Can we upload our own floor plans?

This is not possible yet. A lot of post-processing has to take place to make our virtual rooms look like they currently do and this process cannot be automated. 

With any account, you have access to our 17 standard rooms, with currently 16 wall colors to choose from.
We also offer more high-end rooms on our Marketplace.  These come with a set of moods or light settings rather than simple wall colors, and higher definition of details.

Another part of our services is custom architecture integration. Please contact us to receive an individual quote for your unique gallery after sending over your material. With floor plans and some photographs, an elevation drawing, or just a sketch, we can literally create anything you wish.
We can also advise you on how to simplify some details, or how to make navigation easier in unique gallery spaces.
This selection of custom gallery spaces will hopefully inspire you to have your own rooms made.

If you are very versed in creating 3D models, we can also integrate your creation into your account, to use as a fully functioning gallery. Please contact us for directions and a quote for such service.