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3D exhibitions

  • Vodafone Fiji


    08 Oct 2021 – 07 Nov 2021

    latest works

    • Vodafone Fiji

      VitiClicks, 2021
      250 x 300 cm (h x w)
    • Caroline Prakash

      Sunsets are so marvelous that even the Sun watches its reflection in the Sea, 2021
    • 90schiller

      My Greatest Escape, 2021
    • Krishneel Chand

      Late afternoon walk by the sea in Savusavu
    • Joshua Prasad

      Hill top of cegu valley farm
    • Joe Tahi

      A village view sunset.
    • Joe Tahi

      Home cooked meal hits different with open fire cooking, 2021
    • Jay Gaunavinaka

      Sunset view at Denarau
    • Joe Tahi

      There is more to Nadi then gorgeous resorts, 2021
    • Gavin Koro

      This photo was taken during a picnic around Vanuabalavu. It is part of the bay of islands in Vanuabalavu
    • Fazeem Sohail

      The center of Port Denrau on late afternoon
    • Drauvoli Naio Ram

      Stroll down this road to go watch some good rugby/hockey/soccer/volleyball at the Nadovu grounds
    • jonafiji

      Lighting of the torch to mark the ending of the day as we prepare to face the new, 2021
    • Jonathan Fong

      The roads that link us, 2021
    • Jonathan Fong

      Same view, but a different perspective, Nasese Seawalls in Suva, 2021
    • Anj Singh

      Nabalasere Hike to the waterfalls and you come across all these pools.
    • Anj Singh

      Pools before reaching nabalasere waterfalls on foot.
    • Joshua Prasad

      Hill top of cegu valley farm, 2021
    • Joyce Rosa

      Just give me the flowers and the sea, 2021
    • Justin Raj

      Signposts of today and yesterday at the 180 degrees meridian, 2021
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