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    A Light In The Darkness

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      latest works

      • Gord Downie by Stella
      • Ruth Bader Ginsberg by Noa
      • Marie Curie by Far
      • Lance Armstrong by Morris
      • Dana International by Kalil
      • Amber Marshall by Julia R
      • Sir Fredrick G Banting
      • Michelle Obama by Amitai
      • Malala Yousafzai by Alma
      • Harvey Milk by Moss
      • Malala Yousafzai by Shana
      • Keanu Reeves by Robbie
      • Kim Kardashian by Marcia
      • Rosa Parks by Clara, Eitan, and Sadie
      • Regine Albertina Stern by Cooper
      • Kahwi Leonard by Brayden and Gabe
      • Nelson Mandela by Oriolle and Lotus
      • Stan Lee by Mala
      • John Lewis by Zane
      • Greta Thunberg by Rebecca