Can I share my exhibition without the Kunstmatrix Page Frame?

There are several ways to share your published exhibitions. The most convenient is via our share buttons described here in this tutorial. This will send visitors to your exhibition, however with our menu at the top as it runs on our servers. Once you have more than 1 exhibition published at the same time, it might make more sense to share the link to your exhibitor profile, as this will display all of them in a panel. If you have your own website, you probably want to embed your exhibition there, as described in this tutorial. With some iPhones and certain browsers, mostly Safari, it will however open in a new window on our platform, which we can't avoid. We recommend a decent size screen and a PC or laptop for viewing, best with Firefox or Chrome. If your visitors won’t mind the screen size, they should still use Firefox or Chrome as their mobile browser. There is a 3rd way, slightly more complicated. You use the code generated in the embedding surface mentioned above, but edit is as follows. If you copy only a certain section, as marked here on the example of our DEMO Exhibition, you generate a direct entry code (but your visitors also get no guides unless they call them up in the visitor menu). Following the entire link as above, you will be directed to our page with the full user menu. For example, this DEMO Exhibit has the following embed code: marked in blue italics is the pure exhibition link, all that follows behind the "src=" https: // If you activate no other language, the code contains English as the default setting. Paste this line of code directly into your browser, and you will see the difference. When you embed this modified code into your own website, then you'll see your own domain name, short of the mentioned less tolerant browser. We hope that most of your visitors will have a decent screen and not come in from a mobile phone.