Combine Rooms


This short tutorial explains how to combine rooms; up to 3 are possible. If you find out you have chosen a room that won’t support that, in the next video we will explain how to switch rooms, while works are already placed in them. 1 You can combine certain rooms to place more than the usual number of artworks in a single continuous exhibition. However, to avoid loading delays for your visitors, make sure not to overload the rooms, and still limit your total artwork count to not more than 100 pieces. Take care to compress your image files even more than usual in such a case. Please note: not all rooms can be combined! ONLY those from the category titled ‚ROOMS THAT CAN BE COMBINED‘ are to be used. You may join 3 of the same rooms or up to 3 different ones of these properties. 2 When you are editing your existing exhibitions, next to the EDIT ROOM button you will see an additional one, +ADD ROOM. Here you can add and edit your next room within this exhibition with the same or different wall colors, just like the first selected one. Pick and save your first room in this exhibition, then select the next one and save that in the next step. They will align in the order you picked them out in and can be exchanged afterward if desired. 3 In case you want to get rid of an added room, simply click on 'DELETE' when you are editing this particular room. You won't delete the entire exhibition, just this one room, and its curating order. You can also exchange that room for another, also combinable one, as described above. 4 Please note: During the curating process of an exhibition, you may still alter this combination of rooms to your needs. Currently, 3 rooms are the maximum number to combine. The feature is active by default for all paid accounts. Please let us know if you would like to use this feature on a free trial account.