What are the pricing details for the 3D online gallery?

The pricing depends on the number of artworks you would like to upload and on how many 3D exhibitions you want to promote. 
Please have a look at  the detailed overview of the different payment plans for all KUNSTMATRIX tools.

Here are our four plans and the amount of public exhibitions you are allowed on each one:

  • STARTER: no public exhibitions, and an inventory of 10 artworks to try out the tools
  • BASIC: 5 public 3D exhibitions with space for 50 artworks in your inventory
  • REGULAR: 10 public 3D exhibitions and space for 250 artworks in your inventory
  • PROFESSIONAL: 50 public 3D exhibitions and space for 500 artworks in your inventory

The 50/250/... is the maximum number of artworks you can have in your account, but you can delete/replace artworks anytime.
You can publish/unpublish the exhibitions any time you want, the only limit is that there can't be more than 5 ("BASIC" package) public at the same time.

In case a Professional account is not enough for you, we also offer larger packages. Please contact us for more details on these larger plans.

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