How to create sculptures and 3D objects?

How to create sculptures and 3D objects?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This feature is active by default for paid accounts. Please contact support to unlock 3D sculptures, if you want to use it and it is not yet active or if you want to test it with a free STARTER account.

There are two possibilities to create 3d works in KUNSTMATRIX:

A) 2.5D "Billboards":

The image(s) will always face the visitor and create a 3D-like impression, although they are "only" 2D photos.

See this example in an exhibition:

You need photo(s) of the sculpture from one or multiple angles. They should be from the same height and distance. Their background needs to be removed and the images saved as PNG files with transparency. Then name them according to the angle from which they should be viewed, for example 0001_sculpture_big.png (frontal view), 0180_sculpture_big.png (view from the back), ... .


1.) Upload a "title" image for the sculpture

2.) go to the 3rd tab "3D-DISPLAY" and check the box "transparency"

3.) set the checkbox in 4th tab "MEDIA" -> "sculpture type" to BILLBOARD

4.) upload the above mentioned, background-free photo(s) in the "TEXTURES" field

5.) optional: select a pedestal/plinth for the sculpture

B) Full 3D:

See an example here:

You need a 3d model of the artwork. Else modeled with a 3d program (preferred) or created via photogrammetry or a laser scan and then optimized for web (low polygon, small file size).

About 3D files:
- preferred file formats: glb (or obj+mtl)

- size: optimal 2-3MB; maximal recommended: ~20-30MB, max. 100k faces

- objects must be scaled to real dimensions (1:1, unit is "meter") and the placed at the 0,0,0 point of the file

- if you use obj (not recommended): please keep all paths in the obj and mtl local (same folder), don't let them point to other places, since they will not be available when uploaded

HINT: It won't work in Kunstmatrix, if it doesn't work here:

1.) Upload a "title" image for the sculpture (for catalogues, etc.)

2.) set the checkbox in 4th tab "MEDIA" -> "sculpture type" to SCULPTURE

3.) upload the above-mentioned model in the "GEOMETRY" field (and its mtl file, if available and its "TEXTURE" file)

4.) optional: if there are textures for the model, upload them in the "textures" field

5.) optional: set a pedestal/plinth for the sculpture

Placing 3D into the exhibition

1.) Drop the sculpture onto the placeholder

2.) move it with the arrow-handles to the place you like

to rotate: press "r" key
to transform (move): press "t" key

As long as you are in "Detail View" modus of a sculpture, you can place other artworks. Close it with the "X" on the left.

Some things to check if your sculpture doesn´t show up at all or looks unexpected:

  • Did you enter dimensions in the height, width and depth fields? Its recommended to have values that fit to the 3D model or aspect ratio of the billboard texture
  • Does your 3D model have proper materials? Sometimes, meshes without any material aren´t displayed at all
  • Does the 3D model have a real life size (1 unit = 1 meter)? Meshes that are huge (100+ meters) or very little (> 1cm) might not be visible at all.

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