How is the order of the Guided Tour generated, and can I edit this?

How is the order of the Guided Tour generated, and can I edit this?

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Before entering the exhibition, each visitor is given the choice of walking through the exhibition by themselves, or to be taken from artwork to artwork in a pre-set tour of the room - the Guided Tour. A switch between the two modes of enjoyment can always be made by the visitor easily from within the exhibition room as well.

The order of this Guided Tour (and also the order of works in the catalogue) is determined by the number of the placeholder that the artwork is positioned on in the room. The order of placeholders is set for each of the different 14 pre-designed galleries, and so is the starting point in each room.

If you move artworks around on the placeholders, this might result in a jump in the Guided Tour.

Hint: When you are still moving artworks around while curating, please keep this order in mind, and for the final curation and (proper, numerical) order of the tour without jumps, maybe take the artworks off the wall (after taking screenshots to document your curation) and place them again in the numbered order that a visitor should be guided through them.

You can move the placeholders on each wall into the order you prefer (switching from left to right for example, or up and down), but you can't transfer them from wall to wall. This can be done with or without an artwork on the placeholder.
If you would like to add more placeholders, we have instructions here.

Please note: If you combine multiple rooms, the tour will go around each room in succession of those placeholders and not cross between the rooms.

We are overhauling the tool for all our curators to edit the tours themselves, however that is not available for public use just yet.