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Kunstmatrix is a unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally present and manage your art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of your work in any space you like!

3D exhibitions

Three Counties Open Art Exhibition 2021

Three Counties Open 2022

08 Aug 2022 – 08 Sep 2022

ArtsKeele is pleased to present the Three Counties Open Exhibition, taking place both online and in the stunning and historical Burslem School of Art in Stoke-on-Trent. From amateur to professional artists, we wish to celebrate art in its many forms and the ways in which it enables us to express ourselves, enrich our lives, and connects us with one another in times of sadness, joy, and everything in-between. Submissions have come from artists across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire; this year we had nearly 200 entries of which 115 entries were selected by our judges from: Airspace Gallery; Appetite’s Supper Club; ArtUK; ArtsKeele and Barewall Gallery. We have a range of work across the disciplines of Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Textiles and Sculpture. Prizes and opportunities have been generously given by ACAVA Spode Works, Appetite, ArtsKeele, Barewall Gallery, Burslem School of Art Trust, City Learning Trust, New Vic Theatre Archive Fund, North Staffs Friends of the Earth and The Art Studio. Three Counties Open has been made possible through partnerships with ArtsKeele, Appetite, ACAVA, Burslem School of Art, Burlsem School of Art Trust Volunteers, City Learning Trust and Barewall Gallery and Keele University. Harun Morrison, guest curator for this years physical show said: “It was a pleasure to contribute to the hanging process of the Three Counties exhibition 2022, alongside Kerry Jones and Katrina Wilde. The process of thinking about the different relationships between over a hundred works in relation to each other and the architecture was endlessly challenging and stimulating. While the works have been loosely grouped in terms of post-industrial / urban, the domestic, the natural world and portraits; these categories are themselves a kind of fiction - that inevitably falls apart the more you try and reinforce them. The range of formal approaches, the diversity of subject and artists themselves speaks to an abundance of visual culture in the region. I feel this is an exhibition that warrants multiple visits, that produces multiple rich meanings depending on the rooms you move from and towards.”

AX the Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex

Habitat Narratives

28 Jul 2022 – 01 Oct 2022

AX is pleased to welcome artist Theresa MacKnight to the gallery with our newest exhibition, Habitat Narratives. Habitat Narratives draws inspiration from New Brunswick habitats and the animals that must continuously adapt, regardless of humans’ intentions or wishes. Theresa’s work is based on nighttime footage of deer from trail cameras, capturing their interactions as they gather in small groups. The black-and-white trail cameras gave Theresa the freedom to use colour in imaginative ways to add to the story in the paintings. Some of Theresa’s paintings include human figures, which also adds to the narrative and creates a sense of dreamlike mystery. The exhibition will launch in the AX gallery on Thursday, July 28 at 5:00 p.m., and we will host an artist talk in the gallery on Saturday, September 3, at 2:00 p.m. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Parus Albert Schaeffer

The world is a cube

The works of Parus Albert Schaeffer are digital creations. The exhibition shows works form the series "Cube". "The world is a cube" More at

The Gallery of Paideia

Robin North's Portfolio Exhibition

Pablo Ozores


04 Aug 2022 – 05 Sep 2022

Herbert Lippert

Shop | Öl auf Leinwand


EDEN 404 : Paradise not found

19 Aug 2022 – 10 Sep 2022

The title “EDEN 404: Paradise not found” references HTTP 404, an error which occurs when a computer server is unable to find a requested webpage. It also references John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost,” written in 1667, which tells the story of Adam and Eve being expelled from the garden of Eden after eating from the Tree of Knowledge. In the 90s, the Internet was not yet a vital part of everyday life. The digital world and the real world were still separate, and the simple, flat graphics of computer screens of the time reflected that contrast. The works in this show combine icons and games from computers of the 90s with images of flowers and clouds to create a digital Eden. In Digital Eden, early computer games such as minesweeper and solitaire serve as innocent pastimes, and the Internet contains the forbidden knowledge that will lead to the fall of man. Profile Katy Layman is an American artist born in 1996. She has been living and working in Japan since 2018, and participating in gallery exhibitions since 2021. Her recent work is strongly influenced by her childhood memories, which are a mixture of summer days playing outside under a blue sky, playing video and computer games in her childhood home, and attending Catholic mass every week with her family.


DUO Exhibition 2022- Painting and Photography, Wei Cheng and TC Yung

Dr. Wei Cheng 鄭偉, a paediatric surgeon and Yung Tak-Cheung 翁德璋, a paediatric cardiologist are both passionate about art and fascinated by the beauty of everyday life. Through oil portraiture, Dr. Cheng depicts the joys and daily struggle of ordinary people, while Dr. Yung invites viewers to see the tranquillity and serenity in nature and landscape that otherwise goes unnoticed.

阿波羅畫廊 Apollo Art Gallery

楊桃派Young&Top - 蔣沛珊(亞布恩.尤瑪)&顏昱齊 聯展

30 Jul 2022 – 20 Aug 2022

《融合與共生》楊桃派-阿波羅畫廊新銳畫家助長計畫(九) 「楊桃派Young & Top -新銳藝術家助長計畫」,為阿波羅畫廊提拔35歲以下年輕、優秀,以及具潛力的新銳藝術家,扶植其進入藝術市場的培植計畫,今年已經邁入第九年。本次邀請兩位藝術家蔣沛珊(亞布恩.尤瑪)與顏昱齊各自以不同的藝術語彙,將看似不相關的物件,重組後創造出新的個體,表達「融合與共生」。 蔣沛珊(亞布恩.尤瑪)作為半泰雅族女性獵人,省思自我身分認同的矛盾,及泰雅社會對性別的見解。創作結合國外旅行的經歷,在博物館所見的雕像、展品,以乳膠漆作為媒材,用拼湊的方式,融合東西方文化。自身如同空櫃子,容納這些收藏品,包容不同族群與身分,成為自己的一部分。畢業於國立臺北科技大學工業設計系,於2021年獲選台北國際藝術博覽會原住民特區推薦。 顏昱齊擅長將日常常見的物件拼湊組合,試圖讓他們各自在不屬於自己原本的世界裡,擔任那看似合理的部分,可能成為一個新的物種,或是新的視覺,好比我們時常身處在不同的環境,想盡辦法讓自己呈現出無違和的狀態,不斷的嘗試擔任好當下的角色,這是人們根據自己的自我認同,所形成出相對應的行為或是心理狀態,在這角色的轉換中,期待能活在當下並享受其中。畢業於國立臺灣藝術大學美術學系,於2021年榮獲第一屆望春風創意繪畫徵選比賽第一名。 誠摯邀請愛好藝術的朋友,蒞臨欣賞兩位新銳藝術家,運用不同的媒材表現拼湊的視覺效果,傳達「融合與共生」。 展 期 | 2022.7.30 - 8.20 藝術家 | 蔣沛珊(亞布恩.尤瑪)、顏昱齊


일루몽 개인전 '종이를 벗어난 민화'

02 Aug 2022 – 02 Sep 2022

- 민화를 전통재료에서 벗어나서 디지털 작업을 할 경우, 민화는 어떤 모습으로 보여질까에 대한 탐구. 창작민화를 하면서, 한지 종이를 벗어난 작품 재료에 대해 고민을 해 보았다. 우선 나에게 가장 익숙한 작업방법인 디지털 드로잉을 통해서 앞으로 작업해 나갈 창작민화에 대해 다양한 시도를 해보고자 한다. - Exploring what folk paintings will look like when they are digitalized away from traditional materials. While drawing Korean traditional paintings, I thought about the material of the work outside of Hanji. First of all, I want to try various attempts at creative folklore that I will challenge in the future with digital drawing, which is the most familiar way to work.



03 Aug 2022 – 16 Aug 2022

Women United ART MOVEMENT is proud to present HUMANS AND ROSES a solo exhibit by KIKI KLIMT ARTIST BIO Kiki Klimt is a researcher of life. She moves mostly within art, but she often wonders in search of understanding - from mythology, ancient spiritual writings, modern physics and chemistry to cosmology, mathematics, history and philosophy. Kiki Klimt is a professional artist for more than 30 years. She graduated from painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1997, three years later she finished her master degree in sculpture, and in 2009 got a doctorate in art. Besides that, she is an expert associate of the National Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Quality in Higher Education (SQAA). She was a guest professor at universities in Istanbul, Sofia and Lisbon and participated in many symposiums and conferences. Today she is pro-dean at Arthouse College for Drawing and Painting in Ljubljana. Her works were present in galleries in New York, Berlin, Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc. She experimented on conceptual art, photography, performance, installation, illustration, and design. For the last nine years, she returned to the tradition of painting and has been developing a unique way of painting based on ancient knowledge, contemporary science, and her own study and experience. “Painting with light“ combines the physical, emotional, and rational aspects of painting. ARTIST STATEMENT I have been doing many different things all my life and created in various media: painting, sculpture, installation, performance, conceptual projects, photography, interior design, graphic design, and illustration. On my professional path as a visual artist, I have always been intrigued by the objectivity of the visual language and its connection with the deepest human desire to communicate. After many years of intensive and in-depth research, I realized my medium can be everything I use for narration, with which I can arise the exact feeling – a clear visual story. For the past nine years, I have returned to the roots of my artistic education, to my original love – painting. I paint in the manner of the old masters - the illuminators. They illuminated reality to bring light to the people. Painting is not only the application of color surfaces on the base but the research of a deeper understanding of life itself. I am painting in the opposite direction to most painters. Instead of applying lighter or darker shades generated by an external source of light, I use colors in their internal irradiation, their inner light. I remove the material and replace it with the light that lies within the atom. WEBSITE: IG: @klimtkiki

Ugo Ghini

In Faccia

01 Aug 2022 – 31 Oct 2022

Face to face. Eye to eye. "In Faccia" is an exquisite selection of tear collages by Ugo Ghini which ensembles portraits of a different kind. Find among these art works even, what the artist describes as his "self-portrait". Guess which one it is!?


Play Red

17 Aug 2022 – 23 Sep 2022

Play Red is a collection of images of red tail hawks. While they generally are seen in the distance, this showing has them more up front and personal. They seemed more than happy to let themselves be celebrities caught by a paparazzo.

Origin Art

Sue Martin at 100 % Design Africa

28 Jul 2022 – 31 Aug 2022

As a third-generation South African living and working in Johannesburg, in the post-apartheid era, this exploration remains embedded in the nucleus of my practice and often informs the starting point for my artworks. I frequently incorporate found objects into my work, such as historical maps, that bring with them their own history. I respond to these objects by painting on them, and drawing into them, thereby creating a multitude of layers revealing and obscuring images and ideas. By building-up these layers, I encourage the viewer to look beneath the veneer of the artworks. It is through this process of disentangling and extracting meaning, that the viewer becomes an active participant in translating the images and threading their own connections, and narratives, into the artworks. Drawing from historical sources, her lived experiences, her travels and a selection of her own photographs, Martin builds up and disrupts the surfaces of her artworks creating a palimpsest of ideas, images, media and marks. Martin’s exploration of her identity is sensitive and purposeful. The textures Martin creates through the layering of paint and wax are prompts for the viewer to look closer and to scratch beneath the visually pleasing surface in order to unearth the layers of complex engagement. “I am trying to capture that elusiveness, called time.” - Sue Martin

Aboriginal Contemporary

Ngayulu Litju Palyarnu - We Did This Together

30 Jul 2022 – 14 Aug 2022

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