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  • NPP

    Resistance from a Distance

    14 May 2021 – 30 Jul 2021

    NPP marks this year's Nakba commemoration with an exhibition of actions in support of the Palestinian people from around the world. Although the Nakba itself happened 73 years ago, we are aware that the attempted ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from their land continues. Resistance to this not only occurs in Palestine, but within the international pro-Palestinian movement as a whole through BDS and other forms of activism. We try to pressurise respective governments to recognise the rights of Palestinians to return to their homeland, and live in peace free from the grip of the Israeli Occupation. The Network of Photographers for Palestine has therefore assembled this exhibition of images from Germany, Scotland, England, Chile and the USA as a testament to the the breadth and depth of world-wide support for the Palestinian people.

  • NPP

    Women of Palestine

    08 Mar 2021 – 08 Aug 2021

    In this exhibition Women of Palestine are seen through the lenses of 6 female photographers.We wanted to enable Palestinian women to show their perception of themselves; at work, at home and always under occupation.This is a collaboration of photographers in Palestine, Germany and Chile and in view of this we opened on International Women's Day. Women in Palestine face a double challenge. There is a long tradition of public and social engagement of women in Palestinian society. Palestinian women have always been active in institutions, organizations and political parties, and have founded welfare and other Palestinian institutions themselves. In addition to their pivotal role within the family they are represented in all professions. There are policewomen, judges, politicians, soccer players and even racing car drivers! They raise children, work and are very emancipated and strong. On the other hand Women in Palestine are confronted with a patriarchal society, in which violence against women is too often the order of the day, and women are legally disadvantaged. Sons are still more important than daughters,and the Israeli occupation makes life even more difficult, restricting water and electricity supplies, blocking access to medical care and the frequently arresting family members often in a violent manner. In this exhibition there was an initial reluctance among some women to submit their images . Why should that be? You tell us! The German Palestinian Society will be holding a conference about "Women in Palestine" shortly. The NPP will be showing this exhibition there, and hopes to show this exhibition 'live'once public exhibition spaces are open again.

  • NPP

    In the Jordan Valley

    The Jordan valley has become a pawn in the hands of Netanyahu and his cronies over recent months. Threats of annexation loom large as the Israeli PM struggles to hold on to power. The life of Palestinians in the area has only been sparsely documented in the past. NPP sent one of its members, Mohamad Zwahre, to record life in the Jordan Valley.... before it is too late.

  • NPP

    The Art of the Wall

    19 Oct 2020 – 19 Dec 2020

    The creative exuberance and political insights displayed by the graffiti artists of Palestine are rightly admired the world over. We at “The Network of Photographers for Palestine” wish to celebrate this vitality in an exhibition of Palestinian wall art. We therefore asked our network of contacts throughout Palestine to submit images that reveal their choice of the most outstanding pieces of wall art in the country. This places rather particular challenges to the photographer of course, as a photographic portrayal of a work of art demands more than simply reproducing that work as a piece of photography. We asked our photographers to go beyond simply reproducing a picture on a wall. As we display our work throughout the world, we wanted something that would raise the awareness in other countries of life under the Occupation. We hope you like the way that the photographers have risen to this challenge.

  • NPP


    03 Jul 2020 – 31 Oct 2020

    How do we remain human when we are deprived of the basic human rights accorded to most people around the world ? This is an ever-present question facing the people of Palestine under an Occupation, which permeates every area of their lives. This Occupation seeks to dehumanise Palestinians – and yet it is doomed to fail in the face of the humanity of the people it seeks to oppress. We are proud to present this exhibition of photographs depicting the indomitable spirit of the Palestinian people – their struggles, their inventiveness and their sheer will to survive against all the odds. We would like to thank all those members of our network who have contributed photographs to the exhibition, as well as all those supporters whose financial generosity has made this happen. Please get in touch if you would like more information on the Network of Photographers for Palestine. You can find us at: or

  • NPP

    شهيد Martyr

    03 Aug 2020 – 31 Oct 2020

    Aiyah Sibay is a poet, photographer and activist who currently lives and works in Florida. In 2017 she travelled to Palestine, and recorded her impressions in this stunning series of poems and images outlining her take on the idea of martyrdom in the Palestinian psyche. This exhibition was due to be shown in Glasgow and Edinburgh this year but sadly had to be cancelled as a result of our CV lockdown.We hope you enjoy this virtual version, nevertheless.

  • NPP

    Home, Away from Home

    20 Jun 2020 – 31 Oct 2020

    Few people know - let alone care - about the huge number of Palestinians scattered throughout the world at this point in history.As the world attempts to stifle their stories, we are proud to present a series of images of U.S.,German and Scottish Palestinians seen through the lenses of three different photographers. Najib Joe Hakim is a Palestinian photographer who works as a documentary and editorial photographer in the San Francisco Bay area. He is a Political Art Fellow at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the recipient of the 2020 Rebuilding Alliance Storytellers Award for his Home Away from Home: Little Palestine by the Bay project and also a past nominee for the US Artist Fellowship. Ursula Mindermann lives in Telgte,Near Muenster, in the western part of Germany.She has a long and distinguished relationship with Palestine and its people. She has supported business enterprises in and around Bethlehem and featured in NPP's last exhibition "Humans of Palestine".She is vice-president of the German-Palestine Society. Craig Maclean is one of Scotland's foremost documentary photographers.His work has featured in the Scottish National Gallery, the Sottish National Portrait Gallery and the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art.He has an outstanding track record of teaching photography in diverse locations such as prisons, community arts centres, and among those living on the streets of Edinburgh.

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