Is my exhibition public now?

Is my exhibition public now?

Saturday, August 15, 2020

To publish your exhibition, you need to subscribe to a paid account. Once this is done you make your exhibition public yourself, by clicking on the eye-shaped ‘publish’ button in your ‘ART.SPACES’ and ‘Exhibition Manager’.
Please note: in order to bring modifications to your gallery after publication, it goes unpublic during the moment of the modification until you hit ‘publish’ again.

Your exhibition manager has 3 categories:

  • In Preparation
    This lists all the rooms you are currently working on and which are neither published nor archived at the moment. You can access the form to edit exhibition title, duration, the title image directly from here with a shortcut.
  • Published
    Each currently published exhibition is marked with a blue symbol in addition. If you click on the EDIT symbol in an exhibition of this status, the exhibition will be moved to the category 'In Preparation' automatically, and remains so until you publish it again manually yourself. ONLY the exhibitions with this status marked as public can be accessed with active links that you send around as invitations or when embedded into your own website. Once an exhibition is public, it can be viewed in our ART.AUGMENTED app directly from here.
  • Archived
    You can archive exhibitions to edit and publish them later, or to keep their components for other projects, or to clean up your 1st category 'in Preparation' for better overview; ONLY exhibitions that are already in the archive can be deleted from there.