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Kunstmatrix is a unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally present and manage your art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of your work in any space you like!

3D exhibitions

Think Round Fine Arts

The Ideal Point/Looking into the Event Horizon of My Deep South Life

24 Jul 2021 – 31 Aug 2021

Magic: The Art and Science of Aligning the Energies of My Personality with the Intentions of My Soul/Healing HEIDI…a retrospective Magic... as a retrospective is fleshed out with the addition of two exhibitions: Oklahoma Is Not OK! and The Ideal Point that now have been added to Chocolate in the Garden/Plum Tree Skies, Rebuilding: Collages (by Marc Ellen Hamel & Heidi Hardin) & Discovering True Love: An Installation that have been on view virtually. Twenty-three solo exhibitions and sixty-five group exhibitions later, over the course of Heidi’s career as an exhibiting fine artist, she has used her artmaking and writing practices as ways to uncover, discover, illuminate, and integrate the many toxic stresses of her childhood. Magic... is a retrospective of six exhibitions Heidi created from 2005 through 2016. These exhibitions include: 2016 “Oklahoma is not O.K./Soul Retrieval Journey 2015 “Self-Portraits: K-12, Heidi, Then Then,” 2015 "Chocolate in the Garden/Plum Tree Skies,” 2012 "Plum Blossoms/Valentine’s Day 2010,” 2012 "Power Lines/Cherry Tree Skies,” 2005 "The Ideal Point/Looking into the Event Horizon of My Deep South Life" Magic… presents a tribute to the power of art, science, people, and prayer to heal the most tragic trespasses against her from the age of five. Please join Heidi, her family, and friends at the reception as she describes in a chronological walkthrough how the power of creativity has allowed her broken places to become her strengths.

Atelier Vieregg

Sommerakademie 2021

24 Jul 2021 – 30 Aug 2021

Ein Einblick in die vielfältigen Ergebnisse von Kunstwerken, die während der Sommerakademie 2021 im Atelier in 4 Tagen entstanden sind: expressiv, frei, wild, experimentell, landschaftsorientiert und alle mit viel Freude entstanden.



24 Jul 2021 – 30 Jul 2021


Creator, Collector, Curator v2

22 Jul 2021 – 22 Nov 2021

My NFT Journey Creator, Collector or Curator? V2 My new exhibit on @kunstmatrix. Lots of new artists in the collection and a few of my own. Want to share the love and support these artists in their own journeys and am excited to have these NFTS. Not looking to sell my collected items, but there are more editions and other works available by the artists if you take the time to look and discover the talent. @SINTANG_LIGALIG @laprismata1 @paperbuddha @Ariefwitjaksana @anisotropyNft @Eriksonap @nandanadim @parinheidari @jeffjag @allaroundartsy @thierry_tillier @radorossum @arakawamaison @tamigondo @BBAYRAM @cubancryptoart @ogkmndz @vwestphoto_nb @erphanmalek @annasagok @hz_mord @SV3ZR @nicolsmontalbe2 @arrofineart @quasimondo @deportedphotog @eco_rangel @carlao0126 @redforest @romandrits @dolcepaganne @cagric @hkap @voidvoidenter @jolenecasko @lilbridge @_ad_ad_ 2@4kurious @toddgillelandp @darko_r_ @octavioirving2 @godriguezart @kazimirmask @alistairkeddie @sabet @dielmaharanie @iofeye @jeanettemadden @kinamatahari @rafaelspif @annaxmalina @paintitbright @modnarwolf @code_punks @augustgaukstad


Composition of the next kind: by Daniel Garbade

These works make a dialog between the most traditional items with completely different meaning, beeing erotic or just with a social message: figures who make selfies, drawings in an Etruscan style to remind us of our history.

Manchester Confucius Institute

The Soul of the Black Earth – Contemporary Printmaking from Heilongjiang Province, China

01 Aug 2021 – 31 Jan 2022

The Soul of the Black Earth presents reproduced woodblock print images that tell the story of four generations of printmakers from Heilongjiang province, northeast China. In 1958, thousands of demobilised soldiers were sent to Beidahuang to transform the wasteland into prosperous farmland. Amongst the soldiers were many amateur artists who took the fertility of the land and the momentum of socialist realism as inspiration for new, innovative work depicting the vast land and its people with vivid colours. These printmakers became pioneers for distinctive printmaking techniques and their robust and lyrical yet realistic styles, with each generation inspired by political and economic changes. Prints from this region are widely known as Beidahuang School of Printmaking 北大荒版画学派, which is one of the most influential and characteristic schools in the Chinese art arena. Curated by Manchester Confucius Institute in collaboration with Heilongjiang Museum of Art and Dr He Weimin 何为民.

Udruženje srpsko-japanskog prijateljstva HANAMI

Umetnost igre u olimpijskim sportovima

23 Jul 2021 – 23 Aug 2021

Univerzitet u Beogradu - Fakultet sporta i fizičkog vaspitanja pod pokroviteljstvom Ministarstva kulture i informisanja, u saradnji sa Ministarstvom prosvete, nauke i tehnološkog razvoja i Ministarstvom omladine i sporta Republike Srbije organizuje izložbu "Umetnost igre u olimpijskim sportovima“. Na izložbi su prezentovane fotografije i zapisi sa Olimpijskih igara u Tokiju 1964. godine, kao i geneza i spoj fenomena umetničke igre i plesa. Izložba je posvećena pedagozima, umetnicima i trenerima koji su zaslužni za postavljanje osnova igre u olimpijskim sportovima.

Art Lounge Manila


23 Jul 2021 – 05 Aug 2021

A DECADE OF KENNETH MONTEGRANDE Kenneth John Montegrande’s 11th solo exhibition Art Lounge Manila, The Podium July 23 to August 5, 2021 Artist’s Reception on July 24, 2021, Saturday, 4:00 PM Kenneth John Montegrande did not always envision to become an artist, yet despite excelling in his other callings; as a member of the press, as a public relations professional, and later, as a spokesperson to the Department of Tourism’s National Parks Development Authority, painting beckoned him to become the artist that he is now. The thought that his works “Abstrak” and “Enigmatic Series II” would be included in the collections of the mega art collector Yusaku Maezawa, who collects Basquiat, Bruce Nauman, Alexander Calder, Jeff Koons, or his “Transfigurings of Freshest Blue” and “Perla del Mar de Oriente” would be in the company of works by Sorolla, Luna, and Amorsolo, in the collection of the Malacañang Museum in 2019, certainly surprised him. Painting and art was far from his reality, when as a child, he had to sell snacks in Ermita to supplement their family income. As a professional, he would only start painting when got to talk to the artists of an art event he organized for Intramuros Administration just ten years before. He certainly has gone a long way from his early exhibitions, which were done with the help of friends and staged in informal venues like the Olive Bistro, or in The City State Hotel, and at one time, even as part of an event for a real estate group’s prime clients. He has risen rapidly through the art scene and achieved what many others take a longer time for. And his art has reflected his transformation. Where he used to work with small 18 x 24 inches format in subdued colors, he now expresses himself comfortably in bright colors and in grand scale of 8 x 12 feet. In 2021, he would have a two-man exhibition with the multi-awarded Juvenal Sanso; and plans are in the works for another two-man exhibition with a national artist in 2022. Gone are the years of self-doubt, when he would paint, despite objections from family and friends, and sometimes sharp criticism from art professionals, about his talent and intent in painting. The stellar rise of a persistent self-taught artist, whose faith held him steadfast in his course, within the span of a decade, is what is being celebrated in this, his 11th solo exhibition at Art Lounge Manila. Fifteen paintings, mostly squarish in proportion, and a mix of abstract expressionist works and cloudscapes in style, comprise “A Decade of Kenneth Montegrande.” All fifteen works exude an intensity that is typical of Montegrande’s works, an intensity triggered by stark contrasts and bold impastos. Chiaroscuro is seen in his atmospheric cloudscapes; which he skillfully employs to express his faith, and the hope which it brings specially in difficult moments. For Kenneth, faith allows us to see the light when we are covered in the darkness. With titles mostly derived from or obliquely connected to the story of Jesus calming the storm, in the gospel of Mark, Montegrande shares how his faith enables him to calm life’s storms in his works. And although they are deeply personal, his paintings resonate the hope we hold on to, in these troubled times. His spirituality, which allows him to extoll that God is in control, is visibly expressed this through his works: “Be Still”, “After the Storm”, “A Quiet Time with God”, “Light of Wisdom”, “Promise of a New Dawn”. And although the works “Whisper from the Moon”, “Symphony of Life”, and “Clouds of Hope” do not relate directly with the Biblical passage he selected for the exhibition, the drama they create through the interplay of dark and light against the vastness of the sky, creates similar feelings of awe as when one is in deep prayer, as they insinuate a greater presence than one’s self; such as when we are in the raw and splendid beauty of a sunset or alone in the beach or the mountains by ourselves. Majesty and solitude are present in all of his cloudscapes. Though more cheerful because of the bright palette Montegrande employs for his abstract expressionistic works, the intensity is from the skillful use of combining analogous and complementary colors, as well as in the texture created by heavy impasto. Creating visual energy in these two forms, result in the intensity that marks a Montegrande work. Though mostly contained within the center of the canvas, most visibly seen in “Waiting for Another Sunrise”, “Marvelous Sunset”, and “Midnight Blue – Abstract Version”, the free form and energetic use of line, and surrounding it with calm space, create an exciting center that engages the viewer and excites both the senses and the imagination. In a decade, Kenneth John Montegrande has transcended various obstacles in order to achieve the success that he is reaping now. And for this, Montegrande is not only grateful, but also encouraging others who are called by art, to pursue their passion, as he is proof that persistence pays off.

Pixel 17 - Virtual Exhibitions

Enjoy Your Art #2

15 Jul 2021 – 30 Aug 2021

Ingrid Stûbinger, peintre Laurence Innocenti, peintre

Galerie Brugier Rigail

Accrochage estival

21 Jul 2021 – 31 Aug 2021

DADA Gallery

Escape To Within

14 Jul 2021 – 08 Aug 2021

Dada Gallery (formerly POLARTICS), is delighted to present Escape to Within the first solo exhibition of Nigerian artist Bunmi Agusto, running from 14 July to 8 August 2021 at Cromwell Place, London. The exhibition features 19 new figurative works drawn from the surrealist world of the artist’s making. Charting the migration of a group of figures across a labyrinthine landscape of braided forests and dark waters, Agusto illustrates the surreal universe she holds in her mind, so titled, ‘Within.’ Born in Lagos, Nigeria and living in London from the age of sixteen, Agusto transforms her sense of alienation that she experienced in life between these two lands, through her artistic practice, using the metaphor of hybridity within her imagined world. Depicted in pastel pencil, chalk and mixed media on paper, Agusto creates a landscape of hybrid figures that are realised as an amalgamation of textures, scenery and iconography that resonate with her cultural consciousness as a Lagosian. Agusto’s fantastical depictions of the multiplicity of her Nigerian identity, draw from traditional Nigerian imagery and contemporary pop-culture references. Studying cultural theory from a young age, both in Nigeria concerning the critique of cultural traditions, and in the UK with a view to the diaspora, Agusto takes inspiration from science fiction and modern cinema and television, citing references including the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Alice in Wonderland. Escape to Within brings together a new body of work which builds her world into further realms of liminal distortion and dislocation. Often depicted in the absence of traditional perspective, light and gravity, Agusto supports her landscape instead upon a framework of braids, texture and abstract forms. The hybrids are created by imbuing the human figure with elements that symbolise the artist’s sense of self. These elements often originate as memories and may take the form of flora, fauna or iconography, as with the shape of a cross from a memory of Sunday School informing a head adornment. In contrast, non-hybrids are representations and recurring figures from Agusto’s daily life. Family members, friends and passersby are subsumed into her works. Director of DADA Gallery, Oyinkansola Dada said: ‘We are delighted to present the first major comprehensive display of Bunmi Agusto’s works, whose practice resonates with my vision for the gallery. Bunmi is an artist that creates with the greatest intention and care. It has been a pleasure to see her practice grow over the years, continuing to push new and exciting boundaries.’


Mikołaj Malesza POZA SŁOWEM



01 Aug 2021 – 31 Aug 2021


Silvano Caria

20 Jul 2021 – 20 Jul 2022

Tempi e Luoghi Comuni

Casa Toscana Art Gallery


19 Jul 2021 – 19 Aug 2021

Los invitamos a visitar la exposición itinerante de 4 maestros del arte de Oruro, que iniciará en el salón de exposiciones temporales “Gildaro Antezana” de Cochabamba y viajará por 3 ciudades de Bolivia; y también estará activa en nuestra Sala Virtual I. Cada uno de los artistas, Orlando Alandia, Maclovio Marconi, Ramiro Mendieta y Freddy Murillo despliega una suigeneris forma de hacer arte e interpretar la naturaleza, desde el más puro abstracto, la construcción visionaria de formas, la interpretación social de nuestro entorno, hasta unas sinuosas y celestiales atmósferas del altiplano. Todos iniciaron su travesía y trayectoria por el arte a fines de los años 70, y siguen plasmando la belleza de la vida, cada uno desde un enfoque diferente y personalidad propia. Más de 40 años produciendo buen arte en forma totalmente individual con muchas exposiciones nacionales e internacionales, poniendo en alto el desarrollo del arte Boliviano. Es para Casa Toscana Art Gallery un honor poder acompañar el recorrido de esta importante muestra desde nuestras plataformas online, donde la propuesta plástica prodrá ser apreciada tanto en una sala virtual dedicada, cómo en el catálogo virtual.

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