Landschaften einzufangen: Das Ergebnis sind Schwarzweissaufnahmen, deren Formen von einer unberührten Ruhe sprechen. Licht und Schatten bilden beinahe greifbare Kontraste. Vereinzelte Spuren eines Skifahrers oder Bergsteigers pointieren die gigantische Kraft der verschneiten Gebirge.

The Michel Haddi Collection Ltd

Kate Moss - The lost Polaroids & Contacts

Kate Moss. the lost Polaroids and contacts sheets

Dominik Jasinski

Colour Pop

16 Sep 2020 – 17 Sep 2021

Welcome to my world of colours. The exhibition presents a collection of portraits inspired by what surrounds me - nature, colour and emotions.

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