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Engel Gallery

Eliahou Eric Bokobza - Oeuvre

24 May 2023 – 28 Jul 2023

Eliahou Eric Bokobza - An Artist who tests the boundaries of local contradictions. In his new exhibition at The Engel Gallery we exhibit artworks which examines Israeli-ness and Judaism through Bokobza's curious eyes from the time he was a immigrant youth from France to the land of milk, honey and bitter herbs; and as an adult artist which explores the delicate and diverse fabric of the geographical, political, and sociological landscape of the land of Israel.



30 May 2023 – 13 Jun 2023

Women United ART MOVEMENT is proud to present TOYBOX COLLECTION: NOT INTENDED FOR SMALL CHILDREN a solo exhibit by VALERIE CARMET PLAY IS AN IMPORTANT PART IN ONE’S EARLY LIFE; IT IS A CRITICAL SET OF MOMENTS WHERE THE CHILD GETS TO ACCESS IMAGINATION AND FUN, AS WELL AS THE STATES OF HAPPINESS, FRUSTRATION, LAUGHTER, JOY, AND FREEDOM. UNFORTUNATELY NOT ALL CHILDREN GET TO EXPERIENCE THE NOTION OF PLAY. HOWEVER, THE DESIRE TO PLAY NEVER GOES AWAY; PLAYING IS AS NATURAL AND EMBEDDED IN HUMANITY AS BREATHING IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE. THE “TOYBOX COLLECTION” IS AN EXPRESSION OF THIS CONSTANT DESIRE TO PLAY, REFLECTING THE IMAGE TO THE VIEWER, INVITING THEM TO RECONNECT AND LIVE ONCE AGAIN THE GREAT MOMENTS OF PLAY. ARTIST BIO Valerie Carmet is a French-American Pop Art assemblage artist and art educator based between Miami and NYC. She was born in France and moved to the United States in 1989 where she worked in the New York’s fashion scene. Her mathematical instincts and her skills led her to start her artistic path in 1995 with the creation of intricate mosaics. In 1998, she honed her skills at the Anandamali Studio in New York City where she created several mosaic murals and picassiette furniture and in 2004, she graduated from The Mosaic Art School (Italy). She taught in several art programs of NYC public schools and in 2004 was selected to be part of the Children’s Museum of Art workshops. In 2013, Valerie Carmet started her signature series the ToyBox Collection, composed of complex and meticulous sculptures made of recycled toys. What started with the abandoned toys of her children, is now a way for her to upcycled discarded toys. She sources some of her material by picking up lost plastic toys on the Miami beaches where she has been living since 2020. In the tradition of Dada and Pop art, the ToyBox Collection explores the boundary between art and the everyday world. Carmet gives a new significance to supposedly innocent toys, turning them into sulfurous and cheeky artworks. Using collective imagery linked to the formative years of our childhood, Carmet’s artworks divulge their depth only with a closer look. The artist addresses in a playful way, some of our society's sensitive and controversial issues such as overconsumption, body representation, gun violence, war, gender equality, mental health and sexual freedom. She has been exhibited in group shows and major art fairs worldwide for the past 20 years. She is represented by galleries in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. ARTIST STATEMENT Whenever you see a toy from your childhood, it usually brings a sense of happiness and glee that somehow overcomes you the minute you set eyes on this childish item. Inspired by that feeling, I create pieces where I can use toys, especially recycled ones, and morph them into creations to touch the viewer in a playful manner. My goal is for anyone of any age, race, gender or socio-economic background to feel playful again. I want them to reflect on those happy, judgment free, childhood feelings. On the other hand, I also want the viewer to pause on the double entendre of toys that may sometimes seem so innocent, yet may have had a deep effect on how we grew up into adulthood (Barbies, Toy Soldiers, Toy guns to name just a few). I hope my pieces remind us all how to remain youthful and help open our hearts to a more inclusive world.

UAD-Textile Design

T3XT1L 3.0

31 May 2023 – 11 Jun 2023

This exhibition is dedicated to tufting technique. The title of the exhibition, T3XT1L 3.0, is an introduction for the main technique used in creating the works exhibited here - tufting. The works presented in this exhibition are made by the research and teaching staff of the Textile Art and Design department from The University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca: Phd Professor Liliana Moraru, Phd Associate professor Anca Pintilie, Phd Associate professor Livia Petrescu, Phd lecturer Axenia Roșca Phd student and assistant professor Andreea Holota University technician Vlad Bulgăr. The students of the Textile Arts-Textile Design Department exhibit: Andreas Bisericaru, George-Traian Bora, Maria-Mihaela Crețu, Bianca-Florina Culcear, Andreea Duca, Denisa-Lavinia Grecu, Diana Hriţcu-Meşenschi, Anna Kovács, Denisa-Mădălina Lupu, Oana-Maria Lupu, Liana-Viorela Moruzi, Anamaria-Viorica Paneș, Stefan-Ioan Panzariu, Karin-Emanuela Paraschivescu, Bianca Sfârlea, Adriana Timea Albu.

Week of Art

მოყვარული ფოტოგრაფები 2023

Robert Singleton

The Works of Robert Singleton

2023: Now, that I am in my 85th year, I can look at my previous work as a preamble. I see the future of my work/life as a continuing exploration of our collective evolutionary message; our intuitive understanding and cumulative experience ingrained and transmitted through generations since the dawn of time. Creativity is the search for our shared universal awareness. A WORK IN PROGRESS: I have had a fantasy, to see all my creative efforts of sixty plus years, lined up end to end, under one roof. It would be cathartic to be reunited with such a body of work. However, this would be an impossible task to achieve. Many of the works have been lost, stolen off the walls of public buildings, or destroyed in fires. Some have even been named in property settlements of divorce suits, and, as a result, mysteriously disappearing. And still other works have traveled the globe to destinations as far away as Australia, Japan and Europe. As a result, there is a very large body of work that is lost or beyond my reach. Fortunately, like most artists, I photographed my work over the years in order to maintain a personal record. Beginning in the 1957 using a 35 mm camera resulting in slides and in later years a digital camera. But I must confess, I have not been the most diligent in keeping this photographic record. Many paintings were never photographed. In addition, the slides dating back to the 60's have deteriorated, faded or have mold on them. Nevertheless, with the introduction of the digital era there is now a generous cross section of work recorded, and in good condition. Well, my fantasy has come true. The Internet and digital technology have allowed me to create a virtual exhibition with a collection of nearly 250 painting, drawing and digital generated images. This collection is a representation of the meteoric change which has taken place beginning in 1957. These paintings are a documentation a life’s expedition. Enjoy the journey . . . Robert



02 Jun 2023 – 30 Jun 2023

“VISIBLE,” is a celebration of the diversity and beauty of queer representation to celebrate Pride 2023. Joseph Abbati’s portraits, which serve as the centerpiece of the exhibition, is a year long study that came about through a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission. Through his paintings, Abbati captures the essence of his subjects and also highlights the expanding spectrum of queer identity and visibility. In doing so, he celebrates the differences that make our community so rich and vibrant.

Walton Arts and Crafts

Gorgeous gardens and wonderful wildlife

A collection of interpretations of gardens and wildlife, including some works created at the Afternoon Tea sessions in Milton Keynes Village.


Textural Impressions

01 Jun 2023 – 01 Jul 2023

Artist: Sarah Darby An Exhibition of Live Fashion illustrations and Still life desirable Objects. To purchase artwork Instagram @sarahdarbyfashionillustration TikTok @sarahdarbyillustration Email

i.e. Art Projects

Group Exhibition - The Sense of Place

29 May 2023 – 18 Jun 2023

Recently, i.e. Art Projects invited visual artists to consider the identities of “places,” the ones we walk over and through and live in. Some of these places are our homes, or locations where we have had formative experiences that are significant only to us. As the philosopher Edward Casey wrote in the foreword to his book The Fate of Place: “To exist in any way,” “is to be somewhere. Place is as requisite as the air we breathe, the ground on which we stand, the bodies we have…We are surrounded by places. We walk over and through them. We live in places, relate to others in them, die in them.”[1] This phrase expresses concisely the fundamental significance of place and the fact that it is through places that we know much of the world. In general, sense of place describes our relationship with places, expressed in different dimensions of human life: emotions, biographies, imagination, stories, and personal experiences (Basso, 1996).[2] In environmental psychology, sense of place—how we perceive a place— includes place attachment and place meaning (Kudryavtsev, Stedman and Krasny, 2012).[3] Place attachment reflects a bond between people and places, and place meaning reflects symbolic meanings people ascribe to places. In short, “sense of place is the lens through which people experience and make meaning of their experiences in and with place” (Adams, 2013) [4]. Sense of place varies among people, in history, and over the course of one’s lifetime. To put it simply, "a sense of place" underscores the necessity of elevating the concepts of place and its impact in our thoughts and creative endeavors. This virtual artist residency sought to provide a platform for visual artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to immerse themselves in and create art within a virtual setting. The culmination of their efforts is showcased in "The Sense of Place Virtual Exhibition." [1]Casey, Edward S, (1997), The Fate of Place: A Philosophical History, University of California Press [2] Basso, Basso, K.H. (1996). Wisdom sits in places: Notes on a Western Apache landscape. In Feld, S., and Basso, K.H. (Eds.), Senses of place (pp. 53-90). Santa Fe, New Mexico: School of American Research Press. [3]Kudryavtsev, A., M. E. Krasny, and R. C. Stedman. 2012. The impact of environmental education on sense of place among urban youth. Ecosphere 3(4):29. [4] Adams, J.D. (2013). Theorizing a sense of place in transnational community. Children, youth and environments, 23(3), 43-65.


"Beyond Intelligence: Exploring the Marvels of Artificial Intelligence"

painters TUBES® galleries

#2 Exhibition of the 10th Anniversary of painters TUBES magazine

30 May 2023 – 30 Jun 2023

This is the Second Exhibition of the artists featured in painters TUBES magazine from 2013 to 2023



28 May 2023 – 12 Jun 2023

Personal Exhibition Patricia Marguerite Maneim isaself-taughtartist. Through her work, she demonstrates the expression of an intangible world of Interiority, where color is the protagonistand letting go theadded value. That brings a strong correlation between color and soul, and asaresult, color will directly influence the soul with the simplicity which theartist tries to represent in herself. Each painting is a colorful interior portrait of her emotions, her state of mind, her intuition, all created in the «here&now » Her painting is inspired by her Passion with Purpose, leading to a unique blend of soul introspection. International exhibitions, numerous prizes and publications, charity events, have recently allowed Patricia Marguerite Maneim an entry in the « Dictionnaire des artistes cotés».

Lamia R.

L's... In(Ex)spir'...

In(Ex)spir'... ', impulse(s) with no intention(s)... spontaneity... (un)expected... known, unknown, nothingness could emerge... it is... . élan(s) sans intention(s)... spontanéité... (in)attendu... du connu, de l'inconnu, du rien peut émerger... c'est... ˛ '?˛

Yvonne Sanguineti Galería de Arte

El infinito e iluso puerto

30 May 2023 – 21 Jun 2023

José Cortez “El infinito e iluso puerto” Inauguración: Martes 30 de mayo de 2023 Yvonne Sanguineti Galería de Arte presenta la exposición individual “El infinito e iluso puerto” del artista José Cortez. La muestra está conformada por l0 pinturas de mediano y gran formato en acrílico sobre lienzo. EL INFINITO E ILUSO PUERTO “…en tiempos tan difíciles para la humanidad, creo que en lo personal la intensidad de mi vida, llena de acontecimientos de todo tipo, han enriquecido mi lenguaje. Lo siento así, pero siempre busco y buscaré el “cuadro” la “pintura”, no sé si la vida y el tiempo me darán, para lograr eso, pero de lo que si estoy seguro es que mi compromiso de vida es estético, por ende, la pintura. Justamente cuando voy a comenzar una nueva pintura, encuentro ese placer de confrontarme con lo desconocido y cuando llega el momento, la adrenalina sube y va naciendo el registro, el cual observas mucho para poder continuar, buscando la satisfacción estética. Aparentemente, alguien dijo muy sabiamente, parece que comienza en un caos, pero la sinceridad, la experiencia, el gesto culto hace que el registro de la pintura llegue a buen puerto…..” José Cortez Mayo 2023 La muestra se podrá visitar del martes 30 de mayo al miércoles 21 de junio en la plataforma Kunstmatrix. Agradecemos su difusión. Yvonne Sanguineti Galería de Arte Av. Grau 810 Barranco, Lima, Perú 9 9 9 1 7 7 4 8 1

Mestrado em Museologia | Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

Amor Desgraçado É Um Amor Vingado

Ella Chitty

Sense of Place

22 May 2023 – 22 Sep 2023

'Home' is a unique experience and is valued independently by each individual. This exhibition aims to produce the understanding of the artists love, attachment, and feelings with her 'Home'.

Week of Art

პროფესიონალი ფოტოგრაფები 2023

გამოფენაზე შესვლა / Enter

IAA Global


The London Photography Awards is a program that honors photographers of every standing from all around the world and providing a global platform to showcase their expression of precious moments turned masterpieces before an anticipated audience. In this very Virtual Gallery lies extraordinary Professional and Amateur/Student Photographers of the Year, Category Winners of the Year and Platinum Winners of remarkable talent.



24 May 2023 – 24 Jul 2023


Galerie Maurer


12 May 2023 – 24 Jun 2023

„Das Werk Zonda (2023) wurde extra für die Ausstellung produziert und steht auch räumlich im Zentrum der Schau. Darauf sind große Farbflächen zu sehen, die sich vom Hintergrund abheben und untereinander kommunizieren. Sie überlagern sich, greifen ineinander oder halten Abstand. Es wirkt wie ein einzelner Ausschnitt aus einem andauernden Aushandlungsprozess der Formen und Farben. Die Konturen bieten sich an als Leitplanken der Blickführung. Innerhalb des gleichen Bildes trägt Carolin Israel die Konturen mal präzise und kontrastreich auf, mal wirken sie aufgekratzt und im Begriff des Zerfalls. Teils deuten sie Schattenwürfe an oder gaukeln Dreidimensionalität vor – Illusionen, die im nächsten Moment wieder aufgelöst werden. Das gleiche gilt auch für die Skulpturen, bei denen die Kanten mal geschliffen scharf, mal zu einem Zylinder aufgerollt daherkommen. Die Kontur ist stets zentraler Austragungsort für Aushandlungsprozesse zwischen Vorder- und Hintergrund, zwischen Leitfiguren und Platzfüller, zwischen Haupt- und Nebenschauplätzen der Betrachtung. Die Besucher:innen sind eingeladen, ihre eigenen Themen und Emotionen darin zu verorten, von Frühjahrsimpressionen über das grelle Flirren bis hin zu dystopischen Szenen des Zerfalls. Im Vergleich zu früheren Werken sind die aktuellen Werke reduzierter, die Assoziationen sind abstrakter; die Titel sind nach wie vor sehr suggestiv und deutungsoffen. Sie klingen vertraut und dennoch unbestimmt und hallen deshalb lange nach. Denn kaum jemand kennt hierzulande den Zonda-Föhnwind aus der Andenregion in Südamerika. Oder den österreichischen Springinkerl – ein gelenkiges Geschöpf, das ständig in Bewegung ist und herumwirbelt. Die eigene Fantasie ist gefragt.“ (Luca Rey)

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