Can you protect my art from copyright infringement?

To be honest: there is no bullet-proof way to “protect” the digital image of an artwork once it is accessible via the Internet. To be visible to the visitor it has to have been downloaded to the visitor’s device. Think of it like a paper catalogue: once the catalogue was printed and delivered, anybody is able to copy/rip the picture from it. Websites which claim to “protect” art are not being very honest. 

We don’t have a separate copyright field. If you need to add special copyright information to a certain artwork, we recommend putting it into the artwork’s description field in the 'additional info' tab.

Nevertheless, we recommend the following steps to make it harder for others to use your art inappropriately:

  1. use watermarks in the pictures you upload. If they are done judiciously, they won’t disfigure the artwork and are at least a small barrier for casual violators. One example for an Online service is unmarkonline
  2. upload your pictures with a minimal resolution. In most cases, a resolution of 800 x 800 pixels is acceptable. We use a maximum of 1500 x 1500 pixels for the artwork close-up view. Files bigger than that are automatically scaled down. 
  3. we provide a form in case you wish to claim a violation officially: copyright claim

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