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    Against Teen Dating Violence

    29 Jun 2021 – 28 Jul 2021

    An online creative public contest was organised and opened, from March to June 2021, to adolescents 12-18y from all over the world, in order to reflect their understanding of relationships free from stereotypes and gender-based violence. We were looking for creative and thought-provoking artworks, capable of representing youngesters’ interpretation of a such delicate and under-researched theme, being teen dating violence, under various forms: Images, Videos, Texts. Trigger Warning: This exhibition contains material that deals with sexual violence which some visitors may find distressing. All contestants have given us permission to display their work

    neueste Werke

    • Adrija K / Lithuania 17

      Ode to keeping it in your pants
    • Francesca P / 16 Italy

      Maybe One Day
    • Mason T / UK 17

    • Tanuj S / India 16

      Envision of a world where love doesn't hurt.
    • Moschino C and Sofia E / Italy 16

      Before you go
    • Loiry J and Catherine S Italy 18

      We learn a lot by experience
    • Francesco L Greta Z and Riccardo C Italy 18

      The peers
    • Andrea P Visani F Emma R Pietro S Franko D / Italy 16

    • Edoardo D / Italy 17

    • Nausica T / Italy 15

      Tell me if this is love
    • Pietro L e Arianna T / Italy 17

      Blind Judgment
    • Selene R Linda R / Italy 18

      Pretend to be someone else on social media
    • Cecilia R and Chiara S / Italy 18

    • Laura M Mariasole N Garoni F / Italy 17

      Nowadays Violence
    • Asteria L / Greece 16

      No more racism
    • Nektarios D / Greece 16

    • Elena R / Italy 16

      Free yourself!
    • Dovydas D and Gabija M / Lithuania 15

      Social poster "I don't belong to anyone, only to myself"
    • Micaela B / Italy 16

      The hands of truth
    • Matej M / North Macedonia 17

      "Truthful Reflection"
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