Fiona Fitzpatrick

Fiona Fitzpatrick

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  • Fiona Fitzpatrick

    Nomos Project

    NOMOS is a socially engaged masters project that aims to question and explore Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws through a social media campaign led by artist and activist Fiona Fitzpatrick. Nomos can be defined as “the problems of political authority & the rights and obligations of citizens.” This project seeks participation from anyone who has experienced a challenge to their own bodily autonomy on the island of Ireland. Together through digital images we will represent and promote the complex journey of womanhood on this island, creating a shame free space to own our past and celebrate our present.

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    • BRIZO
    • HYGEA
    • HERA
    • ERIS
    • ATHENA
    • Artemis
    • Cernunnos
    • Cailleach
    • Brigid
    • Henwen
    • Elen
    • Maeve
    • Olwen
    • Rhiannon
    • Morrigan
    • Sheela na Gig
    • Morrigan
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