R. Pierce Hoehn

R. Pierce Hoehn

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  • R. Pierce Hoehn

    Self Envisioned Painters of the Baroque

    A portrait is characteristically defined as a representation of a specific individual. A portrait does not merely record someone’s physical features, however, says something about whom they are, suggesting an evocative sense of a person’s presence. The traditions of portraiture in Western culture extend back to antiquity and predominantly to ancient Greek and Roman traditions, where realistic depictions of celebrated men and women appeared in full scale sculptures made of bronze and marble. Following the period known as, the Renaissance, a shift within European culture occurs which would eventually lead to artists challenging formal boundaries and attempting to elicit sensual, emotional, and intellectual reactions from the audience in an extreme display of authority. Due to the sharing of culture, affluence, and philosophy brought upon by the printing press, the Counter-Reformation and Catholic patronage, the Baroque and its late variant, the Rococo, would become the first globalized art form. Within this exhibition, we will take a look at several prominent Baroque and Rococo (16th c. - 19th c.) artists whom have immortalized themselves, in their own way, through self portraiture. And perhaps we can ask ourselves, what is the artist telling me?

  • R. Pierce Hoehn

    Anatomy of the Ancient Greek as seen through Sculpture

    Sculptures from the ancient Greek periods are highly reflective of their ideals and ability to portray the human anatomy. Over the course of one thousand years a clear progression from rudimentary form towards that of proportionate precision can be seen. Though many of these great sculptures were once rich in color and pristine in condition, these sculptures have endured an incredible amount of wear and tear. War, and the transitioning of major cultures has reduced many Classical sculptures into particles of their former selves. In this exhibition, one may examine several exciting and bold relics of the ancient Greek through the Minoan Age (2000-1400 BCE) and lastly into the Hellenistic Period (336 – 146 BCE).

    neueste Werke

    • Agesander of Rhodes, c. 100 BCE
      208.0 x 163.0 x 120.0 cm (w x h x d)
    • Barberini Faun, or Drunken Satyr, 200 BCE
      x 213.0
    • Nike of Samothrace, 190 BCE
      x 245.0
    • Roman copy after Myron

      The Lancelotti Discobolus , c. 400 BCE
      x 200.0
    • perhaps from Selinous

      Motya Charioteer , 450 BCE
      40.0 x 181.0 cm (w x h)
    • God from the Sea (Artemision Bronze), 470 BCE
      120.0 x 209.0 cm (w x h)
    • Kouros from the Athenian Akropolis, 'the Kritian Boy', 480-460 BCE
      x 190.0
    • Twin kouroi, Kleobis and Biton of Argos, from Delphi, 580 BCE
      x 200.0
    • Peplos Kore from Akropolis , 530 BCE
      60.0 x 200.0 cm (w x h)
    • Aristion of Paros

      Funerary Kore of Phrasikleia, from Merenda in Attica , 570 BCE
      x 180.0
    • Berlin Kore from Cemetery at Keratea, near Athens, 570-560 BCE
      x 190.0
    • Kouros from a grave near Phoinikia in Attica, 590 BCE
      63.0 x 194.0 cm (w x h)
      Marble, niaxan
    • Small Figure of Apollo , 700 BCE
      5.0 x 20.0 cm (w x h)
    • attributed to Bastis Master

      Figure of a Woman , 2600-2400 BCE
      17.0 x 62.0 cm (w x h)
    • Woman or Goddess with Snakes , 1700-1550 BCE
      11.0 x 29.0 cm (w x h)
    • Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

      Self Portrait , 1670
      107.0 x 122.0 cm (w x h)
      Oil on canvas
    • Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

      Self Portrait in a Straw Hat, 1782
      70.0 x 97.0 cm (w x h)
      Oil on canvas
    • Charles Le Brun

      Everhard Jabach, 1660
      328.0 x 280.0 cm (w x h)
      Oil on canvas
    • Judith Leyster

      Self Portrait , 1630
      65.0 x 74.0 cm (w x h)
      Oil on canvas
    • Rembrandt van Rijn

      Self Portrait , 1659
      66.0 x 84.0 cm (w x h)
      Oil on canvas
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