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    Voices from the Pandemic

    16 Jun 2022 – 16 Dec 2022

    Welcome to the Voices from the Pandemic exhibition. Catch a glimpse of the pandemic journey of people from all walks of life in Indonesia, Nepal and Vietnam. The creation and compilation of these digital diary stories has taken almost two years. Although deeply rewarding, the process has been challenging, and we acknowledge the contributions of all participants in their honest and inspiring accounts of resilience during an unexpected and life changing period. As you tour these images and videos, you will meet mothers and fathers, healthcare workers, those unemployed, teachers, siblings, volunteers and professionals. You will meet people living in urban mega-cities, in rural towns and in remote regions of Asia. You will meet people who travelled through the pandemic in deep poverty and in extreme isolation. You will hear stories of care, of strong communities and of generosity. We hope that these stories help you reflect on your own pandemic journey. “Hear their voices, see their faces, know their stories”. You are welcome to add your voice and comments at the end of the exhibition.

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