Could you provide some examples of exhibitions?

With KUNSTMATRIX you can create very diverse exhibitions with all kinds of media. From 2D elements like paintings or texts to video installations and audio spaces.
Presenting sculptures is also possible: the quick and simple "Billboard" method (photo-based with 1 or several png files), or full 3D models with textures and animation.  

Tailor your 3D exhibition by selecting from our 17 pre-designed templates and 16 distinct wall colors, or explore unique spaces available in our Marketplace. Additionally you can personalize your own gallery space to reflect your vision. 

Reach out to us to delve deeper into your plans and explore how Kunstmatrix can bring your exhibition ideas to life.

For some of these use cases we have assembled exhibitions to demonstrate the possible types of artworks you can create:

Kunstmatrix DEMO provides a general overview of all the tools:
Kunstmatrix General Demo Exhibition

See some examples of framing and passepartouts
Framing and Passepartout examples

We have assembled a special exhibition of full 3D sculptures:
special 3D sculpture show

Compare the methods for sculpture presentation in case you wish to work with photographs of your sculpture:

Demo exhibition 3D sculpture vs 2,5 Billboard

Enjoy our video showreel with some special projects:

 Showreel Demo custom galleries

Many thanks to our curator Jona Markgraf for creating these! 

For further inspiration, explore and follow our social media platforms to view exhibitions created by our customers in the past!

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