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  • Remezcla

    Tejas Made: A collection of art made by 40 emerging, Texas-based artists

    A collection of art made by 40 emerging, Texas-based artists.

    latest works

    • Angel Lartigue

      Reanimated Sarcophagus, 2018
      6 foot clay sarcophagus mixed with sheep blood agar, dirt, mud, vulture feathers, roots, leaves, and other materials from various burial sites of south Texas
    • Ashley Mireles

      Apparent Drawings, 2019
      Ink on vellum drawing
    • Bárbara Miñarro

      We are Staying Put, 2017
      Reclaimed clothing and polyfill
    • doble diferente

      doble diferente, 2019
      Oil on canvas, 58 x 48 in and 58 x 42 in diptych
    • Celeste De Luna

      Paranoia Quilt, 2019
      Woodcut on Fabric, 37 x 64 in
    • Christian Cruz

      They Tried to Bury Us Proverb, 2019
      Performance / Installation, 2 hours
    • Daniel Rios Rodriguez

      Angelitos Negros, 2019-20
      Oil, wood, Nails, rope, Limestone, and glass on panel with cement frame, 20 1/8 x 17 3/4 in
    • Diego Mireles Duran

      Butt-Plug (Sabor a Takis), 2019
      Acrylic on wood and Takis, approximately 16 x 20 in
    • Eduardo Portillo

      VegaN25, 2018
      acrylic on shaped canvas, 34 x 27 in
    • Fabiola Valenzuela

      Brown Es Hermoso, 2016
      Oil on paper, 34 x 26.5 in
    • Farrah Fang

      Farrah’s Universe, 2018
      Digital self portrait collage
    • Francis Almendarez

      Voices of Our Mothers: Transcending Time and Distance, 2016/2018
      7-channel video installation, 17:49 Total Running Time
    • Gerardo Rosales

      Wish I could eat with them (from the series Early Birds), 2019
      Textile paint on a domestic worker uniform, front and rear of the uniform
    • Irene Reece

      Billie-James, 2020
      Inkjet print with alphabet letters
    • Jasmine Zelaya

      Self- Portrait with Vibrations, 2018
      Mixed media on paper, 22 x 30 in
    • Jessica Carolina González

      El Dolor te Para, 2019
      Performance, coffee beans, molcajete, water, cloth. A Salvadoran homage. Performed for Pangea World Theatre’s, MN.
    • Jose Villalobos

      Sin La S, 2017
      Installation at Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin Texas
    • Josie Del Castillo

      I am trying to love my body, but it’s fucking hard, 2019
      Oil on paper, 22 x 30 in
    • Josué Rawmirez

      Traje de Sonido Rasquache (SONC), 2019
      Wearable piñata suit on mannequin
    • Lisa Guevara

      Defense Mechanism (Broken Spidey Senses), 2017
      mixed media, 10 x 10 x 1 in
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