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Nadia Martinez - Now About Art

Nadia Martinez - Now About Art

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  • Nadia Martinez - Now About Art

    TOGETHER Exhibition

    03 Sep 2020 – 01 Oct 2020

    During these past months, we have experienced the power of coming together and staying together while staying apart. The artwork selected for this exhibition express in different ways unity, connection, integration, and togetherness. The Exhibition is made possible with the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development/Connecticut Office of the Arts. Online Catalog Exhibition Detail

    latest works

    • Theodora Miller

      Moving Up and Moving Out, 2020
      30 x 36 inch (h x w)
      Acrylic and paint chips on cradled wood panel
    • Ruth Kalla Ungerer

      Joie Femme, 2018
      6 x 10 inch (h x w)
      Print - Engraving
      USD 285
    • Now About Art and Nadia Martinez present TOGETHER
    • Michelle Bratsafolis

      Apart Yet Together, 2020
      10.5 x 15.5 inch (h x w)
    • Renée Bouchard

      Your Hand (Hungry Like a Wolf), 2019
      40 x 40 inch (h x w)
      Oil on canvas
      USD 1800
    • Brian Divis

      Amid Certainty, 2020
      48 x 48 inch (h x w)
      Yarn, gesso, metal powder, and graphite on birch panel
    • Joanie Landau

      Yours, Mine and Ours V.2, 2019
      30 x 30 inch (h x w)
      Abstract photography
      USD 1300
    • Emily Shih

      Make a Wish, 2018
      24 x 28.5 inch (h x w)
      acrylic on canvas
      USD 2000
    • Amy Oestreicher

      Heal Story, 2019
      18 x 24 inch (h x w)
      Mixed media and acrylics on canvas
      USD 570
    • Jill Slaymaker and Lori Field

      The World As It Was Cannot Return, 2020
      10 x 13 inch (h x w)
      Oil and ink on paper
      USD 500
    • James Rivera

      Alone, 2020
      24 x 18 inch (h x w)
      Mixed media acrylic and watercolor on canvas
      USD 500
    • James Rivera

      Slo-down, 2020
      24 x 18 inch (h x w)
      Mixed media acrylic and watercolor on canvas
      USD 500
    • Angin Sumilir

      My Neighbor is Positive Covid19, 2020
      11.7 x 8.3 inch (h x w)
      Oil color on paper
      USD 230
    • Jessica Stratton

      My Hand and My Mother's Hand, 2020
      11 x 14 inch (h x w)
      Acrylic paint on board
    • Eugenie Diserio

      Babel III/One World, 2020
      40 x 40 inch (h x w)
      Mixed media on canvas
      USD 3000
    • Jos Stumpe

      Intertwined, 2020
      30 x 44 inch (h x w)
      Oil pastel and paper
      USD 800
    • Raimonda Sanna

      Pandemia, 2020
      28 x 26 inch (h x w)
      Acrylic, oil and yarn
      USD 500
    • Poramit Thantapalit

      Close Together, 2019
      11 x 14 inch (h x w)
      Black and white digital photography
      USD 100
    • Nicholas Lima

      Paradisiaca Americana, 2020
      8 x 11 inch (h x w)
      Woodcut monoprint heightened with tempera
      USD 150
    • Susan McHale

      Why Do Crows Gather?, 2020
      14 x 36 inch (h x w)
      Driftwood mobile hangs on one hook, wired for hanging against wall or ceiling, ceramic birds
      USD 400
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