Tricia Johansson

Tricia Johansson

Tricia Johansson

Tricia Johansson, 27 years old visual artist, photographer and cartoonist from Sweden.

Genres: mystery, comics/cartoons, horror, fantasy, portrait, scenery, street photo, photographic art, digital art, inking and drawing.

3D exhibitions

  • Tricia Johansson

    Multiple Personalities

    The world in my head; I'm living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, also called Multiple personality disorder. I often draw how I feel about it and how it affects me. What I see, what I hear and how I sometimes see the world around me. This is an exhibition dedicated to all my 4 personalities: Cassandra, Severin, Him and the Ordinary Tricia.

  • Tricia Johansson

    The Surrealistic Realm

    10 Jul 2020 – 01 Nov 2021

    Acrylic paintings, digital drawings, vector art... This is the world of Tricias surrealistic creativity. Not always abstract, not always realistic, sometimes in between! Enter a world of dreams, nightmares, sweet creatures, fantasy, realism (but not realistic in the way you would expect). A world of dancing fairies, demons, ordinary people or love. You can support my art by purchasing it as prints and products on Teespring or Redbubble: You can also support my art by donating on Ko-fi: My website(s):

  • Tricia Johansson

    Black And White World

    08 Jul 2020 – 01 Aug 2021

    An exhibition of black and white drawings, paintings and photography. In a world where everything is black and white. No, I'm not color blind, but sometimes, as we all are, we see things in black and white. This exhibition is a mix of dreams and sadness, happiness and joy, suffering and anger, sorrow and grief, loneliness and... yeah, insert any kind of feeling here. This is my interpretation of the world, if the world were black and white. All kinds of emotions, all kinds of experiences... if color wasn't there. Support my art by purchasing prints and products on Redbubble and Teespring: You can also support me by donating to my Ko-fi page: My website(s) are: This exhibition have it's own Carrd site:

    latest works

    • Disappear, 2020
    • Skeleton
    • Hell
    • Demons
    • A wish within
    • Creatures
    • Mermaid
    • Eye
    • Red house
    • Mad
    • Elf
    • Spider
    • Stormy
    • House
    • Dream town
    • Bleeding heart
    • Silhouette
    • Peeking
    • Water drop
    • Freedom
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