3D exhibitions

  • MSc MADE

    Professional Profile Domain Visualisations

    25 May 2020 – 01 Jan 2021

    This gallery shows the results of the efforts MADE students have put in visualising their policy briefs, research proposals and business models.

    latest works

    • Caroline Slob

      Collage Caroline Slob, 2020
    • Toine Andernach

      Collage Toine Andernach, 2020
    • Marije Wassenaar

      Collage Marije Wassenaar, 2020
    • Henk Wolfert

      Collage Henk Wolfert, 2020
    • Bianca Bosman

      Collage Bianca Bosman, 2020
    • Anita van Oosten

      Collage Anita van Oosten, 2020
    • Rosalie Lemmen

      Collage Rosalie Lemmen, 2020
    • Jennifer Pels

      FutureKidsConsult, 2020
    • Deidre Fereday

      Circular Resilience: Co-creating Foodscapes through an Urban Agroecological Food Policy for an Circular Economy, 2020
    • Sophie Boot

      Improving Access to Participation on Urban Planning by Digital 3D Models, 2020
    • Daniel van Duijn

      Mens en Pop, 2020
    • Bob Sikkink

      Dutch Water should be Treated for its Pharmaceuticals, 2020
    • Marita de Vries

      Small Scale Organic Waste Treatment Plant that Prints Custom Plant Pots, 2020
    • Jan-Lieuwe de Vries

      Need for Mixed Use Development to Prevent Open Space, 2020
    • Sam van Hooff

      ZEEP, 2020
    • Siddarth Venkatchalam

      From Exclusion to Inclusion: Furthering Citizen Engagement in European Smart Cities , 2020
    • Ruben Buno Heslinga

      Data Driven Housing Association in the Heat Transition, 2020
    • Anne Bruggen Federica Cefis Colombo Noelle Teh

      R&E Basis, research and evolution base, 2020
    • Jeroen de Vries

      Captivating Mobility, 2020
    • Carmen Kistemaker

      All Children in Amsterdam at a Healthy Weight by 2033 (2), 2020
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