Add more rooms to an exhibition

Add more rooms to an exhibition

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

(this feature is active only for paid accounts)


Go to the art.spaces > manage exhibitions.


When you are editing your existing exhibitions, next to the EDIT ROOM form you will see an additional button, + ADD ROOM. Here you can edit your next room within this exhibition with the same or different wall colors, just like the first selected one. Save your first room, then select the next one and save that in the next step. They will align in the order you picked them out in, and can be exchanged afterwards if desired.

Please note: not all rooms can be combined! You may join two of the same rooms or up to 3 different ones. Below is a chart of the ones that work with this feature.
In case you want to get rid of an added room, simply click on 'Delete' when you are editing this particular room. You won't delete the entire exhibition, just this one room.
You can also let the system pre-combine 3 rooms for you in a manageable constellation. Just click on the lowest of the green bars when creating an entirely new exhibition.

Please note:
Currently, 3 rooms are the maximum number of rooms. Please let us know if you would like to use this feature.

During the curating process, you may still alter this combination of rooms to your needs.

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