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Kunstmatrix is a unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally present and manage your art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of your work in any space you like!

3D exhibitions

  • Collection Mario Marino

    Incredible Africa Photographs 2018. Part I

    Incredible Africa Photographs 2018. Mario Marino is a independent award winning photographer, austrian born and based in germany. He has been photographing social documentarys and various peoples in their native lands since 2000. his work is exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.

  • art_by_Novik

    Novik Canvas Print Gallery

  • R. Pierce Hoehn

    Self Envisioned Painters of the Baroque

    A portrait is characteristically defined as a representation of a specific individual. A portrait does not merely record someone’s physical features, however, says something about whom they are, suggesting an evocative sense of a person’s presence. The traditions of portraiture in Western culture extend back to antiquity and predominantly to ancient Greek and Roman traditions, where realistic depictions of celebrated men and women appeared in full scale sculptures made of bronze and marble. Following the period known as, the Renaissance, a shift within European culture occurs which would eventually lead to artists challenging formal boundaries and attempting to elicit sensual, emotional, and intellectual reactions from the audience in an extreme display of authority. Due to the sharing of culture, affluence, and philosophy brought upon by the printing press, the Counter-Reformation and Catholic patronage, the Baroque and its late variant, the Rococo, would become the first globalized art form. Within this exhibition, we will take a look at several prominent Baroque and Rococo (16th c. - 19th c.) artists whom have immortalized themselves, in their own way, through self portraiture. And perhaps we can ask ourselves, what is the artist telling me?

  • Eoin McEvoy

    Dark to Light

    21 Apr 2019 – 15 May 2019

    Dark to Light

  • Dieter Hanf

    Moon Dreams - 50th anniversary of the Moon landing

    28 Apr 2019 – 31 Jul 2019

    Moon Dreams There are hundreds of fairy tails and stories from many cultures and countries about and around the Moon. There are so many myths and ideas about the energy and the spirit of the Moon that it will be hard to count them. Moon Dreams combines some of this topics to an homage to David Bowie as well as to the Moon landing crew of Apollo 11. Even if there are doubts about the authenticity of the moon landing, this should not be discussed here. Rather, the work revolves around the art figure Major Tom, which David Bowie created for his song Space Oddity, among other things, the fascination and impact of the universe, the ideas about space flight and the future shaping of humanity in space. Beginning as a reflection on the actual conditions in the universe, Major Tom approaches ever more abstract stereotypes. In his song "Space Oddity," Bowie shows the fascination of Major Tom's space travel and the uniqueness of the experience by deciding not to return to Earth, knowing that he will die soon. The reflections Major Tom # 1 - # 10 are accompanied by a large-format picture "Moon Dreams", which can be seen in the center of the exhibition. Here realized dreams of John F. Kennedy and NASA come together with those of modern companies that embrace space travel. It remains to be seen whether further expeditions to the moon, to Mars, can be realized in the near future. The problems on our earth surface seem to have even greater priority.

  • Digital art artist Ron Malestein The Netherlands

    Modern art paintings / digitale kunst Ron Malestein

    Moderne kunst / modern art M.H.Trompstraat 516 Dordrecht 3317 NX Nederland / The Netherlands Tel. 06 – 40 79 10 11 / 0031 - 6 40 79 10 11 All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2019 ....................... WEBSITE:

  • Harald Glööckler

    4 kinds of obsession

    "Andy Warhol und Harald Glööckler sind herausragende Kultfiguren ihrer Zeit. Beide Multitalente, präsent in verschiedensten kreativen Äußerungsformen, immer für einen Konventionsbruch gut, immer inmitten einer Inszenierung. Genießen Sie Harald & Glööckler mit ihrer äußersten Präsenz ihrer Persönlichkeit in jedem einzelnen Werk. Bewahren Sie beide Kreativwinkel Ihres Bewusstseins, denn das Werk verdient dort einen liebevoll gehüteten Standort. In seinen gestalterischen Zuständen offenbart er uns, was ihm seine Malerei bedeutet. Das bestätigt Glööckler selbst nachhaltig, wenn er sagt: „Malen ist meine große Leidenschaft… Ich habe in meinen Leben vieles kreiert und große Shows inszeniert. Aber Gemälde zu malen und Objekte zu gestalten, haben einen besonderen Stellenwert für mich. In diesem Schöpfungsakt gehe ich völlig auf. Meine Gemälde geben Einblicke in mein Seelenleben.“ (Prof. Dr. Helge Joachim Bathelt)

  • National Academy of Design

    National Academician Class of 2017

    Curated by: Jenny Wein National Academicians are professional artists and architects who are elected to membership by their peers annually. They represent some of the most distinguished practitioners in their respective fields. Visual Art: Suzanne Anker ◦ Eve Aschheim ◦ Kathy Butterly ◦ Peter Campus ◦ Lisa Corinne Davis ◦ Teresita Fernández ◦ Theaster Gates ◦ Glenn Goldberg ◦ Harmony Hammond ◦ Alfredo Jaar ◦ Elizabeth King ◦ Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt ◦ Marilyn Minter ◦ Odili Donald Odita ◦ Mira Schor ◦ John Walker ◦ William T. Williams Architecture: Craig Dykers (Snøhetta) ◦ David Lake + Ted Flato (Lake Flato) ◦ Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA)

  • Galerie Friedmann-Hahn


    02 Feb 2018 – 10 Mar 2018

  • Aire Gallery

    Okjoo Kang - Arrival and Departure

    Okjoo Kang's Solo Exhibition from 20/05/2018


    Portfolio AHAE 2018a


    Art Karlsruhe 2019

    20 Feb 2019 – 24 Feb 2019

    Halle 3, Stand J 25

  • Round Hill Creative Group

    Doba Afolabi

    18 Feb 2018 – 18 Feb 2020

    Doba Afolabi was born in the mountains of southwest Nigeria and credits his mother who was a versatile dancer as the fundamental force behind his flair for expressions. Monet, Van Gogh Degas and Yoruba stylized carvings were later influences while he studied at the University catching with the spirit of the Zaria art avant garde tagged the 'Zaria Rebels' style of the famous Zaria art school where he graduated. Doba worked as a graphic artist with the British overseas development of the UN and taught at Yaba College of technology in Lagos Nigeria prior to moving to New York, where he now resides. His success at several exhibitions in New York propelled his momentum, which has led to national and international recognition. His 'Women's Day' won a regional poster project with the WHO and it was placed at several centers around the country and beyond. Doba who has been 'weaving colors' (according to his words) since 1982 has produced works that have been eagerly collected by scholars and other private collectors who see their universality and portraits of captivating creativity. He loves dynamism; and his works are very fragmental and windy. His style falls between impression and sporadic stylization.

  • Studio Černe

    Mersad Berber Pogledi - Views

    27 Nov 2015 – 31 Jan 2016

    Razstava Pogledi je posvečena mednarodno uveljavljenemu umetniku, bosenskega porekla, Mersadu Berberju. Umetnik je zaradi študija v Ljubljani od nekdaj gojil prav posebno vez s Slovenijo. Razstava bo po daljšem obdobju v Slovenijo pripeljala večji pregled originalnih del, ki tvorijo bistvo razstave, pospremljene z dodatnim pregledom avtorjevih grafik ter izdanimi publikacijami in knjigami o Mersadu Berberjau in njegovem delu.

  • Galerie Friedmann-Hahn


    08 Sep 2017 – 14 Oct 2017

    Neue Werke der Künstlerin

  • Cité Scolaire Internationale

    African International School

    African International School accueillera 1.700 élèves au sein d'un campus de 4 hectares situé à Diamniadio. Cette exposition virtuelle présente un aperçu de notre futur établissement. Plans: Plan D Architect pour CSI Group & Teyliom Properties

  • Art Vision


    Einblicke in utopisch visionäre Dimensionen Erlebte Visionen kosmischer Ursprünge bilden die Vorlagen für mein künstlerisches Schaffen. Als Visionär der kosmogonischen Urzeit versuche ich, in meinen Werken mögliche Entwicklungen in Raum und Zeit, auf Sternen und Planeten, festzuhalten. Sie vermitteln Einblicke in Dimensionen, die weit über die uns bekannten Realitäten hinausgehen. Oft begleitet mich Musik auf meinen visionären Reisen. So sind diverse Werke entstanden, die als Tonträgerhüllen (z.B. bei Polydor Hamburg, aber auch als Buchumschläge oder in namhaften Zeitschriften) veröffentlicht wurden. Mit dem Begriff "Illustrationskunst" möchte ich aufzeigen, dass man wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse und kosmogonische Visionen verschmelzen kann. Eine neue Faszination und Herausforderung ist es für mich, heute im Alter von 73 Jahren meine handgemalten Bilder in einer virtuellen Galerie präsentieren zu können.

  • Beuteltier Art Galerie

    Portraits of Beauty

    Portraits faszinierender Schönheiten - Malerei im XXL-Format - "Best of" verschiedener Künstler der Galerie

  • Vladimir Nosalskiy (LENIN)


    A series of works made in the technique of pouring acrylic on canvas. This is a theme for lovers of red. In abstraction, everyone sees what he wants to see.

  • DukeofDalgety

    Dukes Backroom No 4

    10 Dec 2018

    A Selection of Works from the Duke

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