How to present Videos?

Kunstmatrix offers 3 different ways to present videos. Depending on the files you have, please select the most suitable method:

1 - on the wall, in a defined size like an artwork, with an MP4 file and specific proportions of player and cover image.

2 - opening in an extra window, as an embedded video, with an MP4 file but no need to align the proportions.

3 opening in an extra window, with a link to a video on Youtube, vimeo or a similar platform.

You will need a cover image for all 3 methods of presentation, and an MP4 file as your video for methods 1 and 2.
For embedding an external link to a YouTube or vimeo file, you need the full url of this video as a link, and then edit this url according to our directions. 

We have compiled a video example exhibition to demonstrate the choices of presenting videos in your galleries.

Method 1

Have a Cover jpg prepared. All 3 elements here need to have the same proportions

  • the actual video file (check the player proportions in your explorer for details)
  • the cover jpg 
  • and the artwork dimensions in the 'basic info' tab. 

The jpg is needed as a still before the video runs, for the catalogue, and in your own artwork manager. 
Best check the player proportions in the file details first, and then align the other 2 values with these. 

Creating the video artwork:

  1. fill in the 'basic info' tab with all the usual information, and enter the player proportions as artwork dimensions. 
  2. Upload the jpg still image in the 'basic info' tab, and then load the video file in the 'media' tab.

    If you want to enlarge the player size on the wall, either use the scaling factor, or insert a multiple value of both (height / width) in the 'basic info' tab.
    You can also adjust the player radius there:
    If you want the player only to be activated by the viewer with a click and not start the video through distance activation, leave the player radius blank.

The smaller your media files are, the faster the whole gallery will load.

NOTE: Best supported video codec is H.264 (MPEG-4). Videos using H.265 will not be displayed correctly on various devices. Please remember: due to limits by mobile devices, use a maximum resolution of 1080 pixels in height. If it is bigger, it will not be played on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone). 

Saving data mass when loading your exhibition can be achieved with Method 2 and 3.

Method 2 

  1. Have a Cover jpg prepared. 
  2. Enter a title and the cover image in the 'basic info' tab. 
  3. In the 'additional info' tab, enter the tag "embeddedVideo" (in this exact spelling).
  4. Upload your video file in the 'media' tab.

Method 3

Instead of uploading a video file in the 'media' tab, a video can also be linked as external content. This method replaces the default contact form.

  1. Create an artwork with a cover image for the external content,
  2. In the 'additional info' tab, add the tag "externalDetails" (in this spelling)
  3. Assign a title for the link. Embeddable code as needed in this case differs from the normal url of such a video.

    For youtube, edit the copied code in this manner: 

    For vimeo, edit like this: 


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