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3D exhibitions

  • British Ecological Society

    British Ecological Society Virtual Gallery

    The possibilities are endless! The British Ecological Society can create bespoke virtual exhibitions within our fully explorable 3D space.

  • British Ecological Society

    Insects Revealed

    This digital exhibition will transport you to a virtual gallery to explore the intricate beauty of insects, the little things that run the world. Shown in exquisite detail using high magnification cameras and thousands of images painstakingly blended together, what will you discover?

  • British Ecological Society

    BES Six Predictions of Edinburgh's Future Green Spaces

    26 Jun 2021 – 11 Jul 2021

    This digital event will transport you to a virtual gallery overlooking Arthur’s Seat to explore and create your own exciting visions for the future of green spaces in Edinburgh. Local artists and ecologists have got together to imagine a ‘better’, greener future for Edinburgh. How do you think have they have done, and what would your vision be? The online art exhibition showcases how problems like carbon emissions, drought, heatwaves and even social justice can be tackled with nature-based solutions. The artworks are co-created by young and local artists and urban ecologists and show how nature can be used to benefit both the environment and people. Dive into the visions and science to explore how you can take action in future to help combat climate change and help us ensure that everyone has a voice in our futures by contributing your own ideas for future green spaces in Edinburgh.

  • British Ecological Society

    Capturing Ecology Digital Exhibition - British Ecological Society

    Explore the winning images of the British Ecological Society's Capturing Ecology photography competition, taken by international ecologists and students, celebrate the diversity of ecology, capturing flora and fauna from across the planet.

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