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    This is a selection of illustration work by our PRO Customers, as an virtual alternative to the expo we were planning to do at our stand in this year's Bologna Book Fair (cancelled due to the pandemic crisis). To see more, visit

    latest works

    • María Lebrón Domínguez

      Sumergirse en la lectura
    • Patricia Alonso

      Niña y flores
    • Paula Edith

      Little Tommy Tinkertuck Went riding a Bunny
    • Cielo Entrena Fernández

    • Marta Kayser

    • Lara Pérez Dueñas

      Tu infancia en Mentón
    • Magda Mandje

    • Araceli González Moya

    • Cristina Gabino

      Hansel y Gretel
    • Virginia Pineda Ogalla

      Deja que te acaricie la inspiración
    • Arancha Perpiñán

      Warm Wishes
    • Anna Font

      Plous o fa sol?
    • Nuria Tomas Mayolas

      Tengo un tanque de juguete
    • Diego Lizán

      Diego Lizán
    • Viktoria Schmidt

      Mundos Paralelos
    • Miss Peach

      Shake it out
    • Ulises Martínez

      Lore Iletsuak
    • Vicky Ramos

      Caperuza y el lobo ingenuo
    • Mariela Solari

      El irisecto
    • Claudia Leal

      Folk Tales
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