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Kunstmatrix is a unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally present and manage your art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of your work in any space you like!

3D exhibitions

  • Cherelle Art Gallery

    Mermaids Galore Collection by Cherelle Art

    15 Jun 2018 – 31 Jul 2018

    A unique collection of mermaid paintings and drawings that inspire happiness and promote love and friendship.



    16 Jun 2018 – 21 Aug 2018

    time machine



    26 Jun 2018 – 25 Jul 2018

    CLAUDIA GURWITZ Claudia explores natural form. Although her painting stems from the strength and potency of plant forms, it challenges the notion of what is Botanical Art. It is not about flowers or plants at all. It is not a botanical survey, nor is it intended to be photo-realistic, or even entirely representational. The subject matter is almost irrelevant. Claudia’s work is about form and structure, about balance, harmony and tension. On careful observation through a micro setting, Claudia exposes the essence of the object, she reveals its core. The form is broken down into texture, contrasts and movement. Combining her taut, wound-up quality of painting technique with her bold, blown-up representations of these vital structures, her canvases burst open. The paintings bounce, they pulse, they throb.

  • National Academy of Design


    13 Jun 2018 – 18 Sep 2018

    The National Academy of Design, the oldest artist honorary society in America, imposed only one obligation on its members for nearly 200 years. Intending the National Academy to be an organization of the leading creatives shaping American visual culture, the founders stipulated that upon election, each National Academician present a representative work, or diploma work, that becomes part of the permanent collection. This legacy has guided the formation of a collection unlike any other in the United States, shaped by the artist and architect members themselves. Today the collection contains nearly 8,000 works in all mediums and styles and is one of the largest public American art collections in the country. This selection of works highlights the new diploma works that have entered the collection over the past year.

  • Rogue Gallery

    Gus Romero IV - Virtual Studio @ Rogue Gallery

    09 Jun 2018 – 09 Jun 2019

    A virtual exhibit @ Rogue Gallery ft. the art of Gus Romero IV.

  • Round Hill Creative Group

    We Are The Dream

    25 May 2018 – 25 Aug 2018

    'We are the Dream' showcases the artwork of Miles Regis. The pieces exhibit strong, powerful and explosive imagery that he has explored from his Trinidadian culture. His media includes oil, acrylic, charcoal, latex paint and occasional newspaper. His well renowned style of brilliantly integrating his chosen media leaves us with this emotive and exotic collection of works, which leave the viewer wanting to delve deeper into the artist's world. ABOUT REGIS: Trinidadian born multimedia artist Miles Regis is based in Los Angeles, CA. We are thrilled to be representing Mr. Regis in his first solo VG exhibition. Mile's work taps into the emotion and experiences of exotic cultures around the world and presents them in a way that are relevant to today's modernized societies. Miles combines abstraction with figurative work; obscure references with in-your-face writings; symbolic narrative with Trinidadian splashes of color. He adds to this drip painting and collage work. His media includes oil, acrylic, charcoal, latex paint and ocassional newspaper. His cultural duality and diverse perspectives play a large role in the humanistic consciousness he manages to present in his work. With broad enthusiast appeal, his work has appeared in association with CNN, Intel Corporation, Art Basel Miami, Coachella Music & Art Festival, CAAM, American Rag Cie and is in many celebrity collections around the country and throughout the world. The Huffington Post compared his works to that of master painters such as Basquiat and Pollock, and his star is rising to higher heights as his work continues to evolve.

  • Free Art Room

    Internal Forms 19 - Digital Art Exhibition

    Digital Art

  • Eric Decastro

    Rebellion artistique

    26 May 2018 – 13 Aug 2018

    la rebellion artistique porte sa justification sur elle même.

  • David W. Anderson Design

    David W. Anderson Photos

    Photo Variety

  • DukeofDalgety

    Meet the Duke

    05 May 2018 – 05 Oct 2018

  • StudentFest

    Naturalețea trupului feminin

    10 May 2018 – 11 May 2018

    Frumuseţea corpului uman a fost dintotdeauna un privilegiu în domeniul artei, primele nuduri fotografice, realizându-se între anii 1837-1840. Trupul feminin poate fi extraordinar de expresiv, de aici și interesul fotografilor de a surprinde naturalețea umană. Portretizarea și abstractizarea nudului artistic sunt doar câteva dintre subiectele care vor fi discutate și puse în practică în cadrul acestui atelier.

  • Vernon Finney Art

    But You Don't Have a Vernon!

    10 May 2018 – 10 May 2021

    Vernon Finney Art presents the 'But You Don't Have a Vernon' exhibition, featuring 12 masterpieces by Vernon Finney himself.


    Abstract Editions

    09 May 2018 – 01 Sep 2018

    The exhibition consists of three kinds of artworks, representing the creative path of abstract expressionist, sculptor, painter and digital artist Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis from 1974 to this day. It is a collection of his recently created digital abstractions and early abstract paintings that were digitalised and digitally manipulated by the artist. All artworks were printed on canvas in limited editions and underframed. This process was carried out under strict supervision of the artist.

  • Gretchen Andrew

    Roughly Translated As...Ubuntu

    12 Jul 2018

    To coincide with Wikipedia's annual conference I’ve been asked to share how I manipulate the internet with my paintings. University of Cape Town July 18 - 22 In bringing me out to South Africa to talk about my art, Wikipedia and its partners are letting me define how / where my art is exhibited. 14 paintings on paper that i’ve programmed to manipulate search results for “Ubuntu,” which is the conference’s theme. Roughly translated Ubuntu means “humanity” but is also the name of computer operating system. By replacing the top search results for Ubuntu my paintings are literally putting culture/humanity/art over technology. To include the Search Engine Art (live, manipulated search results) in an exhibition I’d just need an internet-connected screen.

  • Eurivaldo Bezerra


    14 Apr 2018 – 14 Apr 2019

    Muito me incomoda ver que nossa Sociedade é cheia de pré-conceitos e rótulos. Não querer conhecer determinada pessoa por conta da cor da pele, estatura, religião, orientação sexual, seja lá o que for, não deveria ser tão latente como é. Assim, decidi criar uma exposição onde provocaremos o questionamento sobre estes pré-conceitos. E nada melhor do que a fotografia para emocionar e inspirar as pessoas. Teremos dois retratos de 20 pessoas, que farão parte desta exposição. No primeiro retrato, o rosto não será identificado, e teremos ao lado da foto uma listagem com as coisas que a pessoa mais gosta. Os visitantes receberão uma cartela em forma de rótulo, onde poderão marcar aqueles que mais gostariam de conhecer por conta destas características. Na segunda sala, teremos os retratos sem esta cobertura, mostrando os retratados como realmente são, além das suas características, como cor da pele, orientação sexual, religião, profissão, etc. A idéia é provocar a Sociedade para que reflita sobre o preconceito. It was always difficult for me to understand our Society, full of preconceptions and labels. Not wanting to know someone because the color of the skin, religion, sexuality, whatever, shouldn’t be so common these days. I decided to provoke the Society to think differently. My intent is to show the conception before the pre(conception). And nothing better than Photography to touch others feelings. This essay is about 20 characters. (40 pictures in total) On the first photograph, the face is covered with a burka (by its own, victim of preconception), so you cannot “judge” what you see. On the side, its characteristics about what you might have in common. The visitors will receive a form with the photographs in numbers, so they may mark whom they would feel like wanting to know in person, according to those personal characteristics. On the second room, the portraits will not have the burka, and the visitor will see its principals characteristics, as religion, color of the skin, sexuality, etc. The idea is to provoke the Society to (re) think its values about all human beings and our relation between each other.

  • Nicola Barth

    Nicola Barth: Morpheus Mythen

  • Zweigstelle Berlin

    Domestic Space | Gallery Weekend Berlin Edition

    Unter dem Titel "Domestic Space | Gallery Weekend Berlin Edition" präsentiert die Zweigstelle Berlin ausgewählte Künstlerinnen und Künstler in einer Online-Ausstellung mit Kunstwerken aus ihrem Portfolio. Das bereits 2013 noch in den Galerieräumen gestartete Programm "Domestic Space" stellt arrivierte und junge Positionen gegenüber und schafft Korrelationen zwischen vielfältigen, zeitgenössischen Kunstwerken. Den Rezipienten erwartet eine spannungsreiche Sammlung ausgewählter Werke, die mit den Möglichkeiten künstlerischer Prozesse spielt und die räumlichen, als auch emotiven Dimensionen der Kunst erweitert.

  • National Academy of Design

    The Artist Revealed: A Panorama of Great Artist Portraits

    Curated by: Diana Thompson This exhibition includes some of the finest artist portraits in the National Academy’s collection, spanning the period from the early 19th century to the present day. The majority of the more than 1000 artists’ portraits in the collection were submitted by artist members as a condition of their membership in the institution. This group of works forms one of the largest and most important holdings of painted portraits in the country, and draws attention to the exceptional artists that have been at the heart of this organization since its founding in 1826. Included among the works on exhibition are self-portraits by Asher B. Durand, John Singer Sargent, Cecilia Beaux, Thomas Eakins, Edwin Walter Dickinson, Ivan le Lorrain Albright, and Jacob Lawrence. Among the contemporary examples are self-portraits by Chuck Close, Wayne Thiebaud and Susanna Coffey.

  • Richard Granville-Smith


    01 Mar 2018 – 01 Mar 2019

  • Siv Storøy

    BOLD Creatures

    28 Mar 2018 – 01 Oct 2018

    Born in Northern-Norway, with her background in Illustration, painting and graphic design from Oslo and Milan, Siv Storøy has done projects within visual Identity & communication, logodesign, embellishment, hand-drawn and digital illustration for magazines, brochures, articles, books, adverts and a range of other areas. ​​ In this showcase she uses a mixed media technique consisting of acrylic backgrounds, photography and ink. When these mediums blend together digitally, it gives her the chance to explore a wide variety of traditional and eclectic techniques, producing a bold style and strength in her images.

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