Can I add text panels to a wall ?

Can I add text panels to a wall ?

Friday, March 27, 2020

What is possible - and looks really great: putting (big) text (artists name, exhibition title, topic, etc.) on the wall. Example:

For this, you simply create the text as a picture and upload it like an artwork to put it on the wall.

If you like to have transparent background (as in the example above) please:

  • save it as a PNG-picture with transparent background. For long texts or small font you have to experiment a bit with the PNG export settings. One set of settings, which delivers good results in most cases is:
    • 1900px (long-edge)
    • text: >30 Pt
    • export settings:
    • color: adaptive
  • dither: no dither
  • transparency: diffusion dither
  • background: none (transparent)
  • sRGB: true
  • interlaced: true
  • Then you upload it as an "artwork". There are three tabs. "BASIC INFO", ADDITIONAL INFO" and "3D-DISPLAY" (see screenshot attached).
  • Open the "3D-DISPLAY" tab and then expand the last part "override 3D defaults". There is a check box "transparency" which has to be checked for the transparency to work.
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