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PWS Exhibitions

Watercolors from the Garden

08 Mar 2023 – 24 Jun 2023

Watercolor Works from the Garden… This wonderful exhibition is the culmination of a 2-year collaborative project between the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden (the Garden) and the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society (PWS). Approximately two years ago PWS President Susan (Suzie) Sparks reached out to the Garden’s Mark A. Miller, PhD, Education & Exhibits Director and began the conversation on how best both groups could work together. Several ideas were discussed regarding sharing resources, workshops and a possible exhibit. Out of these conversations this project began in the Spring of 2022 with PWS member visits and workshops at the Garden, and is ending with this beautiful Spring 2023 exhibit in the Garden Welcome Center Gallery. Pittsburgh Watercolor Society’s membership includes some of the premier watercolor artists in the city, who have come to the Garden, created works of watercolor art – in plein air, workshops, sketches and photo references – inspired by scenes from Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. These finished pieces comprise this juried exhibition, on display in the Garden’s Welcome Center through June 2023. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the Garden for this amazing opportunity and we hope that we at PWS can continue collaborating in the future!



30 Mar 2023 – 04 Apr 2023

BUSAN, South Korea with FUSAKO EKUNI, FRANCINE LEDIEU, PASCAL PLAZANET, ANTONIO SEGUI, HIROMI SENGOKU, SHIN SEUNG-HUN, JEAN LUC VERET & DOINA VIERU galerie bruno massa is honored to participate for its time with a panel of French & Korean artists at WESTIN JOSUN BLUE ART FAIR in Busan, South Korea. The Westin Josun Busan is a 5-star hotel with luxurious rooms offering views of Haeundae Beach or Gwangan Bridge.



28 Mar 2023 – 07 Apr 2023


Addicted Art Gallery

Samantha Redfern: Just Me

28 Mar 2023 – 30 Jun 2023

Living in the affectionately dubbed “Garden City” (aka Singapore), Samantha draws inspiration from her surroundings. Using a combination of gestural, impulsive movements, layering and detailed work, Samantha has a style that is all her own. Samantha was born in Ascot, England in 1983. Growing up, she shared a passion for art with her father and was surround by his artworks which adorned the walls of the family home. Art was always a favourite pastime and a strong part of her education. In 2004, Samantha graduated with honours in a Fine Art degree from Bath Spa University. Upon graduation she began a career in sales, which lead her to a successful role in IBM. She then started a family and devoted her time to being a full-time mum to her children in a little village in Berkshire. Despite having her hands full, she still made time for art - taking on commission works, painting and drawing pets and children for her clients. It wasn’t until the family moved to Singapore that Samantha was able to fully embrace her a career in art. In 2019, she was signed to her first gallery. “Art has been a part of my life and education for as long as I can remember. I never want to stop learning and developing the practice. “It’s amazing how painting can become such a part of your life. If I don’t have a painting in progress or art on my walls, I fee empty somehow. I look at the world differently. Seeing everything as a potential painting.” Samantha has participated in a number of art fairs and exhibitions across Asia and her works can be found in many private collections across the region. Enter the bright, bold world of Samantha Redfern. [Ambient Music: "Jungle Boogie", Kool & The Gang, 1973]

Viridian Artists Inc

"Art from Detritus: 2023" Curated by Vernita Nemec

28 Mar 2023 – 22 Apr 2023

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present the exhibit “Art of Detritus: Recycling with Imagination" featuring fine art made primarily from trash. The heart of this exhibit is "upcycling" which is the essence of making art from trash. Artists have long used found objects and discarded materials to create art, and this is more important than ever as we overload our landfills and endanger our environment with an abundance of trash. These artists are addressing the issue not only by using discarded materials but also by raising awareness of the problem. “Art From Detritus” serves to enrich the dialogue between art and the everyday life of people by focusing on recycling or "upcycling" as their method and source for creating. Consequently, these artists have made their artmaking serve as both a political message and creative inspiration. “Art from Detritus,” or art from trash, was first conceived and curated by artist/curator Vernita Nemec in 1994 in Portland, Oregon, during the annual conference of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC). Presented there in the lobby of a recycled Sears Roebuck building & the corporate headquarters for municipal waste & recycling, the exhibit has re-occurred with funding from the Kauffman Foundation, the Puffin Foundation and sponsorship by the NRC. The exhibit was presented in Pittsburgh at the Westinghouse headquarters, the Museum of Arts & Crafts and the AIA; and in Kansas City, MO at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Rockhurst College & the Writer's Place. Phoenix AZ, Turners Falls, MA and NYC have all been Detritus exhibition sites since those early years. In NYC and nearby, Detritus exhibits have occurred at the Henry Street Abrams Arts Center, Gallery 450, Synagogue for the Arts, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Farleigh Dickinson University, WAH (Williamsburgh Art Center) and again at Viridian. (See more information and images of past Detritus shows at Vernita Nemec, a.k.a. Vernita N'Cognita, the curator and creator of Art from Detritus, is a visual & performance artist and has been the director of Viridian Artists since 2000. Her complete biography can be seen here:

Engel Gallery

Spring Gathering

30 Mar 2023 – 28 Apr 2023

A Pop Art group exhibition from the 1930's to current day

The Friedman Brain Institute

Art of the Brain - 2023

22 Mar 2023 – 31 May 2023

The Art of the Brain Exhibition Curated by Veronica Szarejko In honor of this year’s Brain Awareness Week 2023, Mount Sinai’s Friedman Brain Institute joins the Dana Foundation in its global efforts to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. The Art of the Brain is an exhibition of photographs, paintings, illustrations and videos that celebrate the beauty of the brain as seen through the eyes of some of the world’s leading researchers. With the aid of the latest technological advances, as symbolized by these images, scientists are better able to understand how the brain works and to accelerate the development of new treatments for many brain disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, autism, drug addiction, schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease, among many others. __________________________ Follow Us at #ArtoftheBrain If you would like to make a donation to our Diversity in Neuroscience initiative through the purchase of any of these images, please contact Veronica Szarejko at __________________________ Diversity in Neuroscience (#DiverseBrains) Diversity issues is a leading topic of concern within and among scientific institutions. During the last two decades, women and minority groups have made gains in their representation among medical and graduate students, postdocs, and assistant professors. Despite these gains, however, we still have a small number of senior women faculty and far fewer faculty from under-represented minority groups at Mount Sinai and nationwide. Recent studies continue to document implicit biases in the scientific workplace, and concerns remain around quality-of-life issues and obstacles to faculty retention and promotion. This affects everyone. While we can't solve societal issues, perhaps we can serve as a smaller focus group and demonstrate the kinds of tangible actions that lead to real improvements. In order to accomplish this, the Friedman Brain Institute has initiated a discussion to formulate positive steps by which we can make progress in these areas. In support of this effort, all of the images, unless otherwise noted, are available for purchase. The proceeds from the sale serve as a donation to the Friedman Brain Institute and will be used to further the "Diversity in Neuroscience" initiative. All images are photo inkjet prints. Minimum donation of $150.00 per image (unframed). Canvas artwork is a minimum donation of $300.00. NOTE: The size of the artwork in the gallery is not representative of printing sizes. To find the printed size of an image, click the image information button. For more information about The Art of the Brain or our Diversity in Neuroscience initiative, please contact Veronica Szarejko at For information about The Friedman Brain Institute, please visit:


사랑스러운 세계의 동식물

24 Mar 2023 – 20 Apr 2023

해마다 3월 3일은 유엔(UN)이 정한 세계 야생 동식물의 날입니다. 환경오염으로 인해 설자리를 잃고 있는 동식물을 생각하는 시간도 되면서, 희망적이고 사랑스러운 자연의 모습을 보면서 요즘의 각종 어두운 세계뉴스로 인해 피폐해진 인간의 마음도 위로받을 수 있는 시간이 되었으면 소망합니다. 2월 27일은 북극곰의 날이고, 3월 23일은 국제 강아지의 날입니다. 3월 동식물의 달을 맞아 픽토리움 아티스트들의 온라인 전시를 통해 인류의 동반자인 동물과 식물을 떠올리고 환경을 한 번 더 생각하는 계기가 되었으면 합니다. Every year, March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, set by the UN. While it is time to think about animals and plants that are losing their place due to environmental pollution, I hope it will be a time to comfort the human heart that has been devastated by various dark world news these days while watching hopeful and lovely nature. February 27 is Polar Bear Day, and March 23 is International Puppy Day. I hope that the online exhibition of Pictorium artists to mark the Month of Animals and Plants in March will be an opportunity to think of animals and plants, which are human companions, and to think about the environment once more.

Atelier Herzenskunst

John Berger

24 Mar 2023 – 31 Dec 2026

Fotograf für Auto und Motorsport. Alle Bilder sind auf Leinwand erhältlich


Miradas en el camino

“Miradas en el camino” es la primera exhibición colectiva de los estudiantes de la carrera de Comunicación y Fotografía. En ella, el visitante podrá apreciar las diferentes narrativas propuestas al recorrer la muestra de 24 fotografías, entre las que destacan retratos, paisajes, fotografía documental, artística y otros géneros fotográficos.



25 Mar 2023 – 03 Apr 2023

Uliana Balan Mitja Koetter Malikom Karolina Rorat Ruobing Xue (Jamie) Teresa Leitao Lopes Ewa Maniak hrmny_25 Mark Weiss



28 Mar 2023 – 10 Apr 2023

Women United ART MOVEMENT is proud to present LIGHTS & BRIGHTS a solo exhibit by JENNIFER HULLEY The lights and brights exhibition represents Jennifer's expansion into the abstract photography genre. Captivated by lights, lines, colours and what lies beneath these images showcase the beauty lurking beneath the mundane. Each image is created using the intentional camera movement technique to blend and stretch the light and colours as a painter would do with their brush. The results are a unique approach to capturing her surroundings and photographing what would otherwise be considered "ordinary" and of no notice. ARTIST BIO Jennifer Hulley is a creative, multi-passionate digital creator, photographer, arts educator and coach. She works in several mediums, mainly focusing on photography, podcasting and mixed media collage. What unites her many passions is a dedication to authentic, intuitive creation paired with the belief that everyone and everything has a captivating story to tell if you’re ready to look for it. As a photographer, her work includes fine art for the home, branding and commercial work. Captivated by lines, light and colour, she brings depth, mystery, wonder and storytelling to the work she creates. As a creativity coach and art educator, she guides emerging and established artists of all ages to explore the art of self-expression and find their unique artistic voice through introspection, intuition and creative play. ARTIST STATEMENT Jennifer’s work invites the viewer to consider what is before them, taking an everyday scene and inviting intentional camera movement into play to create unique compositions that utilise colour, movement and compositions representative of work typically seen in paintings. Through her work, Jennifer hopes to inspire others to see their everyday life and surroundings as packed with potential for beauty, inspiration and the unique chance to create something truly unseen to the naked eye. IG: @jenniferhulley ________________ Note: Jennifer's artworks are available as Giclee prints in the following formats 12 x 16 in (CAD 288) 16 x 20 in (CAD 420) 24 x 36 in (CAD 995)

Collect Art


27 Mar 2023 – 27 Apr 2023

Circles have no beginning or end. That’s why we end up coming back to where we started in our lives. Each of us tries to express the tendency of life forms to reuse resources, but, artists take the idea to another level, there are no boundaries, cycles, or mediums, but there is a circle of each idea and identity of expression of art in a different genre. The exhibition is the reproduction of the idea of the ‘Circle’, created by different artists, in different types of art.

Galeria 3D ART

Ottilie E. Scherer - Innere Welten



05 Apr 2023 – 05 May 2023

Women United ART MOVEMENT is proud to present BURMESE DAYS a solo exhibit by AGATHE BOUTON This exhibition shows a range of prints on papers from my Burmese Days series, which started in 2006 while I was living in Burma, also called Myanmar. For these pieces, my inspiration came from the shape of a pleated skirt, common in eastern Shan State, when it is laid flat or flared out in a full spin. I explore the beauty and meaning of these fabrics through some exquisite woodcut prints. My pieces hint at women’s lives lived within these precious textiles as they are worn, washed, faded by the sun, lashed by the rain, torn, repaired and worn again. My aim is never to mimic the fabric exactly but to reflect the lifespan of a skirt - from the intricacies of the original sewing to the repairs, often crude, that add layers of colour and interest. I want to show that these deeply valued textiles bear witness to the lives of the women who grow, play, work, celebrate and die within them. We are challenged to imagine moments of these lives – the special and the mundane. Combining monoprint and woodcut, I print by hand onto handmade Burmese and Japanese paper and add stitching by hand. Works in the exhibition are all new and made in 2022. ARTIST BIO Agathe Bouton is a French artist living and working in Philadelphia, USA, whose boundary-pushing printmaking and paper works exhibit influences from living and working in international cities across the globe. Bouton earned her BFA in Painting and Printmaking and her MFA in Arts and Textile Design from the prestigious ESSAA Duperré in Paris, France. Bouton has lived and exhibited her work internationally in France, the UK, the USA, Burma/Myanmar, Senegal and Turkey. Bouton has received numerous awards in France and the United States for her accomplished printmaking. Bouton’s work is in the collections of French institutions as well as American public collections. She’s represented by AZART Gallery in New York, Kismet Art & Co in Boston and Martine Namy-Caulier in Paris, France. ARTIST STATEMENT Through a modern approach to printmaking, I make monotypes, prints, installations, artist books, paper clothing, and paintings that play with improvisation and superimposition in their creation. My work draws on engraving and etching techniques and uses color that appears in different halftones, shades, and densities. Color and textiles have always had important roles in my work because they create impressions of light, people, and pigment. I interpret and interact with the world around me through a well-honed visual language that incorporates all the continents, histories, and cultures I’ve experienced. My artwork explores themes of identity, history, humanity, progress, decay, and deterioration – transmuting it into beauty, serenity, story, and hue. Both the complexity and the element of chance of the techniques and process I use; echo the themes I strive to express. IG: @agathebouton





26 Mar 2023 – 05 Apr 2023



Márta Nyilas - painting

18 Mar 2023 – 18 Jul 2023

My recent works are narrative in nature, in which I try to raise the tension-filled scenes built from few motifs to a symbolic level. I simplify the human figures into grotesque forms, keeping in mind the reduction of the depth of the image when developing the scale and character of the forms. The vivid use of color in my pictures is meant to express the emotional reaction associated with the event suffered, and they also serve to support the grotesque forms. When distributing the color fields on the surface of the image, an important aspect is highlighting the two-dimensionality of the surface; thus, they juggle between the realization principle of the theme and the emphasis of the nature of the painterly surface plane. In terms of the unity of the painting, it is also very important to me that the shape and internal structure of the forms bear the rhythmicity of leaving a mark with a brush, which also reflects my approach to painting.

Free Art Room

External Forms 40 - Photography


Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA)

Body Language

We not only speak with our voices but also with our bodies. It is estimated that 60% of communication is visual. Our nonverbal expressions, such as a raised eyebrow, a waving hand and crossed arms can convey many different pieces of information. From subtle motions to expressive gestures, these unspoken pronouncements add depth to our stories. How can you use body language to inspire and enhance your work?

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