What is a public 3D exhibition? What does public mean?

What is a public 3D exhibition? What does public mean?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A 3D exhibition is a virtual gallery and one of the KUNSTMATRIX features you are able to access once you have created an account with us. As a logged in member you get to choose from our full selection of expertly curated 3D room templates.

Once you have settled on a gallery template, you are then in a position to add your virtual artwork to it – possible artwork options include paintings and sculptures, as well as video and sound files.

One option you do not have on the free plan, however, is to share your customized gallery with others. Methods of sharing include sharing the link to your gallery directly or embedding its code into a web page. The number of exhibitions that are public at the same time depends on your choice of payment plan.

Please upgrade your account to at least the BASIC plan in order to share your exhibitions with the world.

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