Seagery Zine

Seagery Zine

Seagery Zine

Seagery Zine

sea + surgery = seagery

Seagery Zine issues overlap art, science and literature to push forward a sea change within and without.

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3D exhibitions

  • Seagery Zine

    SZ 3.5: BLANK

    18 Dec 2020 – 18 Dec 2021

    The bright abyss that is blank space.. In my opinion, there are two kinds of intimidating blank spaces from an artist’s perspective. One is intimate and it’s the responsibility of the artist to fill it. The other belongs to the walls of galleries, where (if chosen) the artist can increase their visibility and reach. There might be a third: the digital space. But its infinite potential and connectivity seems to outweigh the risk of becoming a guppy in a teeming ocean of talent. Not that that’s a bad thing. After all, in an infinite space, there’s always room to grow. Seagery Zine wasn’t supposed to produce anything this year. It was slowly becoming another 2020 casualty. But the rise of virtual experiences proved to be reinvigorating. And here we are, in our first virtual exhibition. This is for anyone who’s ever struggled with filling a blank, getting chosen to fill a blank, or even just feeling blank. All text and images may be subject to copyright by the credited individuals or collaborators.

    latest works

    • KVW

      "Blank" Introduction
      220.4 x 196.2 cm (h x w)
    • Izzy Johnson

      Crystal, 2020
      h = 250 cm
      Film photograph (Ilford 200)
    • Larissa Blokhuis

      When We Are Out of Balance
      h = 230 cm
      Digital image/text
    • Katrina Petrauskas

      Natural Correction
      h = 180 cm
      Correction Fluid on Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper
    • Jean Wong

      Untitled Sculpture II
      h = 300 cm
      Drawing of future installation
    • Naysan Santiago

      h = 300 cm
      Written Word
    • Maura Walsh

      Exorcized (Peach)
      h = 200 cm
      gouache and ink on paper
    • Jo Chukualim

      "Sometimes She Cries" from the project "Growing Pains"
      h = 250 cm
    • Mariah Eli

      h = 300 cm
    • Gabriela Montes

      Intimacy 1
      h = 300 cm
      Oil on canvas
    • Ruth Adelyne

      G. O. D.
      h = 120 inch
      digital drawing
    • Kahla Lichti

      Grounding Letter
      h = 300 cm
      Collage, paper glue
    • Sofía Hurtado Montes

      my hair grew in knots
      h = 300 cm
      Ink on paper and poetry
    • Elizabeth Eve King

      white heaven
      h = 120 inch
      acrylic on canvas
    • Tammy Storey

      h = 250 cm
    • Upasana Das

      Time of Our Lives (3/10)
      h = 500 cm
    • Amy Brereton

      Heartbreak in the Honeymoon Suite
      h = 280 cm
    • Henrieta Lau

      Exploring Berlin on the S Bahn
      h = 300 cm
    • Miles Davitt

      Poster for Wellington Zinefest 2020
      h = 300 cm
      ink on paper
    • Baysan Yüksel

      Waiting For My Shadow
      h = 250 cm
      Acrylics on heavy paper