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YES Employment + Entrepreneurship

YES Employment + Entrepreneurship

As a non-for-profit organization, YES Employment + Entrepreneurship enriches the community by providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses.

We can help you launch your career, your business, your future.

3D exhibitions

  • YES Employment + Entrepreneurship

    Connecting Creative Youth (CCY)

    01 Mar 2021 – 31 Mar 2021

    Welcome to the Connecting Creative Youth Virtual Gallery, showcasing 26 emerging artists from across Quebec. The gallery has been designed to increase visibility for local artists, and be a place where all visitors can find something to enjoy. To view an artist’s work, click on any image, read their bio, and visit their website through the link at the top; we also recommend you enter the "Guided Tour" for a smooth viewing experience. Now is more important than ever to buy local and support Quebec’s emerging artists. Encourage them by spreading the word, sharing this virtual gallery on social media, or even sending them a message of support! A project by YES Employment + Entrepreneurship with support from the Government of Canada. Enjoy the tour!

    latest works

    • About CCY, 2021
    • The CCY Virtual Gallery, 2021
    • Jeremy Cem Dursun

      Igle, 2021
    • Althea Yi

      (It's) the Pits, 2021
    • Beatrice S. Vaillard

      Divisive, 2018
    • Christine ML Lee

      a safe place // light moonwalk, 2019
    • Karo Dobi / Karolina Dobiszewska

      Marooned, 2020
    • Zoe Qiu

      The Fake KFC?, 2020
    • Filidonos Tatianna

      Vibration II, 2020
    • Louise Campion

      Bad boy 1, 2020
    • Heaven Genderfck (they/them)

      Heaven Genderfck , 2020
    • Erika Munoz

      Apartamento, 2021
    • Andrea Warnick

      Canada's Heart of Steel, ArcelorMittal, Dofasco, Hamilton, Ontario, 2013
    • Alexandra Larcombe

      Moving On, 2020
    • Emily Read

      Lince, 2019
    • Rameez Karim

      Awaaz, 2020
    • Amadoodle

      Fragile, 2019
    • Kyle Bernard

      Flower Child, 2020
    • Lara Haikal

      Sinking, 2020
    • Subtle Therapy

      Peaceful Glow, 2020
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