Can I place more than the assigned number of artworks in a room?

It is possible to put many artworks on a wall and we could customize this for you. However, we intentionally limited it to a relatively low number to avoid certain technical problems: Many visitors use mobile devices or older PCs. People need to download the artwork. If there is too much artwork in one room this takes a long time to load and some visitors might get impatient before the whole exhibition is showing properly. We recommend not to put more than 20 in an exhibition, especially when you incorporate media installations, videos or sculptures. To avoid such complications, we recommend two approaches around this: a) mount several smaller pieces to one large artwork, with an image editing software, prior to creating your virtual artwork. When you space the single works and give the gaps transparency when saving it as a .png, you will have the wall color show through in the gaps. (Check transparency in the 3rd tab, 3D DISPLAY OPTIONS). This will appear as ‘one artwork’ and thus economize the loading process. b) multiple rooms (if this not already active for your account, please contact us): Adding a second room to your exhibition in order to have more hanging positions in one exhibition with adjoining rooms. Except for a few pre-designed galleries, this is possible with almost all rooms of our selection. MORE HERE – go to How to add more rooms Please note: Multiple rooms are only available for paid accounts. If you like to test it with a free STARTER account, contact us.