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    The Drawing Exhibition, A Visible Mark: Expressive-Realistic-Symbolic

    07 Feb 2022 – 03 Apr 2022

    At its most basic, drawing is a visible mark. But it is also physical energy, a symbol, an expression, an inner form, an exploration, a kind of hypnotism, a visualized thought. Juror: Scott Bakal

  • Menino Arts Center

    In Flux, An exhibition of MEGA Prints and Drawings by Sasja Lucas

    15 Oct 2021 – 04 Dec 2021

    Works on paper ranging in size up to 72' x 52" Prints on paper ranging in size up to 72" x 40

  • Menino Arts Center

    A Sense of Place : Rosemarie Michmerhuizen

    01 Mar 2021 – 26 Apr 2021

    A Retrospective of Collages "My media is collage. My work is a journey from reality to fantasy: I disassemble and reassemble images. The most important activity in collage-making is seeing. Believing what you see and knowing it is real. I do not attach hidden meanings or stories to these pieces. Each work arises from mutual attraction among several images. I free those from their context or their original surroundings, so that they can become acquainted with each other in the final construction." For inquiries about the purchase of a work, click on the envelope icon, bottom right of each image and submit a message. Curated by

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    Infinite Dimensions

    02 Apr 2021 – 28 May 2021

    Infinite Dimensions: Theoretical, Physical, Imaginary. Possible or Impossible? Juried by Chris Fitch, a sculptor, engineer and inventor Curated by Sasja Lucas The exhibition features 36 pieces from 21 artists. Adele Rothman Ann Turley Bradley Litwin Erik Gehring Gabriel Polonsky Ginny Zanger Jan Shapiro Joni Lohr Kiah Friedman Kyle Collins Linda Eyster Lisa Faye Goren Liz Hardy Lyasya Sinkovski Maria Luongo Nancy Marks Phyllis Bluhm Richard Youngstrom Rosemarie Michmerhuizen Sara Gately Suzette Lebenzon

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    Collages and Constructions, Mixed Media

    02 Aug 2021 – 27 Sep 2021

    ".....collage upended the fine-art world when Cubists Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso incorporated bits of newspaper and printed wallpaper into their paintings, subverting traditional definitions of what is important art. Combining painting, real-world objects, images, and ephemera into a single work, collage directly questions the tendency to separate fine art from everyday objects, the delineations between so-called high and low culture, and the status of the artist. Adopted by subsequent artists, collage became a dominant technique in the Dada, Surrealist, Pop Art, and Neo-Dada movements, each using the technique to explore different subject matters. Because collage often incorporates mass-produced images, the practice is often inseparable from its historical and political context, making it a mode of powerful social commentary. Contemporary artists continue to explore the richness of collage in their efforts to question assumptions, biases, and pressing political crises." - Juror: Ekua Holmes, artist, illustrator, designer About her work, Holmes said, “In everything I create I hear them saying, ‘Remember Me,’ and through my work I honor their legacies by bringing them forward to life with torn and cut shapes of found colors and textures. With these scraps and remnants, assembled like a down-home quilt, I rebuild my world, putting in what speaks to my personal and cultural narrative.” Curated by Sasja Lucas

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    Contemporary Quilts-Modern and Improvisational

    25 Oct 2021 – 23 Dec 2021

    Contemporary Quilts, Modern and Improvisational. Jurors: Susan Thompson, and Napolean Jones-Henderson, “Contemporary”: off-the-grid, off-center, minimalist, asymmetrical, high contrast, negative space focus, free-motion style. (No traditional fixed pattern) This exhibition features 42 quilts made by 28 quilters from 19 neighborhoods and towns surrounding Boston. It features quilts as large as 96" x 72", and as small as 9" x 11". We hope you enjoy the wide variety of work you see represented here. WHY WE QUILT Quilting reflects a choice to work in a medium that is counterculturally and lusciously slow. It can be practiced as a communal activity and single quilts can involve the work of one to many quilters. Improv quilting calls upon the quilter to start with a few fabrics and an idea or two about shapes to work with, and then to work intuitively, not following a preconceived idea about how the finished quilt will look. The final image is achieved through the physical interaction with fabric in a process that is meditative, engaging, and centering. Improv quilting allows for individual expression that is less encumbered by art world expectations. It embraces materials ranging from new to upcycled, used fabrics, and anything that can be sewn, glued, or otherwise attached to the quilt surface. The rich tradition of quilting, still predominantly, though not exclusively, practiced by women, produces quilts that are warm, soft, and bring comfort and quilts that embody powerful social commentary. Curated by Sasja Lucas, Co-Curator, Mary Harman, Instagram at @maryharma

  • Menino Arts Center

    Curry College: Student, Alumni, And Faculty

    18 Apr 2022 – 15 May 2022

    Juried, curated, and displayed both physically and virtually in a 3D gallery STUDENT ARTISTS Anthony Aiken Alexandria Campbell William hagar Kava Hanuschok Sydney Imprescio _Samanth _Incha Kirchmvpr channa Lauder Alan Liang Abigail Leonard Kyle MacDonald Eduardo Marquez neIsey Mordles Ariana Jade Odwara Abadan sanchez Valerie Sarakinioks Jenna Shelley Eleanor Udaven Hannah Zall ALUMNI ARTISTS Daniel Roupr Anthony Creary Dominique roouy -Yaola Goldblat Elizabeth Guerro Nicolette Mover Stephanie Scanion Max Stone FACULTY ARTISTS Laurie Alpert Elfam burk Iris kumar Julie Martini Bruce Wahl Menino Arts Center Curator: Sasja Lucas

  • Menino Arts Center

    Shared Habitat Earth

    26 May 2022 – 30 Jun 2022

    Shared Habitat Earth Exhibition Curated by Barbara Eskin and Sasja Lucas May 25 - June 30, 2022 In Person Reception at the MAC: Thursday, May 26, 7 - 830 pm The exhibition features the work of 23 SHE artists representing cross species respect, intercultural solidarity, and a shared sense of responsibility; and 6 youth artists with Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that has engaged nearly 25,000 students worldwide to use art to advocate for the environment. The exhibition will be presented both physically at the MAC and virtually in a 3D gallery you can stroll through at Artists: Sharon Whitham June August Jennifer Jean Okumura Susan H Leskin Lisa Goren Kirstin Ilse Becky Gibbs Helen Canetta Barbara Fletcher Lisa Reindorf Bette Ann Libby Marianne A. Kinzers Laurie McGowan Yvonne Lamothe Barbara Eskin Agusta Agustsson Ruth Ginsberg-Place Gillian Frazier Niamh Ultaigh Nora Charney Rosenbaum James C Varnum Marjorie Kaye Phyllis Ewen Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Artists: Chloe Lou Ishanvi Kommula Ava Park Roy Kim Orion Yang Ayla Ikezawa

  • Menino Arts Center

    33rd Annual Members Exhibit, Hyde Park Art Association

    13 Jul 2022 – 18 Sep 2022

    The Menino Arts Center. 26 Central Ave. Hyde Park. MA a Real and 3D virtual gallery exhibition works by 56 members Awards juried by John Crowley Curator/Exhibitions Boston City Hall Exhibition curated by Sasja Lucas Other Media: Gail Bos Catherine Caddigan Kevin Faherty Barbara Fritz-Elliot Liz Hardy Mary Harman Mary Hogan Carol Johnson Robert Johnson Angela Kelly Rob Larsen Sasja Lucas Pat McSweeney Erica Nazzaro Mardi Reed Tamara Safford Martha Starr Janice Williams Painting: Susan Allen Dotti Baker Sharon Berke Phyllis Bluhm Terry Boutelle Daniel Boyer Robert Boyle David Dauer Suzanne Hoffman Larry Johnson Jamie Kendrioski Barbara Kibler Harikleia Kuliopulos Oscar Lazo Gabriel Polonsky Maritza Ranero Judith Robichaud Mary Russell Jan Shapiro Lyasya Sinkovski Susan Strouse Donna Tessari Ann Turley Albert Wallstrom Glenn Williams Ginny Zanger Photography: Dimitrios Bakolas Myrna Balk Linde Eyster Erik Gehring Virginia Holloway Joni Lohr Rob MacIntosh Kay Matthew Kathy O’Brien Kaye Richardson Adele Rothman Mark Wise

  • Menino Arts Center

    Violence Transformed-Unquiet Voices

    03 Oct 2022 – 06 Nov 2022

    Violence Transformed, Unquiet Voices (Invitational) Menino Arts Center, 26 Central Ave, Hyde Park, MA October 3 – November 6 When the art reveals the ignored and is about troubling times. The image exposes problems The truth bursts into color on canvas and into 3D When the art celebrates affirmations, resilience and quiet. Our voices join to find solutions and our hope for the future endures. Artists Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 14, 7-8:30pm, Artist's Talk, Shea Justice Menino Arts Center Artists Closing Reception: Sunday, November 6, 3-5pm Menino Arts Center. Longwood Symphony Orchestra trio or solo TAP (Transformative Action Project) Interventions Workshops Free-of-charge trauma-informed interventions to groups of people who have suffered from or been witnesses to violence and the risk of violence, racial, ethnic or gender bigotry, child abuse, sexual abuse, etc and/or who have worked with victims of such abuse and thus may be victims of vicarious or secondary trauma. TAP Workshop: Thursday, Oct 20, 6:30-8pm L'Merchie, TAP Director of Creative Engagement TAP Workshop: Wed, Nov 2, 6-7:30pm Barbara Hamm, Co-Director of TAP Info: Info: Info: African American Masters in Residency Program at North Eastern University: AAMARP Artists: Susan Thompson Hakim Raquib Reginald Jackson Khalid Kodi Brian McFarlane Don West Gloretta Baynes Ricardo Gomez L’Merchie Frazier Jeff Chandler Shea Justice Kofi Kayiga Pamella Goncalves Myrna Balk Marnie Sinclair Terry Boutelle Mary Russell Sasja Lucas Gail Bos Ruth Rosner Nancy Marks Mary McCusker Curators: Gail Bos, Ruth Rosner, Gloretta Baynes MAC Curator: Sasja Lucas

    exhibiting artists

    latest works

    • Sasja Lucas

      Mindstream, Stilled Life with Skull
      24 x 12 inch (h x w)
      acrylic, oil
      USD 500
    • Pamella Goncalves, Gail Bos, Mary McCusker

      Micro Aggressions
      120 x 60 inch (h x w)
    • Pamella Goncalves

      Hidden Secrets
      9.5 x 14 inch (h x w)
      handmade books
    • Poster
      35 x 24 inch (h x w)
    • Susan Thompson

      Protest of the Nedeble Doll
      40 x 25 inch (h x w)
      art quilt
    • Gloretta Baynes

      Bring Back Our Girls
      68 x 16 inch (h x w)
      Fabric Dress
    • Gloretta Baynes

      Strange Fruit
      32 x 25 inch (h x w)
      airbrush on fabric
      USD 1200
    • Gloretta Baynes

      Ancestral Dolls
      82 x 22 inch (h x w)
      airbrush on leather, triptych
    • Gloretta Baynes

      Unquiet Voice
      24.5 x 16 inch (h x w)
      Airbrush on leather on stand
      USD 750
    • Gloretta Baynes

      Bedu Mask
      60 x 16 inch (h x w)
      airbrush on leather
      USD 2000
    • Gloretta Baynes

      Abakua Mask
      45 x 28 inch (h x w)
      airbrush on fabric
    • Gloretta Baynes

      Stan Strickland
      17 x 21 inch (h x w)
      USD 500
    • Gloretta Baynes

      The Middle Passage 3
      10 x 18 inch (h x w)
    • Gloretta Baynes

      The Middle Passage 2
      10 x 18 inch (h x w)
    • Gloretta Baynes

      The Middle Passage 1
      10 x 81 inch (h x w)
    • Kofi Kayiga

      Voices of the Diaspora
      36 x 58.5 inch (h x w)
      paint on tar paper
    • L'Merchie Frazier

      30 x 20 inch (h x w)
    • L'Merchie Frazier

      Voices of the Soil 2
      40 x 16 inch (h x w)
      mixed media assemblage
    • L'Merchie Frazier

      Voices of the Soil 1
      50 x 16 inch (h x w)
      mixed media assemblage
    • L'Merchie Frazier

      Erika Huggins: Liberation Groceries
      47 x 37 inch (h x w)
      fiber applique