Can I add permanent background sound to my exhibition?

Can I add permanent background sound to my exhibition?

Thursday, October 6, 2022

If you want to give your visitors a more immersive experience, you can also add an Ambient Sound, which will start playing as soon as a visitor enters the gallery. Unlike attached to an artwork this has no adjustable autoplay RADIUS. This is done with a single MP3 file in your exhibition manager. You find the upload area next to your room selection panel, below the wall color selection chart.

Files must be less than 50 MB – to avoid loading delays, use a compressed file with far less data. 5 MB should be fine, the less the better for a smooth viewing experience.

Allowed file type: mp3

A few guides for using this:
when working with music or sound that is not your own product: when you select a work that is protected by copyright (a pop song for example), please make sure you have purchased a license for public display/performance of that music. Please be aware that you absolutely NEED permission to use the audio file. Put any license and attribution info into the exhibition description to avoid problems with copyright holders. If you use Creative Commons licenses, please take care to check if the license covers your use case (commercial or non-commercial) and that you use the correct attribution. Please see here for more info.

Far safer is to record your own music or collaborate with someone you know on this aspect of your exhibition.

Keep the file very compressed. A visitor has to load all data of an exhibition before walking through, and the less data is needed for the background sound, the faster it will load. A delayed start of the sound caused by longer loading times of a larger file can be avoided with a small, compressed MP3 file.

The sound plays right at the first entry. Make sure it is saved at an agreeable volume and at a level that won't repel your visitors and make them fumble for their volume adjustment immediately. Keep the focus on the visual components.

The ambient sound is muted during the guided tour (See here on the tour's order). If you wanted to do a voice-over exhibition guide, be aware of this and the fact that visitors will take their own path in the gallery when not on the guided tour mode. Hopping off and on the tour or returning to the entry point can be done anytime with the menu inside the gallery room. This freedom might collide with your voice-over tour.

If you want to present a specific sound with a certain artwork, attach the MP3 file directly to the artwork as shown here.