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3D exhibitions



10 May 2022 – 20 May 2022

Exhibition Curated by @galleryone962

Art Number 23 Virtual

"idioma visual" by a m a t o

He calls himself "a m a t o" according to his italian family name, born in Sicily and raised in Switzerland. After working in technical engineering for 12 years in the industry, he left to be trained in various art schools in Switzerland and the USA to become a certified art teacher, Yet after less than 3 years he started a career as indipendent artist/painter and worked as back stage painter for theaters and musicals or was just experimenting with small and large paintings. Finally in 2017 until today, he dedicated his entire time to produce art, first at home then in South Spain, where he lives now His paintings have been sold in the USA, Switzerland, United Kingdom Italy and Spain. b. What 'amato' is trying to do is the recapturing of the lost beauty humans once had before they fell victim to what he calls the "state of de-evolution". Beauty still surrounds us, but the language spoken through it has changed.

Galleria Stefano Forni

Claudio Koporossy. La memoria dell'acqua

13 May 2022 – 15 Jun 2022

The artist, born in Lausanne, Switzerland, devotes himself to nature as his first passion and a fundamental element that marked both his life and his path as a photographer. We can describe Claudio Koporossy’s photography as the expression of his sensitivity in a single detail, an immersion in the most intimate essence of everything: a pile of leaves in autumn, the water that penetrates the earth, the colors of the mountains­­, fruits and flowers from exotic places or more familiar glimpses of life in Venice. The search for detail as that particular hidden at a first glance has always been the artist's point of view on the outside world. Claudio Koporossy immortalizes the essence of everything, allowing the gaze to go beyond the image: we are able to perceive its consistency and savoring its fragrance, this is “Live Nature" in one click.



13 May 2022 – 19 May 2022

Museo Franz Mayer

Naturaleza, paisajes y panoramas. Colección del Museo Franz Mayer

16 May 2022 – 20 May 2024

Naturaleza, paisajes y panoramas. Colección del Museo Franz Mayer ofrece un recorrido sobre el paisaje: uno de los géneros más importantes de la historia de arte, a partir de una selección de pinturas y grabados de este museo. Para el filósofo alemán George Simmel, el paisaje es la manera como la naturaleza se revela estéticamente y es, en este sentido, la más importante construcción intelectual sobre el mundo natural. Para los pintores, supone la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre la naturaleza desde la composición, de acuerdo con la histórica definición del cuadro como ventana. Desde comienzos del siglo XVI, cuando surge este género, el tema se ha abordado desde diversos puntos de vista, muchos de los cuales podemos ver en las obras que conforman esta muestra.

Guy Hepner

Andy Warhol: Death and Disaster

12 May 2022 – 03 Jun 2022


동해로 가는 여영난

Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

Swoon, a solo show by Mary A. Fitzgerald at Olivier Cornet Gallery

08 May 2022 – 05 Jun 2022

The Olivier Cornet Gallery is delighted to present Swoon, Mary A. Fitzgerald's first solo exhibition with us. Mary is a member of our AGA group. "Mary A Fitzgerald’s paintings are born from her encounters with external spaces – her eyes gathering patches of colour, shifts in light, blurred shapes on passing buses. A yellow plastic bag ‘floating right at me.’ She does not take or work from photographs of the ephemera, rather she pays close attention. ‘Like trying to catch butterflies,’ she holds the glimpses, until she gets to the studio – relishing in the uncertainty, she paints the blending amalgam of fleeting daily life. In this way she aims to present the ‘slippage in between literal and emotional states.’ Rebecca Solnit writes, ‘The rhythm of walking generates a kind of rhythm of thinking, and the passage through a landscape echoes or stimulates the passage through a series of thoughts. This creates a consonance between internal and external passage that suggests that the mind is also a landscape of sorts and that walking is one way to traverse it.’ Fitzgerald’s paintings are visual recordings of this consonance between internal and external passage – whether on foot or on wheels. They may read as land or cityscapes, but the places depicted are conjured. The painting processes mirror her thinking – the surfaces are layered, patches of under-painting peek out to hint at hidden histories and time’s passage. Her love of printmaking processes is evident in the rubbing and dragging of paint. Shapes slip from the picture plane, suggesting the image is a slice of a bigger picture and on-going movement. Colour is a compass – blue is the North Star of the series. Then there are alizarin crimson, green-greys, teals with shots of neon pink and yellow and orange peppered throughout. The shapes are amorphous – often hinting at the cloudy space between structures rather than the solid thing itself. The images hover within a measure of unmarked space in which the viewer is invited to move around and feel the passage of time. Sitting with Mary in her city-centre studio, the bustle of the streets below bleats through her open window. Sirens, shouts, footfall, the sighing of slowing buses – the pulse of the urban is the soundtrack she relishes working to. Yet, she is equally fed by rural or suburban environments. The journeying is the source and a primary concern is the ensuing meetings which she invites between the viewer and the work. Through her open-endedness and emotive titles – Bask, Follies, When Fate Brings You Yellow – she invites the viewer to complete the narrative within the soft edges of the work. Fitzgerald’s paintings and their cohesion offer a plumb line of clarity through the flotsam of ever-shifting daily life experience. The intimate scale invites the viewer to step close, slow down and see a rhythm in the passing blur." Beth O’Halloran M.A. Beth O Halloran is a visual artist and writer. The exhibition is accompanied by a small publication on the occasion of Swoon at the Olivier Cornet Gallery. With words by Beth O’Halloran. Design by David Joyce. First edition of 150 published by The Outside Press, 2022.


신그리다 개인전 "미술관으로 가는 길 ep1"

09 May 2022 – 31 May 2022

별빛이 쏟아지는 어느 날엔 소풍날 보았던 꿈돌이를 그려 상장을 받아와서는 처음으로 그림을 배울 수 있는 곳에 가게 되었어요 며칠 밤을 그림을 배우고 싶다고 말했는지, 스케치북 가득 큰 꿈들을 그렸죠 소녀는 크면 미술관에서 가장 오랜 시간을 보내기로 하고 길을 걷고 있어요 왜냐하면요 그건 신께서 소녀에게 준 시간들로 소녀도 그렇게 되었어요

Kunstverein Die Roseninsel

Christine Kolbinger

01 May 2022 – 31 Oct 2022

Vita Christine Kolbinger 1953 geboren in Schongau, lebt und arbeitet am Starnberger See 1973 – 1976 Studium der Innenarchitektur, Blocherer Schule in München ab 1976 als Innenarchitektin gearbeitet 1980 – 1993 Geburt der vier Kinder 1996 – 2011 Studienkurse bei Ruth Kohler, Walter Raum, Emö Simonyi 2011 – 2013 Studiengang der Farbmalerei bei Prof. Jerry Zeniuk, Ingrid Floss 2013 – 2014 Meisterklasse bei Prof. Jerry Zeniuk 2016 Sommerakademie bei Prof. Markus Lüpertz Gruppenausstellungen: 2021 Ausstellung „zuhause“ Atelier Paulo de Brito, Starnberg 2021 Jahresausstellung BBK München 2021 Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Die Roseninsel in Starnberg 2021 Jahresausstellung Kulturverein Berg 2020 Jahresausstellung online BBK München 2019 Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Die Roseninsel 2018 Ausstellung „Frauensache“ in der Orangerie am Englischen Garten 2018 Jahresausstellung BBK München 2017 Ausstellung „Frauensache“ im alten Feuerhaus, Bad Reichenhall 2017 Jahresausstellung BBK München 2017 Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Die Roseninsel in Starnberg 2017 Jahresausstellung Kulturverein Berg 2016 „Farben und Licht“ Kloster Himmelspforten in Würzburg 2016 Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Die Roseninsel in Starnberg 2016 Jahresausstellung Kulturverein Berg 2016 Jahresausstellung BBK München 2015 Jahresausstellung Kulturverein Berg 2014 Abschussausstellung der Meisterklasse in Bad Reichenhall 2014 Pasinger Fabrik in München 2014 Forum für Kunst und Architektur in Essen 2013 Bergenale Berg 2013 Abschlussausstellung Kunstakademie in Bad Reichenhall 2012 Kunstverein Gauting Einzelausstellung: 2017 Salon für Kunst und Kommunikation, Clemensstr. 9 in München ----------------- Vita Christine Kolbinger 1953 born in Schongau, lives and works at Lake Starnberg 1973 - 1976 studied interior design at the Blocherer School in Munich from 1976 worked as an interior designer 1980 - 1993 birth of four children 1996 - 2011 Study courses with Ruth Kohler, Walter Raum, Emö Simonyi 2011 - 2013 Study course in color painting with Prof. Jerry Zeniuk, Ingrid Floss 2013 - 2014 Master class with Prof. Jerry Zeniuk 2016 summer academy with Prof. Markus Lüpertz Group exhibitions: 2021 exhibition "at home" studio Paulo de Brito, Starnberg 2021 Annual exhibition BBK Munich 2021 annual exhibition Kunstverein Die Roseninsel, Starnberg 2021 Annual exhibition Kulturverein Berg 2020 Annual exhibition online BBK Munich 2019 Annual exhibition Kunstverein Die Roseninsel 2018 Exhibition "Frauensache" in the Orangery at the English Garden 2018 Annual exhibition BBK Munich 2017 Exhibition "Frauensache" in the old fire house, Bad Reichenhall 2017 Annual exhibition BBK Munich 2017 Annual exhibition Kunstverein Die Roseninsel in Starnberg 2017 Annual exhibition cultural association Berg 2016 "Colors and light" monastery Himmelspforten in Würzburg 2016 Annual exhibition Kunstverein Die Roseninsel in Starnberg 2016 Annual exhibition Kulturverein Berg 2016 Annual exhibition BBK Munich 2015 Annual exhibition Kulturverein Berg 2014 Graduation exhibition of the master class in Bad Reichenhall 2014 Pasinger Factory in Munich 2014 Forum for art and architecture in Essen 2013 Bergenale Berg 2013 Graduation exhibition art academy in Bad Reichenhall 2012 Art Association Gauting Solo exhibition: 2017 Salon for Art and Communication, Clemensstr. 9 in Munich, Germany ------------------ kuratiert/curated von/by Vivien Rathjen,

MA photography 2022

The Trail of Spiti River.

10 May 2022 – 05 Sep 2022

This exhibition focuses on the Spiti River, which flows from the Kunzum Range of the Himalayas and nourishes the picturesque Lahaul and Spiti valleys. In this project, I aim to show the Spiti River Trail via spectacular glacial scenery, textures formed by the Spiti

Casa Toscana Art Gallery


09 May 2022 – 09 Jul 2022

“Acuarela Contemporánea”, es un proyecto que nace con la necesidad de plantear propuestas diversificadas en todo sentido, dejar atrás los paradigmas estéticos, históricos y temáticos, promover e incentivar el empleo de medios alternativos desde la técnica como también del oficio. La Acuarela tiene lenguaje artístico propio, bajo nuestros códigos experimentales y tomados de la mano de un tiempo y contexto tan diferentes con sus propios derroteros esquemáticos. La acuarela tiene una magia, esa magia del descanso espontáneo de elementos lúdicos para ser escuchados mediante el agua, los mismos que debe sorprendernos. El incidente y accidente son vitales para entender éste lenguaje. Esperamos que éste primer paso sea acompañado más adelante por una comunidad artística dispuesta a encaminar estos conceptos y sus valoraciones. El Arte no se detiene. Rosendo Aliaga Rodríguez Reinaldo Chavez Maydana Jorge Dávalos Córdova Coordinadores de la exposición Acuarela Contemporánea



21 Apr 2022 – 08 May 2022

TONANTSINTLALLI a multidimensional Mother Earth By Desiree Hernandez Ibinarriaga and David Marcelino Cayetano Opening Thursday 28th April 6:30-8:30pm The creative practitioners Desiree Hernandez Ibinarriaga, Nahua (Aztec), Chamula (Mayan), and Euskaldunak (Basque) woman and Marcelino Cayetano, Nahua-Mexika man welcome you to appreciate the multidimensional reality through a series of photographs, video and designs and from Mexico and Australia to understand the real world with its material and immaterial connections through deep listening, observation, sensation and appreciation. This exhibition is for you to be immersed in the multidimensional world we exist in and connect with the material and immaterial. To have relationality with Tonantsintlalli – Our Madrecita Tierra. The connection with EVERYTHING. They invite you to slow down and feel the textures, the sounds, the colours, shapes, the structures, dimensions and energies in a more detailed manner and imagine or remember, connecting the past with the present understanding the non-linear time in Indigenous worldviews. Look at the whole, the diverse dimensions, and understand Country as a unit, the relationship of everything, how everything is interconnected through the law of relationality. Go beyond the tangible world and think about the material and immaterial together, the connection between all entities through acknowledgement of the importance of culture, language, relationships and connections. Currently, we move towards the womb of our Mother Earth (Tonantsintlalli), since we come from her and we return to her, with her everything, without her nothing, we need to revive the learning of caring for her. The creative practitioners invite you to a live experience of the interconnections through ways of knowing and doing. Desiree Hernandez Ibinarriaga. Indigenous Mexican woman with Nahua (Aztec), Chamula (Mayan), and Euskaldunak (Basque) heritage. Desiree is a creative practitioner, collaborative and social design maker and thinker. She is Lecturer at Monash Art Design and Architecture, and Coordinator for Indigenous Higher Degrees by Research being part of Wominjeka Djeembana Research Lab. With over 14 years of experience in the design field, across disciplines including decolonising design, Indigenous design, sustainability, social, furniture and interior design, Desiree’s practice focuses on Indigenous peoples’ building of capacity and better ways of partnership, collaboration, and communication between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through design. Desiree’s purpose is acknowledging and recognising the relationality between people and Place while privileging Indigenous knowledges, by enhancing biocultural diversity conservation and regeneration towards collaborative resilience, cultural identity pride and sustainability. David Marcelino Cayetano of ancestral roots Nahua-Mexika, who for more than seven years has been dedicated to audio-visual art, photography, muralism, poetry and music from the worldview of the original peoples of him. Likewise, he is a teacher of his native Nahuatl language and a promoter of traditional medicine that his grandparents inherited him. He published a book about legends regarding the nature and sacred places of the Huasteca "Kamanaltlajtolmej Xilitlan / Narratives in Náhuatl de Xilitla". Throughout his career he has documented the wisdom of his ancestors such as language, dances, medicine ceremonies, traditions, customs, etc. He has served as a community authority in his own community with the position of Municipal Delegate, he studied civil engineering at the Regiomontana University. During his stay in Monterrey he was a producer and host of the TVRadio program “Voces Originarias” on TuVoxTV, thus he has also made murals from his ancestral worldview and is passionate about everything related to the traditional medicine of his ancestors who inherited him, as well as teaching classes of Náhuatl. He currently makes indigenous cinema and is co-founder of the independent film production house “Bironga Films”, which has presented his audio-visual works in the National Cinema, National Mask Museum, Institute of Anthropological Research, National School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation of UNAM, among other cultural and academic spaces.

JLuis Huerta

Electro Organic Growth

28 Apr 2022 – 28 Apr 2023

Virtual Showcase for the Electro Organic collection. Curated by Nuna ARtistic Foundation I think the relation between tools and humans is the story of technology itself. The main subject on this project is a relationship between resources and technology; Acknowledging human development as the most relevant part of it. The art presented here suggests that the progress of civilization is closely related to technology and tools, this being complimented by a thought on the importance about a proper use of resources. The approach to the collection of artworks is inspired by contemporary art movements. There are two installations, two photography series (one digital and one analogue), and a collage series.

Heiko Hellwig

Shinrin Yoku

26 Apr 2022 – 26 Jul 2022

FineArt photography by Heiko Hellwig. The "Shinrin Yoku" series is a B/W body of work being created in 2022. Human Health as a worlwide topic lead to this new body of work by Heiko Hellwig. Working on it since 2020 it lead to several journeys with the focus on japanese health customs as "Shinrin Yoku" Thus Hellwig leads us into the most healthy place on earth. The nature itself. The contenplative picturesare a vehicle to transport the tranquility of mediteranean forest into the conciousness of the beholder.

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