Color Mood NFT

Color Mood NFT

Color Mood NFT

A rare collection of abstract expressions using colors and neuroscience to influence your visual system and induce a state of meditation featuring interactive artist Daniel Kersh.

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  • Color Mood NFT

    Red Chakra Room by mycoocoon

    Welcome to an enlightened community of change-makers. It is a true honor for us to share our NFT collection and have you become a guardian of color for meditation. As you may already know, color is perceptual and deeply personal; it’s the only form of energy we can actually see. Visit our new virtual gallery, and this month, embrace the energy of ‘red'. Red stands for the root chakra... energy, vitality and strength. Red is the hue that first attracts our attention, and is responsible for your survival. Your perception of red will assist you in refocusing your attention

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