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Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre

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Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre

John Lennard: LOCAL COLOUR

30 Sep 2021 – 13 Nov 2021

Rails End Gallery heralds the return of Fall colour with "Local Colour", an exhibition of 13 recent oil paintngs by Minden painter, John Lennard. His mastery of pigments and knowledge of how colours play beautifully together are a perfect pairing with Ontario's Highlands. While you're taking in the annual colour bath the boreal forest offers, or on a Studio Tour, be sure to stop in and see John Lennard's work.

Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre


12 Feb 2022 – 02 Apr 2022

Annual Salon Exhibition of New Works by Members of Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre, Haliburton, Canada

Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre

In The Zone

13 Jul 2022 – 03 Sep 2022

In The Zone: painting the way BEL ANGELES OLGA CHUDNOVSKY IRENE FAIZ HOLLY HUTCHISON CAROLE MILON PATSY TELPNER IAN VARNEY This exhibition is an invitation to spend time with 7 abstract paintings, to allow them to take the lead on a personal journey into your imagination and emotions. Sit. Look. Observe how a painting makes you feel. How the colours, pattern, forms, textures relate to one another, and to you, the viewer. It is natural to try and make sense of a painting. But have you ever considered that a painting need not make sense to anyone, not even Artist? Have you heard an Artist refer to being in the zone, the sweet spot, in a flow state? Maybe you have been there too. Who's to say that a painting need not make any sense to be enjoyed and revelled in, just because it exists, creative energy made manifest. Abstract art can be bewildering and uncomfortable. Here in the boreal forest of Haliburton Highlands we are familiar with the landscape painting genre; paintings of sky, water, rocks and trees. The seven paintings you see here "In The Zone" come from a different zone. Let them paint their way into your consciousness. You may be surprised at the nooks and crannies you recognize or discover in your own head and heart.

Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre


04 Feb 2023 – 01 Apr 2023

Annual Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre Members' Salon Exhibition

Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre


23 Jun 2023 – 30 Oct 2023

SAFE & WELL Community Safety and Well Being Haliburton County residents between the ages of 12 and 24 were asked to share their thoughts and concerns on one or all of the four identified priority areas of Haliburton County’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan through artwork, photography, a digital piece, audio, music or a piece of writing (including poetry): Housing and Homelessness; Poverty and Employment; Substance Use, Mental Health and Addiction; Healthcare and System Access OR on the broader subject of Community Safety and Well-Being Coordination by Haliburton County Community Safety and Well Being Plan in partnership with Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre, Limbic Collective and Haliburton Highlands Secondary School Students.

latest works

  • Braxton Cooper

    Closing Time, 2023
    Sharpie on paper
  • Rosie Lafleur

    A Long Road, 2023
    watercolour on paper
  • Micheal Dewitt

    Endless Loading, 2023
    pencil on paper
  • Kendra Korpela

    Pollution, 2023
    pencil paper, Sharpie, Charcoal
  • Kayla Switzer

    Harmonious Chaos, 2023
    mixed media
  • Will Volochkov

    Social Birds, 2023
    polymer and acrylic paint
  • anonymous

    Art For Change; Poverty & Unemployment, 2023
    pencil, alcohol based markers
  • anonymous

    Don't Smoke, 2023
    marker on paper
  • Willow Brown

    skittles, 2023
    20 x 16 inch (h x w)
    tempera paint, cardboard, and hot glue
  • Naiomi Bainbridge

    sticker paper, pencil crayon & permanent marker on paper
  • Mya Jones

    Flatline, 2023
    acrylic on canvas
  • Colleen Petric

    All I Can Afford, 2023
    acrylic on canvas
  • Clare Phippen

    Walking Over Patriarchy, 2023
    collage, pen and coloured pencils
  • anonymous

    Speak Out, 2023
    coloured markers, canvas, black sharpie, pencil, india ink
  • Taliah

    I never felt what I was supposed to feel with you, 2023
    crayons, stencils, ballpoint pen on sketchbook paper
  • Annabelle Borgdorff

    Invisible Homelessness, 2023
    digital art
  • Jackie Wells

    Haliburton County vignettes, 2023
    19.5 x 22.5 inch (h x w)
    Acrylic on birch board
    CAD 525
  • Laurie Jones

    Witness Tree, 2023
    12 x 12 inch (h x w)
    oil on canvas
    CAD 150
  • Suzanne Bennett

    Hand Spun Woven, 2023
    36 x 24 inch (h x w)
    CAD 200
  • Keith Rydberg

    The Way, 2023
    27 x 15 inch (h x w)
    wood, acrylic paint
    CAD 300