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ViTra Academy

At ViTra Academy, we champion the arts as sacred, relevant, and critical to our lives.

We honor tradition while embracing creative innovation as vehicles for human evolution and global transformation.

It is our mission to empower you with knowledge and confidence to explore your own unique vision.

3D exhibitions

  • ViTra Academy

    Mushroom Magic Exhibition 2020

    29 Aug 2020 – 02 Feb 2021

    Like an iceberg, a visible mushroom—the flower or fruit of a fungus—is only a fraction of the organism whose roots, called mycelium, range great distances underground. Not only do these delicate white filaments break down stone, bone, timber and plant matter into soil, they create a communication and distribution network that carries essential information and nutrients to and from surrounding trees and vegetation. World renowned mycologist, Paul Stamets, declares mycelium “earth’s natural internet” and a ”gateway species,” that “opens the door for other biological communities.” What better metaphor, then, for a community of artists tethered to one another through the world wide web, paint, brushes, canvas, and a shared devotion to transmitting the nutrients of creativity, cooperation and love of people and planet, across the globe, than mushrooms? Scientists estimate there may be as many as 3.8 million species of fungi on earth. Among their remarkable qualities are the ability to grow in the dark, facilitate beneficial changes in physical and mental states, and produce powerful antivirals, non-toxic insecticides, and fuel. Uncanny alchemists, mushrooms are also capable of cleaning water and—astonishingly—converting petroleum waste into life-sustaining carbohydrates. As diverse as fungi in locale and style, the visionary artists in this exhibition create from a common ground of conscious dreams and intentions to extract insight, beauty, and hope from the darkness of current events to be reconstituted as unique works of art, which act as spores, seeding new possibilities for healing body, mind and soul. Visionary art’s power lies in the use of the imagination, the invisible but potent gateway thru which all ideas— simple solutions and great innovations—enter the material realm. The goal of this exhibition, therefore, is to awaken awareness of the marvelous resources of diversity, community, conscious creativity, and intelligent application of our natural resources for positive change. We invite viewers and artists of all ability levels to cultivate, through the genius of every individual’s imagination, a more coherent, soulful and sustainable vision of future.

  • ViTra Academy

    Grounded Visions, Structure & Flow, Pro/Found - Spring 2022 - Floor 1

    18 Jun 2022 – 18 Dec 2022

    Submitted works of art from students and faculty of Grounded Visions with Stefan Lucas, Structure & Flow with Krystleyez, and Pro/Found with Lisette Murphy. Curated by Alecia Sacred Heart and Serenity Meg

  • ViTra Academy

    Regeneration - Spring 2022 - Floor 2

    18 Jun 2022 – 18 Dec 2022

    Submitted work from students and faculty of Regeneration 2022 with Amanda Sage. Curated by Alecia Sacred Heart and Serenity Meg

  • ViTra Academy

    A Tribute to Frida Kahlo: A Vision Train Exhibition

    08 Jul 2021 – 08 Sep 2022

    Our Beloved Frida would have been celebrating her 114th Birthday this year on July 6th. In her honor, we celebrate an artist that was ahead of her time by hosting a group exhibition of inspired works of Frida. She was known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and paintings inspired by nature and the culture of Mexico.

    exhibiting artists

    latest works

    • Amanda Sage
      11 x 14 inch (h x w)
    • V
      72 x 36 inch (h x w)
      8 x 11 inch (h x w)
    • Amanda Sage Process
    • Shara Bliss

      The Power of Art, 2022
      11 x 14 inch (h x w)
      Acrylic Latex Paint
    • T'ai Azura

      "The Golden Thread"", 2022
      16 x 20 inch (h x w)
      Earth Pigment w/Plant Based Acrylic Medium
    • Krisztina Lazar

      Put Your Power Crown On, 2022
      20 x 16 inch (h x w)
      Mischetchnik on Canvas
      USD 2200
      36 x 72 inch (h x w)
    • VITRA, 2022
      24 x 36 inch (h x w)
    • Maili Kukke

      Ixchel Cacao, 2022
      27.5 x 20.1 inch (h x w)
      Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
    • Stefan Lucas Art

      Grounded Vision Wanderer, 2022
      22 x 18 inch (h x w)
      Graphite on Stonehenge Paper
      USD 1200
    • Brittney Monster

      The Unfolding Witness Light Animation, 2022
      36 x 24 inch (h x w)
    • Alecia Sacred Heart

      Dance of the Fire Drum
      36 x 48 inch (h x w)
      Acrylic and Oils on Canvas
    • Akemi Alchemy

      Beauty in Precision, 2022
      16 x 16 inch (h x w)
    • Molly Moody

      Prismatic Bliss, 2022
      8.5 x 11 inch (h x w)
    • Toni

      Problem Solver, 2022
      48 x 48 inch (h x w)
      USD 4800
    • Marc Evan

      Morphic Resonance, 2022
      12 x 12 inch (h x w)
      USD 1250