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Michael Sole


14 Nov 2023 – 19 Oct 2025

A collection of golf leaf canvases

Galeria 3D ART

Galeria 4

01 Dec 2023 – 17 Dec 2023

TM 2023 Virtual Art Fair is at first edition and is aimed to the art-loving public who want to purchase works by visual artists at affordable prices. To view the works on display for sale please visit the follow galleries. Each gallery has 5 niches reserved for authors with their works. There you find information and technical data sheets as well as contact details. Booking, payment method and delivery are made upon agreement with the author. For more info, please see the link:

Artio Gallery

Global Horizons VIII

19 Nov 2023 – 26 Nov 2023

"Global Horizons" is an ongoing artistic project featuring artists from around the world. We invite you to embark on a mesmerizing journey that transcends geographical confines, bringing together artists from diverse corners of the world. This exhibition stands as a vibrant celebration of artistic expression that knows no territorial bounds, where creativity flows uninhibited, and the human spirit soars freely across cultures and perspectives. Within this captivating collection, we proudly present a dazzling tapestry of works that bear witness to the boundless depths of human imagination. It underscores the resounding truth that within the realm of art, there exist no barriers—only an endless expanse of creative exploration, uniting us in a tapestry of shared human experiences. David Anocibar Maria Budnikova Olympia Gerard Handgraaf Eileen Healy Edit Hermkens István Jenő Kovács Shelina Khimji Mazvyde Sakal Steluta Gutiu Floare Muntean Spegelaere Ralph Dezső Tóth Elena Turcan Ruth Schmidt Anastazja Dzik Bartholomeus Langeveld Albert Costa Corina Dimitriu Manric Adam - Mielu Petra Gotthardt Konstantinos Spiropoulos Gemma Pahissa Myriam Véjus Arunas Vilkevicius Aureole Laurent La Rocca Tom Maltone Martin Safarik Anne Persson Lucenius Airida Milasauskiene MIZIAM Maite Farreres Marina Cavlina-Koch

Matthias Oppermann

Bildvergrabungen Teil 1

Im Jahr 2017 zerschnitt der Künstler Matthias Oppermann elf seiner eigenen Bilder in insgesamt 48 Teile. Sie wurden an verschiedenen Orten auf der Welt vergraben. Dort lagen die Bildfragmente zwischen vier und fünf Jahren, bis sie im Jahr 2022/2023 wieder ausgegraben wurden. Dieses Projekt verbindet zwei gegensätzliche Pole: die Kunst, als Produkt menschlicher Kreativität und die Natur, als Schöpfungsgewalt jenseits menschlicher Einflussnahme. Es entstand aus der Idee heraus, die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Natur neu zu denken und zu erforschen. Oppermann nutzt dabei den Bildentstehungsprozess als Medium, um diese Beziehung auf eine einzigartige Weise zu verdeutlichen. Hierbei treffen zwei gegensätzliche Welten aufeinander und werden in den Bildentstehungsprozess einbezogen. In dieser virtuellen Ausstellung werden die Ergebnisse der ersten beiden Bilder (12 Einzelteile) gezeigt. Die wieder ausgegrabenen Bildteile sind in dieser Ausstellung im Verhältnis stark vergrößert wiedergeben. Die Collagen zeigen den Ort der Vergrabung und das jeweilige Bildteil in der Erde. In 2017, the artist Matthias Oppermann cut up eleven of his own paintings into a total of 48 pieces. They were buried in various locations around the world, where the fragments of the paintings remained for four to five years until they were dug up again in 2022/2023. This project connects two opposing poles: art, as a product of human creativity, and nature, as a creative force beyond human influence. The "Image Burial" project arose from the idea of rethinking and exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Oppermann uses the process of creating images as a medium to illustrate this relationship in a unique way. By cutting up works of art and assigning the fragments to various natural forces, a joint act of creation by humans and nature emerges. Here, two opposing worlds meet and are involved in the process of creating an image. This virtual exhibition shows the results of the first two pictures (12 individual parts). The re-excavated parts of the pictures are reproduced in this exhibition in greatly enlarged proportions. The collages show the location of the burial and the respective part of the picture in the earth.

Galeria 3D ART

Ciprian Apetrei - Ai găsit ce căutăm cu toții? Lectura: Mihai Nae - Editura Cartea Sonoră

Salon audio filografic 3D Autor: Ciprian Apetrei Lectura : Mihai Nae


Lino & Cyanotype Prints 2023

22 Nov 2023 – 01 Jan 2025



23 Nov 2023 – 26 Nov 2023

BUSAN, South Korea with KARINE BARTOLI, RUSIKO CHIKVAIDZE, JEAN DUQUOC, FRANCINE LEDIEU, LEE YU-MIN, PARK HOO-JUNG, PASCAL PLAZANET, & JEAN-LUC VERET galerie bruno massa is thrilled to participate to the 3rd edition of BLUE ART FAIR at PARADISE HOTEL in Busan, South Korea. PARADISE HOTEL BUSAN is located along sandy Haeundae Beach. Apart from modern rooms, it also boasts a casino and an outdoor spa. Selected rooms have balconies overlooking the sea.

Galerie Klose

Sightzeichen '23

24 Nov 2023 – 06 Jan 2024

Casa Toscana Art Gallery


22 Nov 2023 – 31 Dec 2023

“BORDE” Colores, geometrías, veladuras y texturas son elementos habituales en la obra de Orlando Alandia. Pero BORDE marca una ruptura con lo colorista. Los claroscuros, base para un diseño arquitectónico, y los conceptos del espacio marginal son las herramientas con las que construye esta exhibición compuesta de luz y sombra, llenura y vacío, y las ambigüedades que nacen de sus combinación. Las piezas en tinta y alquitrán sobre papel.. fotografías imaginarias, antiguas, tomadas desde un lugar oscuro hacia un lugar luminoso. Dos lienzos contrastan lo superficial con lo profundo y dos lienzos enfrentan lo marginal con el núcleo. Todo esto para captar el límite que contiene lo invisible que resulta ser, en realidad, lo más impresionante. Geraldine O’Brien Sáenz Cochabamba, Bolivia 2023 «BORDER» Colors, geometries, transparencies, and textures are usual elements in Orlando Alandia’s work. But BORDER marks a rupture with his colorist vein. The chiaroscuros, the base of architectural design, and the concepts of marginal space are the tools with which he constructs this exhibition composed of light and shadow, fullness and emptiness, and the ambiguities that are born from their combination. The pieces in ink and tar on paper, imaginary photographs, ancient photographs, taken from a dark place towards a luminous space. Two canvases contrast the superficial with the profound, and two other canvases confront the peripheral with the nuclear. All these to capture the border that contains the invisible, which ends up being, ultimately, the most impressive. Geraldine O’Brien Sáenz Cochabamba, Bolivia 2023

Findlay Galleries

Isabelle de Ganay



17 Nov 2023 – 08 Dec 2023

Cynthia Holien I am an intuitive, abstract expressionist artist, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I paint with acrylics on paper, synthetic YUPO paper, and canvas. I believe that art is what makes a home more human. Art can enhance our lives, show our personalities, evoke thoughts and emotions, and improve our well-being. I think the Pandemic has created a deeper appreciation of our homes and surroundings. Our homes have become the main setting of our lives, a place where we want to feel safe, content, and comforted. It is my desire to bring value and meaning into your homes with my paintings. I typically draw my inspiration from interiors, fashion, and Flora + Fauna. I love color and contrast. I usually use black paint in my work because it feels very grounding to me. Growing up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I have always had great curiosity and appreciation for art and design. It wasn’t until I reached my late 50s that I wanted to become an artist. It is my hope to convey the joy I feel when I’m painting. I have returned home to the Twin Cities after living in South Dakota for 30+ years. I live with my husband David, and our dog companion Frances, who inspire and encourage me daily.


Sandra Rojas

Permanet exhibition

Galería Virtual Del Instante

Texturas Nómades

12 Nov 2023 – 24 Nov 2023

Semblanza Dra. Sandra Amelia Martí Artista urbana, investigadora, pintora y performancera Argentina-Mexicana. Dentro de sus convicciones sostiene la creencia del trabajo creativo, colectivo y colaborativo, integrando desde el año 1993 a 1997 el grupo de artes visuales Minas de Arte, con quienes participa y genera exposiciones, acciones y eventos artísticos en Argentina y en México. La mayor parte de sus investigaciones se centran alrededor del tema “Intersticios entre ciudad, diseño, cuerpo y arte contemporáneo'', investigación vigente en el Departamento de Síntesis Creativa. Estudió su Maestría en Artes Visuales en la Academia de San Carlos UNAM; doctoranda del Posgrado en Estudios Urbanos, UAM-Azc. y doctora en Diseño, Arte y Pensamiento Estratégico, CADEC-México. Miembro fundadora del seminario INSEDIA y el Seminario SCEPIA. Seleccionada en Continuo Latido-americano de performance 2020: corpografías en contexto, CDMX; Festival Internacional Virtual El Otro Cervantino, 2021 y 2022. Su obra pictórica integra pinacotecas, así como la colección Arte de Nuestra América Haydee Santamaría/ Casa de las Américas/ La Habana, Cuba. Galardonada con el reconocimiento referido a su trayectoria institucional ARGEDI 2022. Autora de artículos y prólogos en revistas y libros. En el año 2013 al 2015 fue responsable del Programa Editorial, en Ciencias y Artes para el Diseño de la UAM X. Recientemente fue representante del personal académico de CyAD ante el Consejo Académico de UAM-X y el Colegio Académico (2021-2023).



17 Nov 2023 – 03 Jan 2024

Calesdoscopio es la exhibición virtual de la plataforma Optica.ef en a fin de año.


999 Collection

01 Jan 2023 – 01 Jan 2024

99 Artworks created by Nina Minke Holloway, all on sale for R999.

Thomas Glas –

SPHERES 4 – Absolute Malerei

15 Nov 2023 – 15 Nov 2025

Die Bilder von Thomas Glas schaffen eine mehrfache Wirklichkeit. Sie berühren einerseits tief und direkt mit ihrer starkfarbigen, sinnlich überbordenden Vielfältigkeit, andererseits setzen sie eine unendliche Welle emotionaler, vielstimmiger Fantasie frei. Konzipiert als Werkfamilien dringt diese Malerei in die Resonanzräume menschlicher Emotionalität vor und besitzt eine einzigartige Bildgestalt. Draufsicht, Ansicht und der Blick in das Innere sind die Dimensionen dieser Echoräume des Sinnlichen. Hier ist eine neue absolute Malerei fassbar, die nicht abbildet. Sie lässt die Vorstellung der Moderne, eine eigene Welt konstruieren zu müssen, weit hinter sich ebenso wie die postmoderne Absicht, diese zu zerstören. Diese Malerei hat die emotionale Sinnlichkeit neu entdeckt und sie zum absoluten Ziel der Gestaltung gemacht. Entstanden in einem komplexen Prozess der Bildwerdung lösen diese Malereien Erkenntnis als Schöpfung der Leidenschaft aus. Meinrad Maria Grewenig

Villa del Arte Galleries

Duo-Exhibition: Timeless

07 Dec 2023 – 07 Jan 2024

Art Pei

Le Turk

Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

Urban Fingerprint by David Fox

10 Nov 2023 – 10 Dec 2023

"The paintings that make up ‘An Altered Land’ offer a novel insight into the contemporary Irish landscape." Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, 30 April 2019. The Olivier Cornet Gallery is delighted to present David Fox's new show Urban Fingerprint. 2023 has all the earmarks of a milestone year for the artist who had his work accepted in the RHA's annual show and who also received an Agility Award from the Arts Council of Ireland. Urban Fingerprint is Fox’s second solo exhibition -'An Altered Land' was his first- at the Olivier Cornet Gallery. The artist has become renowned for his compelling connection with the contemporary Irish landscape, where in recent work he captures the vibrant essence of graffiti within the bustling cities of Ireland. Working primarily with oil paints, Fox brings these walls and alleys to life on canvas, transforming the often-overlooked art of graffiti into evocative pieces that resonate with a modern audience. His paintings are not merely visual explorations but rather profound dialogues with the culture, identity and rebellion found within the urban environment. Through meticulous attention to detail and a nuance understanding of colour and form, Fox’s work serves as a testament to the hidden beauty and enduring spirit of street art, weaving a tangible connection between the everyday and the extraordinary. His collection is a love letter to the streets, a celebration of the unspoken, and a compelling journey through contemporary Ireland’s visual voice.



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