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Kunstmatrix bietet ein einzigartiges Set von Tools, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, ansprechende 3D-Ausstellungsräume für Ihre Kunst zu erstellen, um Kunstliebhaber und Sammler zu beeindrucken. Präsentieren und verwalten Sie Ihre Kunst digital, nutzen Sie unsere Augmented-Reality-App, um eine Vorschau Ihrer Werke in jedem beliebigen Raum zu zeigen!

3D Ausstellungen

晴山藝術中心 Imavision Gallery

旅美華人-曾新耀2022《流逝與重生》台北油畫個展 Hsin-Yao Tseng ART 2022「Ephemeral and Renewal 」 Oil Painting Solo Exhibition in Taipei

03 Dec 2022 – 07 Jan 2023

『流逝與重生』 『在疫情肆虐過去的兩年裡,周圍的世界漸漸轉向了一個新的現實。看著這曾經熟悉的城市,慢慢消逝的繁榮,停工和動盪不定,人與人之間交際的流逝。種種不確定性的疑惑和孤寂感,因為疫情改變了許多人事物,人們嘗試與新生活和新工作模式找到平衡。思考著周圍的城市風景如何錯綜複雜地塑造了我這一章節的人生內心風景。 這次的新作品探索著對內在和外在景觀之間的那些界限,並深入挖掘視覺語言,探索新的領域。 走在印象寫實與抽象的邊緣,進入直覺和記憶的空間,往往是由寫實的地方提示,然後轉化為抽象的形狀。透過不同工具來回的紋理呈現,分層筆觸方法,不斷的重組和分裂,給了我新的方式嘗試不同技巧表現,描繪出時間的抽離與流逝。 突破了如何使用構成我作品的顏料、媒介和表面的界限。這種反省的過程也讓我透過紋理和色彩探索各種情緒,走在現實模糊的虛實線條最終溶解為抽象的地方。 這些畫是我的內省,是我的內心之旅,與自己的對話; 是希望,寄託也是出口。 現在,隨著生活慢慢回到後疫情更快且不一樣的節奏,我希望能保持慢速沉思,從中而度過這個失落和重新發現的季節。』

Addicted Art Gallery

Russell Young: Picture This

30 Nov 2022 – 28 Feb 2023

British-American Pop artist Russell Young is known for his compelling, larger-than-life silkscreen paintings appropriated from history and popular culture. Like pop artists past and present, Russell reinvents sometimes confronting images as a narrative on social, political and cultural dynamics. Russell is interested in secrets, those we keep, those we share, and those we are unwilling to confront. A rose petal might, upon a closer look, be riddled with holes. It is these holes Russell’s work illuminates. The holes of trauma, of carnal desire, of memory and history. Through them, he allows us to see vistas. In these vistas there are no expectations, no rules. He roams wherever he wishes, always looking for a space in which to be free, to experiment, to examine life and death. They are lands from which he resurrects dead dreams and crafts alternative ones. "His large silkscreen paintings of popular culture evidence a creative individual steeped in contemporary glamour, his work expressive of the shock and awe of fame, or those in close proximity to its glare and grit.” ~ John Finlay, Art Historian [Ambient Music: "Lust For Life", Iggy Pop, 1977]

Galerie ATTÒKK

Rainer Lather: MALEREI

14 Dec 2022 – 22 Feb 2023

RAINER LATHER, 1960 geboren in Marburg. Malerei seit früher Jugend. Werkkunstschule Flensburg (Gestaltung). Mehrjährige Aufenthalte in Papua Neuguinea und Lesotho. Seit 2003 vorwiegend Menschendarstellungen und Porträtserien (Konterfei, Haus Tambaran). Die Ideen und Inspirationen, die Rainer Lather heimsuchen, vergleicht er - den Filmemacher Werner Herzog zitierend – mit 'Einbrechern'. „Ich suche mir meine Themen nicht aus. Plötzlich stehen sie vor mir und verlangen Auseinandersetzung und Verwirklichung. Ich kann abhauen und mich entziehen, aber ich kann mir das zu Bearbeitende nicht aussuchen. Verdichtung und Poesie entsteht nur dann, wenn ich der Welt erlaube, Eindruck auf mich zu machen, unmittelbar und in einer gewissen Weise auch gewaltvoll.“ Die Online-Galerie ATTÓKK ist stolz, in dieser Ausstellung 26 großformatige Ölgemälde von Rainer Lather digital präsentieren zu dürfen.

Wysotski Studios

Going to Town

30 Nov 2022 – 31 Dec 2022

Wysotski Studios is collaborating with Town Brewery to deliver mouth watering painted options for use on their beer labels. The painters at Wysotski Studios have been working incredibly hard these past four weeks at coming up with winning designs. This exhibition delivers a wide range of wonderful abstracts to consider and enjoy.

Solas Art Gallery

2022 Christmas Group Exhibition at Solas Gallery

25 Nov 2022 – 14 Jan 2023

Christmas Group Exhibition at Solas Gallery 25th November 2022 - early January 2023

Taymour Grahne Projects

Chelsie Kirkey - To Remember at Midnight



01 Dec 2022 – 22 Dec 2022

International abstract art


Exposicición del Taller de Fotografía Básica e Intermedia

El día de los muertos en nuestro país es una celebración en que se recuerda a nuestros difuntos. En nuestro país, es el 1 de noviembre en que se visita a los cementerios, se arreglan los nichos, se pintan, se llenan de flores y junto a la familia pasan el día, como un día de celebración.



01 Jan 2023 – 31 Jan 2023


Fida x WLH x Elsa Peretti X Tiffany & Co.

The Fida members will be showing work in support of @withlovehalston in partnership with @nandoandelsaperettifoundations #elsaperettifoundation @tiffanyandco @rigaud_paris @halston @xcelbrands @istitutomarangoni_miami @ultrasuede_r An Exhibition and market place for contemporary fashion illustration. Partnering with The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, With Love and Tiffany & Co. Live in Miami.


The Power of Colour

02 Dec 2022 – 16 Dec 2022

Countries with shorter working hours typically have a smaller carbon footprint so reducing our work week from 5 to 4 days could have an environmental benefit too. Shortening our working week means that employees don’t need to commute as much and large office buildings are only in use four days a week.

The Ikouii Creative


03 Dec 2022 – 03 Feb 2023

The Ikouii Open is an annual online group exhibition of artwork created by both disabled and non-disabled artists worldwide. The goal of the open is to activate social movements, educate, inspire, and evoke change within the arts and disability communities. Artists who practice in a variety of mediums or disciplines at any stage in their art career were encouraged to submit work in response to a disability-centered theme. This year's theme explores the intersection of spirituality, religion, and disability. Historically individuals with disabilities have and still face barriers to be included in religious communities. Faith can be an important aspect of flourishing for many people with disabilities. Disability impacts major theological disciplines as well as the many dimensions of religious life and faith community practices. Artists of various faiths such as, but not limited to Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism. Islam. Hinduism, Buddhism were encouraged to submit works that respond to the theme. We hope this exhibit encourages diverse and authentic interfaith conversations on the intersection of theology and disability. People's Choice Voting will be open till December 10th - Vote for your favorite exhibiting Artist on Instagram, Facebook, or email Exhibiting Artists: Zoe Carlson, Alan Hopwood, Hope Davis, Ohso Fabone, Sean Michael Getty, Efrat Vaknin, Cheryl Kinderknecht, Ellen Mansfield, Lisa Merida-Paytes, Anna Ng, David Isakson, Murray Siple

Bloom Gallery


02 Dec 2022 – 23 Dec 2022

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. George Bernard Shaw The face is how we present ourselves to the outside world, a careful construct designed to disguise as much as it reveals. The works exhibited in CARAS represent aspects of the self, from the physical, to the masks we hide behind, our animalistic selves, to the frustration that lies just beyond our gaze. The public, the private, the displayed and the hidden – our face is both us and a facsimile of us, ephemeral and impermanent.

Sony Korea


sony center gangnam photo salon 11th

Engel Gallery

Malachi - Impression

02 Dec 2022 – 15 Jan 2023

Charcoal drawings by Malachi from the 1960's created in Malachi's unique impressionistic technique while listening to classical compositions

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Werkzeuge für Organisation, Präsentation und Verkauf von Kunst


digitale Inventarverwaltung

Eine zentrale Datenbank mit der Sie Kunst organisieren und zuordnen können. Und die Ihnen bequem erlaubt, Ihr ganzes Portfolio immer im Blick zu behalten.

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virtuelle Ausstellungsräume

Kuratieren, präsentieren und archivieren Sie Ihre Ausstellungen einfach in dreidimensionalen Räumen. Nutzen Sie die Ausstellungsarchitektur von KUNSTMATRIX oder lassen Sie sich Ihre eigene bauen.

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Kunstpräsentation für unterwegs

Kunstwerke sofort an jedem Ort digital Probehängen. Die maßstabsgetreue Darstellung erlaubt es - ohne aufwendige Kunsttransporte - vor Ort das gesamte Portfolio zu präsentieren.

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Entspannte Kontakt- und Kunstverwaltung mit Hilfe praktischer Software. Reduziert auf das Notwendige, erlaubt zügiges Arbeiten ohne Spezialkenntnisse.

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