How do I cancel or downgrade my subscription?

How do I cancel or downgrade my subscription?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

If you want to cancel or just downgrade your account to a lower level plan, please use the form provided here. You need to be logged in to apply the alteration to your account.

No matter if you know all the details of your cancellation and service, or if you just want to adjust your payments, this will be the quick way to reach us.

What happens on KUNSTMATRIX?

After the end of your booking period, all your public exhibitions and art will be unpublished.

If you don’t ask us specifically to delete your account and all data, we will downgrade the account to the free package so you don’t lose your previous work in case you decide to resubscribe in the future.

If you have a different payment method than listed in the form, please contact us so we can cancel your subscription for you.

Please have a look here for more detailed information on this subject.