Featured: Annual Highlights

Featured: Annual Highlights

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Welcome to our Annual Highlight Exhibition!

We have put together an Advent Calendar of the coolest, most impressive or most beautiful Kunstmatrix exhibitions of 2021 and are happy to share one more each day with you, all through the month of December until Christmas.

Visit the 2021 Highlights

Once the numbered day has arrived, each single, numbered window to the exhibitions will become clickable. You can also see this from the cover images of each 'door', as these will change when the particular content becomes active.

We are amazed and impressed each day, all year-round about all the different and endlessly creative ways of curating exhibitions. The ones on our platform are as manifold as the artworld itself, so we can only share a selection here. We are grateful for all contributions by all our curators, and we hope the unique inventiveness of these selected curations will provide a joyful visit in each of them.

Some rooms come from our standard set, others are variations or custom environments or will lead you into one of our ART.FAIR halls. Enjoy the variety!

We hope you'll return to this calendar many times to discover a bit more each day!