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Photography, Digital Art, Travel, NFTs, Adventure, Wanderlust, SuperWorld,

Founder - the girl & the fig

3D exhibitions

  • 4everKurious

    Creator, Collector, Curator v2

    22 Jul 2021 – 22 Nov 2021

    My NFT Journey Creator, Collector or Curator? V2 My new exhibit on @kunstmatrix. Lots of new artists in the collection and a few of my own. Want to share the love and support these artists in their own journeys and am excited to have these NFTS. Not looking to sell my collected items, but there are more editions and other works available by the artists if you take the time to look and discover the talent. @SINTANG_LIGALIG @laprismata1 @paperbuddha @Ariefwitjaksana @anisotropyNft @Eriksonap @nandanadim @parinheidari @jeffjag @allaroundartsy @thierry_tillier @radorossum @arakawamaison @tamigondo @BBAYRAM @cubancryptoart @ogkmndz @vwestphoto_nb @erphanmalek @annasagok @hz_mord @SV3ZR @nicolsmontalbe2 @arrofineart @quasimondo @deportedphotog @eco_rangel @carlao0126 @redforest @romandrits @dolcepaganne @cagric @hkap @voidvoidenter @jolenecasko @lilbridge @_ad_ad_ 2@4kurious @toddgillelandp @darko_r_ @octavioirving2 @godriguezart @kazimirmask @alistairkeddie @sabet @dielmaharanie @iofeye @jeanettemadden @kinamatahari @rafaelspif @annaxmalina @paintitbright @modnarwolf @code_punks @augustgaukstad

  • 4everKurious

    Collection :: Wings

    18 May 2021 – 18 Jul 2021

    When at rest, butterflies hold their wings vertically. "Adding wings to caterpillars does not create butterflies, it creates awkward and dysfunctional caterpillars. Butterflies are created through transformation." ~ Stephanie Marshall

  • 4everKurious

    Colors of Dawn + Dusk

    Group show curated with the primary colors of sunrise and sunset. Leaning towards the intense hues deep orange reminding me of the effects of global warming.

  • 4everKurious


    Deep exploration of purple hues through history, psychology, pantone and words. Photographic works digitally manipulated and transformed into abstract ‘paintings’. nftartist, nftcommunity, digitalart, photography, abstract

  • 4everKurious

    Mostly Black + White Collection

    21 Jun 2021 – 21 Sep 2021

    Part of my ever growing collection of NFTs. This gallery concentrates on all shades between white and black. There are a few hints of color here and there. AMAZING Artists and ART to discover. Click on the links to take you directly to the platform where you can possibly acquire one of the editions. (There are no affiliate fees involved here - just want to give these artists some well deserved support.)

  • 4everKurious

    Creator or Collector or Curator?

    06 Jun 2021 – 04 Jun 2022

    My NFT Journey. Creator or Collector or Curator? NFTs are new to so many of us. When I start talking about my new found excitement over the NFT space and cryptocurrency, friends look at me like I have two heads. I am patient as I try to explain, but I have found that it is easier to share art than explain non fungible tokens. CREATOR: During the pandemic, I have spent hours learning about NFTs and cryptocurrency. This pause brought me back to my photography and am exploring digital art on many applications. I am finding joy in this process. COLLECTOR: I find myself obsessively collecting other artists' work. I am not purchasing these to resell, I am not speculating on their value, I am just inspired by the level of talent from artists all over the world. Because NFTs are so new to the masses -- amazing and intriguing art can be collected at obtainable price levels. CURATOR: A huge part of my journey is to share my collection and garner more exposure for these artists. This exhibit represents the art that have collected over the past few months on both the Hic et Nunc and Opensea platforms. There are over 90 pieces in this show in three rooms. I hope you take the time to look at them all. NOTES: I am not selling any of my collection on the secondary market. However, many artists make multiple editions and it is possible that some of these items may be listed on the artists' platform. Links to the art can be viewed in the artist information. Some of these items are videos (click on the arrow by the art to play) I would still advise to view these on the links provided or at my collection link at The artist names are referred to by their twitter name and you can find out more about the artist through their twitter profiles.

    latest works

    • @modnarwolf

    • @AriefWitjaksana

    • @deportedphoto

    • @redforest

      Where are you going
    • @AllAroundArtsy

      The Flying Trapeze
    • @thierry_tillier

    • @cagric

    • @bbayram

    • Sergio Aguirrre

      Kiasli - De vuelta
    • @nandanadim

    • @erphanmalek

      The lost fox
    • @erphanmalek

      Whites #01
    • @Annasagok

    • @rafaelspif

      Viola Odorata
    • @Darko_R_

      The Fool
    • @AnisotropyNft

      A Prayer for the Sun
    • @tamigondo

      Loclopolis guara
    • @tamigondo

    • @ArakawaMaison

    • @ArakawaMaison

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