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Kunstmatrix bietet ein einzigartiges Set von Tools, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, ansprechende 3D-Ausstellungsräume für Ihre Kunst zu erstellen, um Kunstliebhaber und Sammler zu beeindrucken. Präsentieren und verwalten Sie Ihre Kunst digital, nutzen Sie unsere Augmented-Reality-App, um eine Vorschau Ihrer Werke in jedem beliebigen Raum zu zeigen!

3D Ausstellungen


SU RICHARDSON ‘Wonderwoman'

01 Aug 2020 – 31 Aug 2020

A pioneer of 1970s Feminist Art, Su RICHARDSON played a key role in revalidating craft as a fine art form and its potential as a means of disrupting the white cube aesthetic. Simultaneously celebrating, exploiting and subverting feminine craft skills such as crocheting and embroidery, Richardson’s homemade objects stir the unconscious of domesticity and femininity and their mutual implications with humour and dexterity. Richardson became known through her association with the Postal Art Event that took place in Britain in the mid-1970s. What started as a collaborative project to connect women in different cities through exchange of artworks in the post gradually evolved into a ground-breaking art project ‘Feministo’ and a series of exhibitions and installations around the U.K., including the acclaimed presentation ‘Portrait of the Artist as Housewife’ at the ICA, London in 1977. Richardson’s D.I.Y. aesthetic took feminist art in the 1970s in different directions - fitting her art practice around motherhood, work and household tasks. Her use of crochet was deliberate - traditionally considered a woman’s skill that Richardson aimed to politicise and imbue with greater meaning. Artworks from this period were made out of self-reflection, with several pieces created for herself and friends. They were not intended as standalone, anonymous art objects to be ‘elevated’ into a fine art context and removed from the domestic and personal sphere. Her humorously subversive aesthetic anticipated contemporary countercultures and movements that combined craft with street art, such as yarn bombing and guerrilla knitting, and was a precursor to a younger generation of female British artists who combined visual puns with domestic objects, including perhaps most notably Sarah Lucas in her seminal works Self Portrait with Fried Egg (1996) or Pauline Bunny (1997). By injecting familiar household objects, like eggs, nylons and stiletto shoes, into art aided the process of defamiliarisation and what art historian Alexandra Kokoli has coined ‘undoing homeliness’ destabilising the naturalised connection between women and the home. Richard Saltoun’s online exhibition ‘Su RICHARDSON: Wonderwoman’ features many of Richardson’s key works from the 1970s, presented alongside new pieces created for the show. The works continue to play on ideas of craft, memory, childhood, friendships and motherhood while introducing a new direction in Richardson’s work that deals with ageing and the facelessness of older women. These new pieces, including one of only four life-size pieces ever created by the artist, were realised at the start of a UK-wide lockdown brought on by the international outbreak of Covid-19, which provided Richardson with a unique period of time to begin making again and offered a revitalised moment of self-reflection, now from the perspective of a 73-year-old woman rather than a young mother.

Simon Hall

WGU Photography & Film Degree Show

Welcome to the final show in lockdown of the Glyndwr University Photography & Film 2020 graduates

Casa Equis


08 Aug 2020 – 02 Sep 2020

Samara Colina Borja nació en la Ciudad de México en 1992. Actualmente vive y trabaja en Guanajuato, Gto. México. Su trabajo surge desde el interés por las formas políticas, simbólicas e ideológicas producidas por la multiplicidad de realidades que se entrelazan en el espacio público. Busca exaltar o enmarcar las imágenes producto de la comunión, afección y confluencia de cuerpos que coinciden y habitan un espacio. Este proyecto en el que la artista busca analizar y reinterpretar las características morfológicas y semánticas de la multitud en la protesta. A Samara le interesa enfatizar la potencia visual que posee el carácter coreográfico de la manifestación, la coordinación de los cuerpos que devienen en un solo cuerpo político, una interpretación pictórica de la estética de masas. "La distinción entre lo uno y lo múltiple fue uno de los conflictos fundamentales para definir las categorías político-sociales que, en los albores de la modernidad, dieron paso al surgimiento de los primeros estados-nacionales, hoy formas de organización social depositarias de una crisis que se intensifica en todos los ámbitos de lo que se ha llamado la vida social. Para Thomas Hobbes la integridad de la esfera pública y la constitución del estado, radican en la existencia del pueblo, una entidad socio-política que tiene lugar cuando los muchos se afirman a través de la unidad, y manifiestan una voluntad única. Es el pueblo en tanto que uno que puede devenir sujeto político y ejercer el poder soberano, de ahí que desde esta perspectiva, la presencia del pueblo se corresponda con la presencia del estado. Contrario a esta concepción del pueblo, el concepto de multitud se refiere a lo que se mantiene plural, al cúmulo de singularidades que contrastan con la unidad del pueblo, ya que mientras en este los muchos se han unificado en un solo cuerpo político, la pluralidad indefinida de cuerpos es una característica de la multitud, lo que desafía la lógica soberana de la unidad, al manifestar la posibilidad de un actuar compartido que no necesita ni de un cuerpo ni de una voluntad única para afirmarse: no hay jerarquía de partes, extremidades u órganos, cuyo funcionamiento se rija por una cabeza, lo que sí hay en la multitud es la contradicción viva de una unidad plural. El devenir de la multitud no se resuelve un tercer término, no es una operación sino una estrategia, por lo tanto su manifestación no radica solo en hacerse presente, sino en las formas particulares en las que puede verse y sentirse, según diferentes condiciones y momentos, sus señales crean también una gramática propia, en la que la identidad como la categoría previa y posterior a lo colectivo es replanteada." Daniel Aguilar Ramírez

Lisa Marie


27 Jul 2020 – 09 Aug 2020

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS WITH 40 PHOTOGRAPHS In the Lockdown of 2020 in London, Lisa Marie, an abstract artist, was confined to her small flat in the centre of the city. For her, the artistic process could not stop, so she continued to make work with what she had. The constraints were a part of the process that she knew well as a designer in film & TV. She wanted to celebrate her impending 40th birthday milestone in July by creating her first exhibition showcasing this lockdown art, finally feeling confident of her own voice as an artist and finding the determination to launch her work in a time of global 'gloomth'. Abstraction is key to Lisa Marie’s process. It is an act of liberation, an act of transformation that allows us to return to the familiar but see and experience something wholly new. It speaks to that which cannot be intellectualised, that which must be felt. Lisa Marie used photography to explore abstraction whilst trapped indoors. She used whatever was in her home and after three months, a set of 40 photographs emerged that used simply her iPhone camera, left-over modelmaking supplies, her inkjet printer and sunshine. She was inspired by the work of artists Florence Henri, Dora Maurer, Uta Barth, and Eileen Quinlan. Here she presents 5 series of works, 'Sunshine', 'Mise en abyme', 'Shadow Modulator', 'Surface Detail' and 'Light Box'.

Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Robert Motherwell - prints

01 Aug 2020 – 01 Nov 2020

ArtCan Gallery


ccp exhibits

LIGALIG: Gawad Alt 2.0 Virtual Exhibit

07 Aug 2020 – 31 Oct 2020

The Gawad Alt 2.0: Ligalig exhibition room features over fifty posters from the animation, documentary, experimental and short feature categories of the CCP Gawad Alternatibo para sa Pelikula at Video 2020. It also includes posters and character designs from the inaugural emergent media category, with links to the actual video games that can be played.

Wyn 317 Gallery


07 Aug 2020 – 18 Sep 2020

A look into the world of Canadian artist Sean Jantzi featuring works straight from the studio. Jantzi's paintings speak through a language of contemporary pop where seductive connotations act like advertisements for a good life. Luminescent hues and crisp contours emulate a digital quality.



12 Jul 2020 – 12 Aug 2020

FINE SEAS – is Monaco-based art concept, which presents fine art photography for sea and yachts admirers. When the sunlight or moonlight "paints" the sea gold, it glitters in our eyes, attracting wealth and abundance to our life. Sparking gold across the ripples of the gentle sea brings a feeling of freedom and empowers for best decisions. "Gold like the sun, which melts wax, but hardens clay, expands great souls", says Antoine de Rivarol. Exhibition GOLDEN TEMPER reveals eleven art-works dedicated to the sea, yachts and gold, and permits art connoisseurs to voyage into golden harmony and to expand their souls.

The Absent Gallery

Lockdown Open

25 Jul 2020 – 04 Oct 2020

The Absent Gallery's first Open Exhibition. Featuring artwork from 25 artists based in Somerset and Bordering counties. The theme of this exhibition was Lockdown.


Becoming and Being

Presenting WWCE's

The Creative Showcase

04 Aug 2020 – 07 Aug 2020

Showcasing the #creativity across WWCE


Recent Available Work

Cosmic phenomena are not meant to be studied exclusively through the scientific lens. The Universe is also a poet, a mystic, and It knows how to communicate with us in a symbolic way. This new series of acrylic paintings focus on the study of human irises and cosmic phenomena. Nebulae are stars that imploded at the end of their life, leaving behind them clouds of gas and radiation that veil the sky. Slow dances that evolve on periods of time beyond comparison on the human scale.

M1 Fine Art

The Wildlife Collection

17 Jul 2020 – 31 Jul 2020

Artist Inspire A Nation


01 Jun 2020 – 30 Sep 2020

alle Ausstellungen

Werkzeuge für Organisation, Präsentation und Verkauf von Kunst


digitale Inventarverwaltung

Eine zentrale Datenbank mit der Sie Kunst organisieren und zuordnen können. Und die Ihnen bequem erlaubt, Ihr ganzes Portfolio immer im Blick zu behalten.

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virtuelle Ausstellungsräume

Kuratieren, präsentieren und archivieren Sie Ihre Ausstellungen einfach in dreidimensionalen Räumen. Nutzen Sie die Ausstellungsarchitektur von KUNSTMATRIX oder lassen Sie sich Ihre eigene bauen.

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Kunstpräsentation für unterwegs

Kunstwerke sofort an jedem Ort digital Probehängen. Die maßstabsgetreue Darstellung erlaubt es - ohne aufwendige Kunsttransporte - vor Ort das gesamte Portfolio zu präsentieren.

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Entspannte Kontakt- und Kunstverwaltung mit Hilfe praktischer Software. Reduziert auf das Notwendige erlaubt zügiges Arbeiten ohne Spezialkenntnisse.

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