How to prepare my text panels?


You can easily display text on the wall, such as the artist's name, exhibition title, or topic. 

We have an Example of white text on a darker wall.

Simply create the text as an image and upload it to the wall as artwork. Using a transparent background gives the lettering a more professional and museum-like appearance. It also allows for the logo or wall text to be used in various exhibitions with different wall colours, seamlessly integrating it and giving it a distinct appearance from the actual artworks in the exhibition. 

  • Save it as a PNG-picture with transparent background. 
    For long texts or small font (for an artist statement or an explanation of the exhibition) you might have to experiment a bit with the PNG export settings. 

    We have found the following set of parameters to deliver good results in most cases:
  • 1900px (long-edge)
  • text: >30 Pt

Export settings:

  • color: adaptive
  • dither: no dither
  • transparency: diffusion dither
  • background: none (transparent)
  • sRGB: true
  • interlaced: true

Crisp, clear text requires a png file with a transparent background. There are several techniques that can be used with various image editing programs. 
To remove the background of a logo, you can try using online tools such as or A great option for most cases, these tools may not work as smoothly for longer texts in smaller fonts. In this case, rather start with a transparent background in your png file and type or paste the text in there.

Different image editing programs vary in ease of use. Similar results can be achieved with other editors, depending on your text, logo details, and presentation goals. The editor that you might be familiar with will hopefully produce the desired effect.

After creating your PNG file, displaying the text or logo clearly in the chosen colour(s), crop the file to the appropriate size, and maybe consider adding a subtle texture or shadow effect. Be sure to preserve the transparent properties when exporting or saving the file.
All other decisions are up to your curating taste and visual concept.

Please note: if you are using white text on a transparent background, it may not be visible on the thumbnail preview in your artwork upload, as the default background is white. In this case, it makes even more sense to unlist this ‚artwork‘ for the catalogue, as described below. 


We have compiled a few examples of how to create and export images with a few commonly used editor programs:

Text Panels with Photoshop

Text on transparency with pixlr, the online editor

Transparency with Gimp shareware