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Kunstmatrix bietet ein einzigartiges Set von Tools, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, ansprechende 3D-Ausstellungsräume für Ihre Kunst zu erstellen, um Kunstliebhaber und Sammler zu beeindrucken. Präsentieren und verwalten Sie Ihre Kunst digital, nutzen Sie unsere Augmented-Reality-App, um eine Vorschau Ihrer Werke in jedem beliebigen Raum zu zeigen!

3D Ausstellungen


Независна земја, среќни граѓани

20 Sep 2021 – 19 Oct 2021

Низ оваа виртуелна изложба ви претставуваме избор од шеесетина слики, цртежи и графики кои се истакнуваат со својот квалитет и оригиналност, како и трите наградени дела во рамки на јавниот ликовен конкурс „Независна земја, среќни граѓани“ кој ХОРУС го објави по повод 30-годишнината од независноста на Македонија.



19 Sep 2021 – 30 Nov 2021

Shir Pakman Is a 3D illustrator based in Tel Aviv. Shir Pakman graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Majoring in Animation. Pakman works as a Freelance 3D illustrator, designer, and animator based in Tel-Aviv. "My true passion is to create art. Every spare moment I have, I dedicate myself to illustrate and work on my personal projects. My tools are mostly in the digital world, but my true passion came from classical art; I strive to bring these two very different worlds together by using techniques of brushstrokes in various figure paintings." Shir Pakman has always been interested in the human body. As an animator, Shir uses 3D as a tool to present the body in a volumetric and compelling way. By distorting each character in her works, she expresses feelings within the character and the viewer. The decomposition of the body in her work gives the organs a different meaning from the familiar ones. The exhibition consists of 2 series - The women's series - Women with big and robust bodies glorify strength and mass. The women's poses are of Roman and Greek sculptures. In the second series, Shir subjects are inspired by sculptures and depict hands and other body parts. A character is in a room, and there is a sense of quiet and immobility, making the "sculptures" in the painting detached from the outside world.

King Maurice G

und so wurde meine Welt Bunt

01 Oct 2021 – 30 Dec 2021

Hallo , ich zeige hier meine Welt der Tiere und einige witzige Bilder. Meine Welt ist Bunt und runter gebrochen auf das wesentliche .... Bunte, fröhliche Emotionen ... mein Motto : Lebe Kunst , großartig , Bunt und Laut . Ich liebe die Natur und alles was damit zu tun hat .

PhilBAS and PhilFAS Exhibitions

“Of Art and Wine: Para Sa Kalikasan" Part II: Botanical Art Exhibition - Gallery 1 (Malaysian Artists)

The “Of Art And Wine: Para sa Kalikasan” Philippines-Malaysia Joint Art Exhibition opened on July 29, 2021 to commemorate the World Nature Conservation Day. The two-month art exhibition saw the collaboration between artists from the Philippines and Malaysia in raising awareness for native species through the visual arts. The prestigious walls of Gallery C were not only a venue, but also a testimony of how an esteemed institution like Conrad Manila supports the advocacy of conserving and protecting wildlife and its habitat. Fueled by the passion and dedication of the Philippine Fauna Art Society and the strong social responsibility of Conrad Manila, more than 160 artworks of native species were exhibited. Conrad Manila extends the art exhibition, due to its initial success, through a second segment, “Of Art and Wine: Para Sa Kalikasan II Botanical Art Exhibition”. The sister organization of PhilFAS, the Philippine Botanical Art Society (PhilBAS) will exhibit eighty-five artworks showcasing botanical art from September 18 to October 23, 2021. Ms. Bing Famoso—the founder of PhilFAS and PhilBAS—said, “we realized that, as artist advocates, we cannot feature only one facet of our biodiversity”. Ms. Famoso believes that subsequently displaying botanical art after the fauna exhibition, will provide the platform for all species to be represented. The Philippines and Malaysia boast thousands endemic flora species, making both countries two of the seventeen megadiverse countries in the world. The “Of Art and Wine: Para Sa Kalikasan II Botanical Art Exhibition” hopes that awareness will strengthen the advocacy of conserving and protecting endangered botanical species.

Kloser Contemporary Art / BLAACKBOX


23 Sep 2021 – 23 Oct 2021

Between utopias and dystopias, the globalized African Diaspora is constituted by a universe of cultural fusions which never seemed as powerful as during the XXIst century. Relying on their Malian, Congolese, and Cameroonian heritage, Diarra, Kialeuka and Kemkeng Noah create unique images which translate their existential experiences of being Africans outside Africa. Stigmatizations, scars, and drowned identities becoming the many engines to fuel their pride, their richness, and passion for others. Today, all live in Brussels, and it is from here that they build visual bridges which echo their own life paths. Up to us to borrow these while the exhibition runs, or perhaps even long after that.

Drew Hires

DH Sets

22 Sep 2021 – 22 Sep 2022

Variations on themes


2021 Young new artists

22 Sep 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

전시 기간 : 2021.09.28-12.31 사전공개 기간 : 2021.09.22-09.28



Outside In

Layers of Creativity – Outside In Collection curated by Jo Baring

16 Sep 2021 – 13 Jan 2022

o is the director of the Ingram Collection of Modern British & Contemporary Art, a former director of Christie’s UK and the co-host of the podcast ‘Sculpting Lives’ – which was recommended as a top arts podcast by the Royal Academy, Evening Standard and The Guardian among others. She has also curated exhibitions at museums and galleries across the UK, is a fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and a trustee of the arts charities Artists Collecting Society and ArtCan. Layers of Creativity will feature work by 14 artists from Outside In’s collection and showcases its ‘real breadth of materials’ from textiles and unusual materials, to abstraction and traditional figuration.



The Voice of Art

Member Show - Fall 2021

15 Sep 2021 – 19 Oct 2021


euphoria utopia

16 Sep 2021 – 30 Sep 2021

[전시 개요] 전시명: ephoria utopia 참여 작가: 강시욱(Shuk__o) 기간: 2021.09.16.~09.30 전시 장소: 주최: artstream 프로젝트명: Half & Half #3 총괄 기획: 배서희

Plus One Gallery

Celebrating 20 Years

16 Sep 2021 – 16 Sep 2022

We hope you enjoy this Group Show featuring paintings by Alexandra Averbach, Javier Banegas, Paul Beliveau, Tom Betts, Adolfo Bigioni, Jacques Bodin, Paul Butvila, Paul Cadden, Pedro Campos, Andres Castellanos, Francois Chartier, Alex Devereux, Otto Duecker, Romain E., Gabriela Ezcurra, Gustavo Fernandes, David Finnigan, JKB Fletcher, Stephen Fox, Mike Francis, Daryl Gortner, Nourine Hammad, Simon Harling, Andrew Hemingway. Simon Hennessey, Peter Hohsl, Ben Johnson, David Kessler, Young-sung Kim, Alexandra Klimas, Patrice Larue, Carl Laubin, William Lazos, Igor Levashov, Carlos Marijuan, Christian Marsh, Tom Martin, Angus McEwan, Elena Molinari, Stefan Nandance, Barry Oretsky, Steve Perrault, Adria Pina Alegre, Sergey Piskunov,C. Poole, Peter Rocklin, Denis Ryan, Ben Schonzeit, Glen Semple, Adrian Smart, Petr Smolko, Steve Smulka, Rudy Sparkuhl, Francesco Stile, Tad Suzuki, Andrew Tift, Antonis Titakis, James Van Patten, Roger Watt, Johannes Wessmark, David Wheeler, Steve Whitehead, Dennis Wojtkiewicz, Craig Wylie & Harold Zabady! For any enquiries or to arrange a viewing, please contact, or phone the gallery directly on 020 7730 7656.

Wendy Grace


17 Sep 2021 – 11 Oct 2021

A collection of Abstract paintings that investigate colour, pattern and abstraction. Brilliant compositions of colour that create energy and movement reflecting variations in pigment, pattern and texture of paint that experiment with the process of mark-making and colour. Organic compositions that capture my feelings experienced over the last several months of isolation and provided an escape from reality.



21 Sep 2021 – 11 Oct 2021

生田宏司 銅版畫展Koji IKUTA Mezzotint Exhibition 亞億藝術空間線上展廳帶來2021最新作品以及經典之作。藝術家透過生活日常的敏銳觀察力與細膩技法刻畫出栩栩如生、充滿生命力的作品。藝術家透過生活日常的敏銳觀察力與細膩技法刻畫出栩栩如生、充滿生命力的作品。 源於17世紀誕生於歐洲銅版畫Mezzotint(美柔汀)技法、亦稱黑的技法,利用搖點刀將銅版版面咬出無數細點,再以磨刀刮磨版面細點的方式,作出深淺黑白不同層次,使銅版印製時產生名變化的中間調子,呈現柔美的效果,今日美柔汀版畫是現代版畫藝術銅版畫表現的重要一環。 日本藝術家生田宏司的作品,從早期表現枯木的系列,一直至今以自然生態靜物題材衍變的內容,描繪的動物主角貓頭鷹,花鳥,小動物……等,透過貓頭鷹為主題表達出人類的靈性與內在,貓頭鷹如同藝術家的化身。 經歷 1953年 日本山形縣出生。多摩美術大學繪畫科日本畫專攻畢業 第一屆國際迷你版畫展 (首席獎・1991年也同時獲得該獎)美國 日法現代美術展(藝術讀賣獎) 1989年 中華民國版畫雙年展 文建會主委獎(作品收藏於國立台中美術館) 每年在日本國內各地展出、2000年起至今每年於法國舉行個展、聯展 收藏 史密森尼博物館Arthur M. Sackler畫廊(美國) 洛杉磯郡博物館(美國) 羅伯遜藝術與科學中心(美國) 多比藝術博物館(法國) Ticotin藝術博物館(ßSlael) 行政樓文化建設委員會(台灣) 當代版畫博物館(挪威) 克拉科夫國家藝術博物館(波蘭) 千葉縣立美術館(日本) 佐倉市藝術博物館(日本)

alle Ausstellungen

Werkzeuge für Organisation, Präsentation und Verkauf von Kunst


digitale Inventarverwaltung

Eine zentrale Datenbank mit der Sie Kunst organisieren und zuordnen können. Und die Ihnen bequem erlaubt, Ihr ganzes Portfolio immer im Blick zu behalten.

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virtuelle Ausstellungsräume

Kuratieren, präsentieren und archivieren Sie Ihre Ausstellungen einfach in dreidimensionalen Räumen. Nutzen Sie die Ausstellungsarchitektur von KUNSTMATRIX oder lassen Sie sich Ihre eigene bauen.

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Kunstpräsentation für unterwegs

Kunstwerke sofort an jedem Ort digital Probehängen. Die maßstabsgetreue Darstellung erlaubt es - ohne aufwendige Kunsttransporte - vor Ort das gesamte Portfolio zu präsentieren.

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Entspannte Kontakt- und Kunstverwaltung mit Hilfe praktischer Software. Reduziert auf das Notwendige, erlaubt zügiges Arbeiten ohne Spezialkenntnisse.

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