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Arts Mid-Hudson is the preeminent nonprofit arts service organization serving the Mid-Hudson region. Since 1964 our initiatives have engaged and promoted the arts benefiting our artists, arts organizations and communities. To learn about future events, or for more information visit

696 Dutchess Tnpk, Poughkeepsie, NY | 139 Cornell St, Kingston, NY

3D Ausstellungen

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Leading with Artivism - Nestor Madalengoitia

    06 Apr 2021 – 31 May 2021

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Poets Respond to Art

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection

    11 Mar 2021 – 05 Jun 2021

    Our families, our friends, our teachers: kinships are the connections that orient us and guide us in our lifetimes. In my art-making, too, I have discovered kinships—sometimes in artists whose work I have admired from a distance, other times in those who have become my good friends. Though I would need to fill a sprawling museum to include all the artists who have inspired me, for this virtual exhibition with Art MidHudson, I have brought together a curation of works by a few of the artists who have, in some way, contributed to my artistic growth. Sometimes this influence came in the form of insightful comments; other times in illuminating paths for me to take on my own journey; others still have moved me simply through their manner of being and in the care they take in their own practices. I’ve titled this exhibition Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection because I consider all these artists to be part of my creative family. ~ Ransome

  • Arts Mid-Hudson

    Art in the Loft

    02 Oct 2020 – 22 Nov 2020

  • Arts Mid-Hudson


    07 Aug 2020 – 01 Nov 2020

    Reflection was on view in the Arts Mid-Hudson gallery during Black History Month, and due to the pandemic we were unable to have a closing. Thanks to the help of the participating artists and curator Marline A. Martin, we are thrilled to present Reflection virtually. Black History Month is an important opportunity for us to celebrate the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout our history. Now more than ever we must raise our voices to celebrate and where necessary, insist, that society continue to recognize black artists, educators, culture and tradition. Reflection features the work of ten (10) artists from the Mid-Hudson Valley region including Jean Benoit, Haile Binns, Kara R. Bledsoe, Martial J. Davis, Queen Mother Dòwòti Désir, Helen Douglas, Kyra Husbands, Donovan Nelson, Emmanuel Ofori, and Richard Outlaw, who offer their creative interpretation of the black experience through their artistic work. Art works include paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media. With each piece of art in the exhibition, people are inspired to pursue their dreams and learn a new perspective. Each artist tells their own stories to capture the black experience. Art plays an important part of not only black history-- but for everyone to make connections and learn more about each other in the community. Reflection highlights key figures in history, a moment in time in black life and/or just an image of expression. - Marline A. Martin, Curator of Reflection

    neueste Werke

    • Patricia Churchill

      We Had Come Far, 2021
    • Penelope Levine

      The Lake, 2021
    • Linda McCauley Freeman

      The Blue Vase, 2021
    • Dr. Lucia Cherciu

      Spring is a Reminder of Paradise
    • Mike Jurkovic

      Shadows Cast, 2021
    • Mary Louise Kiernan

      Search for the Shroud, 2021
    • Lisa St. John

      Rule of Thumb, 2021
    • Rebecca Watkins

      Embrace, 2021
    • Kirsten Meehan

      Palinopsia, 2021
    • Cathy Schmitz

      No Dumping, 2021
    • Melanie Klein

      To the Willow, 2021
    • Wendy Insinger

      Look At Me, 2021
    • Janet Hamill

      Lamentation, 2021
    • Matthew J. Spireng

      Longing, 2021
    • Adriana Tampasis

      Welcome to My Jungle, 2021
    • Youye Chu

      Welcome to My Jungle, 2005
      50 x 40 cm (h x w)
      Ink and Mix media on paper
    • Crystal Yang

      Weeping Willow, 2018
      22.5 x 12 inch (h x w)
      Mixed media on paper
      USD 600
    • Felicidad Dukes

      The Blue Vase, 2020
      20 x 16 inch (h x w)
      3-D Acrylic paint
    • Julie Mihaly

      Now: Tattered Billboard with Face, 2020
      20 x 16 inch (h x w)
      USD 350
    • Lauren Basciani

      Sunrise Through Oaks, 2020
      24 x 30 inch (h x w)
      Acrylic on canvas
      USD 325
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