Adding artworks to your inventory management


This video tutorial shows you how to upload your artworks and manage them in your ART.DEPOT. Here, you can sort existing artworks, modify them and / or add new ones, or delete them. In addition to the video, you can find the most important steps as screenshots below. Please take a look at the comments below each picture.



click on the ART.DEPOT tab in the main menu

2howto: upload artworks

click the "+ ADD ARTWORK" button


Fill in all the basic information, such as title, artist and especially the size of the work, as this will scale it to proportion in all the different sized rooms. Leaving the dimensions blank results in a default size of the works which might not be accurate or desired. When preparing your images, have all the information at hand to fill in. If the size is unknown, have a look at the image file proportions and base your dimensions on these. “Choose file” will let you load the image file for your artwork. TIP: it is always a good idea to prepare your images beforehand. I.e., give it a useful filename like my-artwork_2017_100_x_150_inch_oil_on_canvas.jpg After you have chosen the file from your local file system, click the upload button.


There are 5 tabs, and after filling in the basics in BASIC INFO, maybe add extra text, a price and currency in ADDITIONAL INFO, and consider unlisting it, or activate transparency if needed (3D DISPLAY tab). When you´re done, click the green save button.


After saving, the artwork will be displayed in detail view. Note the print pdf button – it will create a nice printable PDF which you can send to interested collectors. You can also edit it further from here (scale or frame it, or tint the sides, see tutorial here). Next, click the artworks button to get to your inventory


The manage artworks page is an overview of all uploaded works. You can sort the works by date, by artist, by title or any other tags you may have added in the ADDITIONAL INFO tab before. Click the icon in the action column to expand the options for each artwork.