How to retrieve artworks that I can no longer find?

When curating your exhibition, locating specific artworks can sometimes be challenging. There is an easy solution to work around this:

How to locate the "lost" artwork

The curating menu, accessible in the upper left-hand of your screen in curating mode of an exhibition, provides a few shortcuts. When using the List of works here in curating mode, you see the complete list of artworks that are placed in the room already and have your pre-selection on the right-hand side of the screen.

 Location of the artwork

The locator tool will take you directly to any of the works in the exhibition. This is a helpful tool when you have misplaced artworks, can’t find them behind a wall, or want to remove them from the exhibition, or just edit them right on the wall or floor. The ‚go to artwork‘ tool takes you to the detail mode of the artwork. You can remove the misplaced artworks from the room here, and place them again.

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