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Arts Mid-Hudson

Arts Mid-Hudson is the preeminent nonprofit arts service organization serving the Mid-Hudson region. Since 1964 our initiatives have engaged and promoted the arts benefiting our artists, arts organizations and communities. To learn about future events, or for more information visit

696 Dutchess Tnpk, Poughkeepsie, NY | 139 Cornell St, Kingston, NY

3D exhibitions

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  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Leading with Artivism - Nestor Madalengoitia

    06 Apr 2021 – 31 May 2021

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    I.D.E.A. Black Lives Matter

    19 May 2022 – 24 Jun 2022

    A multi-location exhibition that reflects the thoughts and feelings of people of all abilities about the Black lives Matter movement. Pieces of this collection will be exhibited in various locations throughout Dutchess, Ulster, Orange and Westchester Counties: Unison Art Center in New Paltz, Safe Harbors on the Hudson in Newburgh, MASS Design in Poughkeepsie, Bethany Arts Community in Ossining, and The Pocantico Center in Tarrytown. This exhibition was made possible in partnership with New Horizon Resources Inc. and Arts Mid-Hudson.

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection

    11 Mar 2021 – 05 Jun 2021

    Our families, our friends, our teachers: kinships are the connections that orient us and guide us in our lifetimes. In my art-making, too, I have discovered kinships—sometimes in artists whose work I have admired from a distance, other times in those who have become my good friends. Though I would need to fill a sprawling museum to include all the artists who have inspired me, for this virtual exhibition with Art MidHudson, I have brought together a curation of works by a few of the artists who have, in some way, contributed to my artistic growth. Sometimes this influence came in the form of insightful comments; other times in illuminating paths for me to take on my own journey; others still have moved me simply through their manner of being and in the care they take in their own practices. I’ve titled this exhibition Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection because I consider all these artists to be part of my creative family. ~ Ransome

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    The Body is a Battleground

    Gerardo Castro

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Service and the Rebirth of an Object

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Art with Accountability

    07 Dec 2021 – 31 Mar 2022

    For several months a group of artists has gathered to create an art series guided by Tilly Strauss. Through her encouragement, mantras, and suggestions these artists have created a unique body of work as they explored new mediums. Please join us on Tuesday, December 7th from 5-7 for our virtual Artist Talk.

  • Arts Mid-Hudson


    11 Feb 2022 – 30 Apr 2022

    As a community, we are all inspired by the hearts and minds of youth. Arts Mid-Hudson is calling for youth, ages 13 and younger to create and submit their artwork (with the help of a grown-up). Work will be highlighted on Arts Mid-Hudson's social media and will culminate with a virtual art exhibit. We want to see what is inside your heart. What does love mean to you? How do you show love?

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Poets Respond to Art

    24 Mar 2022 – 14 Jul 2022

    Arts Mid-Hudson is proud to present Poets Respond to Art virtual exhibit. Sixteen poets were chosen for mastery in their craft to use artwork by selected artists as inspiration for creating poetry. The poems and artwork will be displayed side-by-side in a virtual exhibit. Join us for a virtual Artist Talk for Poets Respond to Art as poets share how they found inspiration in the artwork.

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Art with Accountability

    05 May 2022 – 31 Aug 2022

    latest works

    • Neen Rivera

      Boriquan Banner, 2022
      15 x 40 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
      USD 100
    • Eddison Romeo

      Queen, 2022
      24 x 24 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • Hawi Opondo

      Stolen People on Stolen Land, 2022
      28 x 18 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
    • Suprina

      A Case for Reparations
      48 x 36 x 5 inch (h x w x d)
    • Dan Goldman

      Then and Now, 2022
      24 x 24 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
    • Pam Krimsky

      Framed, 2016
      16 x 16 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
      USD 1850
    • Eddison Romeo

      John R. Lewis, 2022
      20 x 20 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
    • Matthew Wetzonis

      Stuck, 2020
      20 x 10 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
    • I Can't Breathe, 2022
      24 x 15 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
    • Safe Harbors by the Hudson, 2022
      15 x 15 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • MASS Design, 2022
      15 x 15 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • Unison wall, 2022
      15 x 15 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • BAC Wall, 2022
      15 x 15 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • Untitled

      BLM in Multi-Locations, 2022
      24 x 22 x 4 inch (h x w x d)
    • The Pocantico Center, 2022
      15 x 15 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • Karen Viola

      What the Sea Has Seen: A Timeline of the Middle Passage, 2002
      24 x 24 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • Nia Simone

      Blended, 2022
      36 x 36 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
    • Jennifer Jackovitz

      Equality, 2022
      24 x 21 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
      USD 150
    • Rosalie Frankel

      Life is Hard
      14 x 12 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
      USD 250
    • Dan Goldman

      Now and Then
      24 x 24 x 3 inch (h x w x d)